chemistry everywhere

Blackmail [Nathan Prescott/Reader] (1/?)

Title: Blackmail 

Rating: M for Mature

Pairing: Nathan Prescott/Female!Reader (2nd Person, You/Your, 1 characteristic known: You’re shorter)

Summary: It was just your luck, you left your drug books where someone could accidentally find it. No you weren’t the one using them, you were selling them. Being Frank Lackie, saving up for your college isn’t as bad as losing the record book. It’s just like any old notebook named “Chemistry”, you’ve looked everywhere but once you reach the dorms, you see Nathan with it at the Tobanga. Oh no..

Word Count:1,069

Warnings: Blackmail, drug use, foul language, slightly sexal scenes.

Note: Enjoy! If it doesn’t describe you I’m sorry! This is also getting so long, I’m dragging the moment too much for it to be a quick write.

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