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In a zombie apocalypse what threats would there be to humans other than the rabid monsters? Threats such as nuclear reactors, gas pipes exploding and basically things breaking due to no humans being there to fix the problem?

Whilst I would like to be so knowledgeable that I could give you the answer to this without having to do research, unfortunately, I’m not, so research is what we must do. The best I can offer in the end is to point you in the right direction of informative resources that will be able to talk to you about this much better than I ever could.

Generally though, it’s safe to assume that the majority of operations such as those involving nuclear power, natural gases, etc, are going to be in trouble without people manning their stations. It takes large teams of people, especially in environments controlling nuclear power, to keep everything running safely. You just need to take a look at the Chernobyl disaster to understand just how delicate this line of work is, so if there were suddenly no people there to keep things in check, the results could be catastrophic. Some of the resources I’ve listed below go into this in more detail.

I’m not sure how far you want to go with the ‘threats other than zombies’ exploration, but to jog some ideas, here are some other considerations:

As explored in The Walking Dead, with no way to go to a doctor or always have the appropriate medical tools/prescriptions on hand, succumbing to disease (or going through things like pregnancy) could also be a danger. Not to mention all of the leftover people now lingering around, with nothing really there to stop them from pillaging, murdering, and just generally being the kind of thing you don’t want to bump into as your roam from place-to-place.

On a much smaller scale, driven to hunger/thirst, people who especially live in more rural areas are probably more likely to eat/drink things that they really shouldn’t. There are a lot of berries/mushrooms that are poisonous to the human body (although they may look perfectly fine to eat), and scraping up untreated water from rivers, ponds, etc, is basically just like playing Russian roulette but with diseases instead of a bullet.

That’s about all I have, but here are some links to take you further with this:

Zombie Apocalypse Resources: Technology, Infrastructure & Utilities

FYCD Previous Asks: Nuclear/Explosions

That’s all I could dig up for now. I hope this helps, but be sure to keep an eye on follower responses in case there are more resources to be had! Best of luck!

- enlee

Beware! You might be consuming chemicals!

I love @buzzfeed. I can spend hours taking their quizzes, binge-watching their videos, and scrolling through their lists. However, when Buzzfeed shared a video about healthy grocery shopping with this tip, I felt hurt and betrayed.

America suffers from chemophobia and this proves just how badly we suffer. We think chemicals are bad - they are toxic, dangerous, and can kill you! It’s what we see in the films, on the news, and in our world. But we have forgotten that we live in a world based off of chemistry. Even our most basic water is a chemical. Does that make it bad?

I can’t blame consumers for being scared of the unknown. We in the food and agriculture industry have failed to educate our consumers about what they are eating. We have made amazing strides in food production, so quickly that we forgot to tell the consumer what has been going on! 

Buzzfeed, I don’t blame you for your mistake. It’s our fault for not reaching out to the consumers. If you’re involved in agriculture, I challenge you to be transparent and reach out to your consumers. And if you’re a consumer, I invite you to contact us in the industry! A happy, well-fed world is one that’s willing to work together. 

Something about Big Pharma and Chemicals?

Wayfaring: So I see you have hypothyroidism but you don’t take any thyroid replacement medicine for it.

Patient: I don’t put anything unnecessary into my body. 

Wayfaring: ooo-kaay… well this would actually be replacing something your body isn’t making enough of. Kind of like how diabetics take insulin. It’s *very* necessary, actually. Your thyroid affects a LOT of processes in your body. It can affect your mood, your bowels, your heart function, your weight, your skin, your periods…lots of stuff.

Patient: Oh a little low thyroid never hurt anybody. 

Wayfaring: Ok just so you can make an informed decision, you should know that this is something that could put you in a coma or kill you if left untreated longterm. I have literally watched 2 patients die from longterm untreated hypothyroidism. This is a condition that is easily treated and the medicine is well tolerated.

Patient: Well I’m not taking it. I don’t like chemicals.

Wayfaring: So documented. 

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Oh, and as for those warnings about not using the stuff you buy on Amazon to have fun with drugs, don’t even think about putting anything but tobacco in the discreet party pipe shown above.

What makes you think that’s for drugs? Is it the gas mask? I bet it’s that. Or maybe the fact that it’s shaped like a skull. It’s almost certainly one of those two things that leads some to mistakenly believe that this apparatus is meant to be used with cannabis.

5 Things That Are Shockingly Legal To Buy Online


Title: Chemicals
Pairing: NewtxReaderxThomas:
Warnings: It’s mostly just fluff. No actual cussing, no smut.
Notes: This was a request, I will be writing it out in my own way and so will @subject-a0 in her own way. I hope you guys like it.
Summary: Y/N and Thomas have been together for awhile now, but Newt’s always felt a connection to her, but despite his feelings, he supports his best friend Tommy and Y/N. But when the second in command tries to console an upset Y/N he does something that changes everything between Y/N and himself, as well as Thomas.


“Hey, shank…” Newt grinned, watching Thomas jog over to him. He glanced over his shoulder real fast before looking back at the dark haired boy. “You seem to be looking for something…Or someone.”

The mischievous glint in Newt’s eyes made Thomas blush lightly as he rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah…Sort of. Have uh…Have you seen her?”

Newt chuckled, shaking his head. “Stop sleeping in so late, you’re bloody lazy. You literally miss her every morning and then you mope around all day. She’s already headed into the maze with Minho.”

Thomas sighed, looking towards the large open doors with a frown. “I still don’t see how I’m not allowed to run, but you let her in with no problem.”

Again, Newt chuckled, but this time it was more of a laugh and it wasn’t as heartfelt as he had meant it. Actually, it almost seemed sarcastic, but he played it off with a grin, raising a brow at the greenie. “She’s been here longer, besides, I didn’t have anything to do with her going in there, I voted against it. Just like I’m voting against you going in there, no one wants to be in that place, Tommy. I already told you that.”

“I do.” Thomas replied with a frown. 

“Yeah, her too. Maybe you guys do make the perfect couple. You’re both a couple of slintheads who need to have fear, but you don’t.” Newt tossed him a rake, shaking his head again. “Get to work, shuckface. You’ll see her before the walls close, as always.”

After a few hours of working, Thomas stopped, sitting down on a nearby rock. “Hey, Newt…”

“Doesn’t sound much like work.” Newt grumbled, standing up straight to wipe the sweat off his brow. “What is it?”

Thomas hesitated for a bit, but shrugged finally. “Did you…did you vote against Y/N running because you like her?”

It was quiet for a bit. Newt tried to run through all the ideas he had to tell Thomas no, even if it was a lie. Of course that’s why he voted against it. He wasn’t sure it was really because he liked her, but he knew it was because he felt something for her, even if he didn’t actually know what it was he felt. They voted before Thomas ever came up in the box. Alby and Minho were the final say in the choice, both were for her running.

They both knew she was good at it and that she was strong. Newt knew she was as well, but that didn’t overcome the fear he had that she might not make it back one day. She had to be important, why would the creators only send one girl if she wasn’t important. He remembered when she first came up and how strong of a pull  he felt towards her, as if he knew her somehow. 

Even though it was impossible that he knew her, he still felt like he had to protect her and how could he do that if she was out running in the most dangerous place in the Glade? 

With a sigh, he shook his head. “No.” He said shortly, tossing Thomas a look. “I don’t like her, but she is important to me. I feel like with her being the only girl here, she must be important to keep alive and…so she needs to be protected.”

Thomas stared at Newt for a bit, before nodding. “Yeah, you’re right. I hate when she goes out there too.” 

“Yeah, well…She runs home to you every day, she never won’t run back to you, you know that, right?”

The greenie smiled a bit and picked his rake back up. “Guess I can keep that in mind when I’m working in this shuck garden.”

Newt kicked some dirt towards him with a laugh before going back to work. Eventually, the two made their way over to the doors to wait for her and Minho. On their way over, Newt looked over at the brown haired boy. “What made you think I like Y/N?”

He let out a small laugh and shrugged. “I don’t know, sometimes the way you to look at each other…It’s crazy to think that there is something between you two, but sometimes it feels that way. Like there’s some unspoken connection there.”

Newt’s breath hitched, but he played it out as a cough, wiping his lips with the tips of his fingers. He wondered if it actually meant something…if there was a connection since Thomas seemed to see it too. Did everyone else see it? More importantly, did Y/N see it? “You’re weird, shank.” 

Thomas chuckled, stopping in front of the open. “I guess so.”

It didn’t take long for Y/N to come sprinting through the doors, leaving Minho in the dust when she caught sight of Thomas standing in front of the crowd. With a grin, she rushed into his opened arms, almost knocking the two of them to the floor with a small giggle. 

Their lips collided before a large hand clapped Thomas on the back, tugging him backwards. “Ain’t no one wanna see that out here, shuckface.” Alby said, giving the two of them a strict look before making his way over to Minho. 

The keeper grinned, running his hands through his hair. “Can’t we make a rule that every time Thomas kisses Y/N in public, he has to let her give all of us a kiss as punishment?”

“No way!” Thomas retorted, sending Minho a playful glare as he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend.

“Sharing is caring.” Minho grinned, following Alby to the map room. “Come on Y/N, you can make out with him later, we gotta map our sections.”

Thomas groaned, kissing her on the cheek before releasing his hold. Y/N smiled lightly with a laugh. “Minho, you just come up with any excuse to get a kiss from me or a moment alone!” She laughed, stopping to smile at Newt for a moment, maybe a moment to long, before she sauntered off after Alby and Minho.

“See? Those moments there.” Thomas said as he walked up behind Newt, smacking him lightly on the back. 

Newt rolled his eyes. “Come on shank, we still have work to do.”

Thomas chuckled. He never truly was worried about Y/N and Newt having anything between each other, but he loved to joke about it. He wasn’t sure why, mostly because it always seemed a bit funny the way they looked at each other and then it got silent and it wasn’t a comfortable silence either, more like it was awkward. As if both of them had something they needed to say to the other, but didn’t know how to put it. 

He’d seen it, so had the others, but no one really pushed the subject or honestly seemed to care. Everyone told Thomas that if Newt and Y/N had wanted to be together, they’d have done it long before he had come up in the box. Which is why he really felt he had nothing to worry about. 

It was the day after Ben’s attack that changed that feeling. He watched in fear as Y/N, Minho and Alby sauntered into the maze together. His look of worry was reflected in Newt’s eyes when they looked at each other. “Well, come on…We have to work.” Newt finally said, tapping Thomas on the shoulder.

“How can yo–” He sighed, nodding slowly. “Yeah, okay.” 

The two of them worked most of the day, but they surely didn’t work as hard as they had the days before. They almost always looked up at the doors, hoping she would come rushing back through them at any moment. 

Eventually, the group gathered around the doors. Thomas rubbed the back of his head nervously, but Newt shoved his shoulder with a small grin. “She’s in sight.”

Thomas’ head shot up as he watched her racing towards them, she seemed scared and way out of breath, but that didn’t stop the smile on her face as she pushed herself on the last few strides and threw her arms around his shoulders. He held her tightly, his face buried in the crook of her neck before pushing her back a bit so he could look her over. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine…Minho and Alby…Are they back? We got separated.”

Newt’s eyes widened and the three of them turned back to the doors, hoping that the other two would be right behind her. “They’re not back.”

She frowned, her hand squeezing onto Thomas’ as she watched with wide eyes, it took everything to keep her hand in his so that she wouldn’t run back in there. The doors creaked and started closing when she finally freaked out. “What do we do?!” Her eyes went to Newt, second in command, he had to do something about it, but he only shook his head. 

“We can’t go in there, you know that.” He frowned when he saw the look on her face, it nearly broke his heart to tell her he couldn’t help and neither could she, but he wasn’t going to risk loosing her in that maze. Thomas wouldn’t allow it either, for the same reasons.

“There they are!” Thomas said and she spun around to see the two appear through the slowly closing doors. 

“MINHO!” She yelled. “MINHO, RUN!”

The doors were nearly there and she had to keep telling herself to stay calm and not go after them. She knew they weren’t going to make it, but she wanted to believe they would, that her cheering them on would somehow help them survive. 

Tears were making their way down her cheeks when she felt Thomas’ hand leave hers. When she looked beside her, he was gone and Newt was yelling his name. With wide eyes she went to run after him, but Newt wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her to him so she couldn’t go in. And he was right to do it, one more second and the doors slammed shut with Thomas, Minho and Alby behind them.

Newt’s hold released her, letting her slump to her knees, her face in her hands. 

I didn’t know how long I had been by the walls. I know it was long enough for Chuck to come bring me some water, Frypan to bring me food and Gally to come over and ask if I needed anything. No one asked if I was okay, no one forced me to leave and no one mentioned his name. 

At some point, Newt made his way back over, with Alby in the Maze, he had to be the voice of reason and even though he seemed reluctant to walk away from me, he had too. He brought a blanket with him when he finally made it over to the wall where I was laying. 

He didn’t say anything at first, he only laid the blanket over me and then settled on the grass next to me. Eventually, I sat up, wrapping the fabric around me as I did. 

Newt stared forward at the Glade when he spoke, he didn’t look over at me. “They’re gonna make it out of there, Y/N…You know that, right?”

“No one makes it out of the Glade, Newt.” I said softly, I wasn’t trying to be mean and my tone didn’t make it seem like I was, but saying it back to him when he was only trying to cheer me up made me feel bad. I frowned. “I’m sorry. That wasn’t fair–”

“Hey…” He placed his hand over mine. “You don’t have to apologize. I…But Thomas is strong, so is Minho…Alby…–He swallowed dryly–Alby, might not make it back, but they will.”

I stayed quiet, resting my head on Newt’s shoulders as I tried to keep my tears from showing. I just wanted to curl up and cry, but I didn’t want to do it in front of Newt. He seemed to realize that, though reluctant and worried at first, he finally wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me a bit closer. “You can cry…”

I shook my head. I wasn’t going to cry. I refused. 

It didn’t take more then a minute of being in Newt’s arms for me to break down though. I held onto his shoulders, my face buried in his chest as I sobbed. I cried for Thomas, but also for Minho, he was my big brother basically and for Alby, who had always been there to protect me from the boys of the Glade. 

Newt rubbed at my back and never said a word. I don’t know how long I cried, but I couldn’t do it anymore. My breathing was rapid and hitched as I tried to catch my breath. Finally, I pulled back, wiping at the tears that stained my cheeks and the corners of my eyes. It hurt to keep crying, but my body still shook in silent sobs. 

My eyes met Newt’s and I kept trying to cry, no matter how hard it was for my body to keep going. I didn’t know how to stop. Newt’s hand rested on my cheek and for a moment, the shaking stopped, but it only lasted a moment. 

“Y/N…” He frowned, wiping at a single tear that managed to form one more time. “It’s gonna be okay.”

Before I could reply, Newt leaned forward, as if he couldn’t stop himself. His lips pressed against my own and for a second, I pressed back. My eyes widened, as did his. 

We instantly broke apart. “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t hav–”

“Did that–”


I shook my head. “Nothing. It was nothing, I think.”

He swallowed. “The image…Did you see it too?”

My eyes stayed on the grass beneath us, afraid to look up, afraid that if I did I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from kissing him again, just to see if I really did see it. “I don’t know…It was blurry…And fast. It…It was probably nothing.”

He nodded and it got quiet. And then. “But what if it wasn’t nothing?”

My eyes shot up towards his and I opened my mouth to say something, but he cut me off again, pulling me into a kiss. This time, I did return it and it lasted longer.

This time, the images did too.

There were images of Newt holding my hand, kissing my cheek, moments of him pushing me in a swing, laughing, smiling, hugging, kissing…

The more our lips danced, the more vivid the images became. His hand came up to rest against my cheek. A simple motion that blasted even more emotion into the arsenal of memories. 

“We’ll be together forever, right?” I had asked, laying on the bottom of the merry go round as it spun in circles. 

Newt laid beside me, his fingers entwined with my own. “Of course.”

“Even if they send us to–”

“No…” He said it quickly. “They won’t send us there.”

“I love you, Isaac.” 

He chuckled softly. “I love you too, Y/N. Very much.”

Finally, we broke apart, our eyes wide. All the memories were back, all the feelings. We knew exactly who we used to be together. Suddenly, those memories got pushed aside when I realized where we were and why we were sitting outside of the Glade by the Maze walls. 

“Thomas…” I said softly, placing a hand over my mouth. 

Newt frowned, his fingers running through my hair. “He’ll make it.”

I shut my eyes. “We have to tell him the truth.”

Newt nodded, wrapping the blanket back around me and pulling me into his chest. “And we’ll be able to tell him tomorrow.”

“Because he’s going to make it.” Both of us had to repeat it one more time, because we had to believe that he’d be okay. 

The two of us jumped up at the sound of the doors opening. I was the first to my feet, watching fearfully as the doors pulled all the way open. Finally, the group of Gladers made their way around us, waiting anxiously as well. 

It’d been awhile, before Gally placed his hand on my shoulder, giving me a sad look and heading back to the Glade to start working. The others slowly followed in suit leaving me, Newt and Chuck as the last ones to walk away.

I reached out to squeeze Newt’s hand before turning to walk away, trying not to break down in tears again. My back had just turned on the walls along with Newt when Chuck called out. “It’s them! They have Alby too!”

My eyes widened and both me and Newt spun around. Instantly, I rushed forward and wrapped my arm around Alby to help them get him through the doors. When we finally made it through the med jacks rushed forward to grab Alby from us. Once they did, Thomas spun around to pull me too him. 

Instinctively, I hugged him back, tightly. My eyes caught Newt’s after a moment and I pulled back. “I’m so glad you made it.” I said with a smile.

Thomas smiled back, giving me a light kiss on the lips before looking around. He noticed the blanket and the dark circles under my eyes. “Did you sleep out here all night?”

“Yes.” I said quietly.

He hugged me again and then frowned. “Alone?”

I looked at Newt and then saw Chuck walking away with a limping and tired Minho. “No…Tommy…We have to talk. I can’t explain it.”

Newt stepped forward, almost protectively in case Thomas got upset. “What happened?” Thomas asked, his eyes narrowing.

“I don’t know…It’s odd. Newt–…”

Thomas instantly turned his glare on Newt. “Let me guess…I go in the maze and you instantly think I’m dead so…Newt thought it’d be a great time to kiss you?”

“That’s not what happened, Tommy?” I said quickly. Trying to defuse the situation before it actually got out of hand.

“Did he kiss you?”


“Did he?!”

“Yes, Thomas.” Newt said calmly. “I did.”

Thomas rushed forward, but I hurried to get between them, grabbing Thomas’ lifting fist. “Don’t!”

“Are you going to protect him now!? Is that it?” Thomas glared both at me and Newt.

“You don’t understand!”

“No I do! I’ve noticed it for awhile and everyone said I had nothing to worry about and I trusted him! And you!” Thomas yelled, he was loud enough to catch the attention of Gally and Minho, both who started making their way over.

Newt ran his hands through his hair before finally speaking up. “We got memories back.”

“I don’t care wha–” He stopped, his eyes setting on Newt. “What?”

“Memories.” Newt repeated. “I kissed her, I didn’t mean to, I just…I don’t know why, but I did and…These memories, moments…They came back, to both of us.”

Minho and Gally stopped a bit away, wondering what was going on, but close enough to listen. “What kind of memories?” Thomas asked, his eyes moving back to mine. 

“Of me and Newt.” I interrupted. “Together. Before the Glade.”

“What?” This time it wasn’t just Thomas that was talking, but Minho and Gally as well. 

“We can’t explain it, but it’s as if they never left now, as if we’ve had them this whole time. I don’t know why or how, but I know they’re real.” I reached my hand out and took Newt’s carefully, tears welling up in my eyes. “I know that I loved Newt…That I do now.”

Thomas sent a hurt look towards our hands before looking back at me. “I…” He ran his hand across the back of his neck. “I get it.”

Again everyone seemed to talk at once. “What?”

“I wasn’t joking all those times when I said there was some sort of chemical reaction between you too whenever you looked at each other. I noticed it, so did everyone else, but no one wanted to admit it.” Thomas shook his head. “It’s upsetting…I wish I could say that I fully support you two or that I’m happy, but I can’t. I can tell you that I get it…that I understand.”

Before anyone could say anything else, Thomas nodded. “Yeah, I understand.” And then he walked away from us, headed back into the Glade. 

I frowned, looking over at Newt as Minho and Gally exchanged looks. Minho spoke up first. “He’ll get over it, you know? He’s gonna be distracted for awhile anyways after last night…”

Newt wrapped an arm around my waist before looking from Minho to Thomas’ retreating back. “I suppose that’s all much more important then the past…” He squeezed my hand, kissing my cheek. “We should call a meeting to find out exactly what happened in there. How you all survived.”

“Yeah, I suppose we should.” Minho nodded. Then he grinned. “Hey, second in command or not, the same rule applies. If you kiss her in front of us, we all get to kiss her.”

Newt gave Minho a sarcastic dirty look before snorting. “I will make sure to put you back in that Maze for another night, Minho.”

In movies and video games, hazardous explosive materials are everywhere. Prominently-placed red barrels wait for the chance to catch an errant bullet and send some faceless bad guys to Obliteration City. (Fun fact: OC is not technically a city, but rather an incorporated suburb of Dismemberment Town.) It’s an absurd action cliche … which also happens to be entirely accurate. Our cities are stuffed to the gills with random explosives, just waiting for somebody to walk away from them in slow motion.

The EPA, which is in charge of the most dangerous materials in the country, reports that there are 12,000 chemical storage sites that could pose a danger to people living nearby. A 2012 congressional report found that a significant number of these sites are in the middle of populous areas. For nearly 2,500 of these facilities, an incident could endanger 10,000 to one million people. And a Greenpeace study found 89 sites that could pose a risk to even more than that. The point is that every time someone from The Expendables visits a new place, we’re playing Russian roulette with our lives. As to where those places are, exactly? (So that we can gently steer Bruce Willis away and point him to the nearest white-guy blues bar instead.) They can’t tell us!

5 Safety Laws You Won’t Believe Don’t Exist