Guys, I can’t believe I’m already on number 20 of my disney!klaine series!  and still more to come!  This is one of my absolute favorites that I’ve done.  :)

So, this one is pretty obviously 101 Dalmatians, and can I just tell you, I rewatched that movie while drawing this, and re-fell in love with Roger and Anita.  They are just so PRECIOUS!

Also, this piece kind of counts as a double for my series and fic art, because I drew it after I read slightestwind’s fic and about DIED from the fluff.

Others in series:

Mary Poppins


Peter Pan

Snow White

That rare moment when she finally falls asleep.


So this is future Blaine, with his and Kurt’s adopted daughter, Melody.

This is the first time I’ve ever legit drawn a baby! and I think she turned out pretty decent.  I just wanted a picture showing Blaine, who has been taking care of the baby all day while Kurt’s been at work, just looking completely worn down, and finally Melody falls asleep in Blaine’s arms, and he can’t even get up to put her down, and just passes out right there on the couch. I imagine Kurt walking in later with dinner and finding them still asleep like that, and he’d just smile and cover them with a blanket, kiss each of their foreheads, and go put the food in the fridge for later.

I just really wish that we could see something like this in an episode. Clothes are all on, nothing like that. Just the two of them lying in bed, cuddling, either over or under the covers, idc, talking to each other about New York, college, the future, their thoughts, dreams, worries, ANYTHING, and then kissing and saying how they love each other or some other sweet endearment. I really feel like it isn’t asking much. and if Fox wasn’t so much of a homophobic asshole station, it probably wouldn’t have an issue.

*crosses fingers for a Klaine kiss in the finale*

Yay! I’m only 2 months late posting this lol. 
Bleh, so here’s my Klaine anniversary tribute that I did. Originally I had planned to make them old men, possibly looking back on their life or their kids/grandkids at a park or something, but then I remembered that Blaine dresses like an old man anyways, and I couldn’t show them aged very much from the back, so I just left it cutesy like this.