17/100 days of productivity!! 💫 made notes for past year chemistry topics today!! revisited atomic structure, organic chemistry and chemical bonding today!! hopefully tomorrow will be as productive ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


❝ Two atoms may collide and separate, never to meet again. Others can stick together by virtue of the chemical bonds they form, until the day that bond is broken… But there is another type of connection far more powerful. Certain objects can become linked by a mysterious process called entanglement. Particles that become entangled are deeply connected. regardless of the distance between them. If they become separated by the width of the universe, the bond between them remains intact. These particles are so deeply linked that it’s as if they somehow share the same existence. ❞

Your body, which is bonding millions of molecules every second, depends on transformation. Breathing and digestion harness transformation. Food and air aren’t just shuffled about but, rather, undergo the exact chemical bonding needed to keep you alive. The sugar extracted from an orange travels to the brain and fuels a thought. The emergent property in this case is the newness of the thought; no molecules in the history of the universe ever combined to produce that exact thought.
—  Deepak Chopra

kuroken; don’t call kenma lazy in front of kuroo. just—don’t.

for @dgalerab - idk if someone beat me to it but i too, like kuroo, would defend kenma to the depths of hell and beyond,,

They’re eating lunch when it happens. It’s just the two of them today, Kuroo nabbing a random vacant chair to join Kenma at his desk because the second year doesn’t feel like moving. Or talking. Or really anything, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

Kuroo talks for the both of them, one of his notebooks open next to his bento as he drops broccoli into Kenma’s box when he thinks the other boy isn’t looking. Kenma has his phone out, but he’s barely scrolling through it. Instead, he’s steadily picking through his lunch, silently taking in Kuroo’s babbling about some sort of revelation in the chemistry world. He hums every now and then to let Kuroo know he’s listening. It’s almost peaceful, as familiar this scene was.

Then, of course, one of Kenma’s classmates, a tall kid with glasses whose name Kenma can never bother to remember, has to go and make a snide remark about him, just loud enough for most everyone in the classroom can hear. 

“There’s no way he made the starting line up without kissing ass. I mean, if Kozume’s lazy ass can be a starter, then what does that say about our volleyball team, right?”

Kuroo falls silent immediately, fingers clenching his chopsticks so hard Kenma’s afraid they’ll break. He wants to say something, or run away, or tell Kuroo to ignore them, but he can’t. He just hunches further into his sweater.

“Excuse me,” Kuroo says, turning in his chair. His tone is light, almost conversational, but his eyes are the sharp kind of dangerous when he plays against opponents that don’t play nice. “What the fuck did you just say?”

The kid sniffs, and Kenma isn’t sure if he should be in awe of his classmate for being so undaunted when there’s a large scary third year glaring him down. “I said, i don’t understand how Kozume is on the team. He doesn’t talk, he’s creepy, and he’s lazy—”

“Kuro,” Kenma says quietly, but his friend doesn’t hear him. Kenma can only watch on nervously, fingers twitching around his phone. The whole classroom is watching the exchange with varying degrees of alarm.

Kuroo finally stands, stretching to his full height. He easily looms over the other kid. “Have you ever gone to a game of ours?” he says, staring the kid down. “Do you even know what volleyball is? How it’s a team sport? How each member carries their own weight, how each team relies on its setter? Have you ever seen Kenma play? Do you know that he’s our setter, the setter who is currently carrying us to nationals? Do you know how much time he puts into studying other teams’ plays, how long he stays for extra practice with all of us, individually? Do you?”

The other kid has the sense of gulp. He pushes on his glasses, glancing away from Kuroo, but not even his friends are willing to help him out of that. Kenma understands. Kuroo is real scary when he needs to be.

“If you want to talk shit about Nekoma Volleyball Club, fine,” Kuroo says, tilting his head so his too-long bangs throw shadows over his narrow eyes. “But let’s see you come to an actual game first, huh? There’s a practice match this Saturday. I invite you.” 

Kenma watches sweat gather on the poor kid’s forehead. But Kuroo isn’t done.

“And if you ever dare call Kenma lazy again,” says Kuroo, leaning forwards until the kid has to tilt his head back to maintain eye contact. “We’ll be having another nice chat. Understood?”

The kid swallows audibly. He manages a strangled Y-yes, and then Kuroo is settling back next to Kenma, picking up his chopsticks and continuing his spiel about some unique chemical bond only found in space as if nothing happened. The noise level in the classroom picks up again, and Kenma puts down his phone.

He doesn’t say anything, but when he knocks his knee against Kuroo’s and feels the other boy press back gently, he knows he doesn’t need to.

Harry Potter/Voltron Crossover AU

Coran-Transfigurations Professor
Hunk-Groundskeeper (Hagrid)
Pidge-Herbology Professor
Shiro-Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor
Keith-Quidditch Professor
Lance-Potions Professor

Headmaster Allura is a “tough love” kind of gal. She is very nice, but question her authority and God have mercy on your soul. Is humble at times, but can be quite the princess.

Coran is the quirky weird professor that everyone loves and views as their crazy uncle. Very close family friends with Allura. It is said among the students that he mustache is so bushy because it holds the secrets of the universe.

Hunk is a very large, intimidating individual, but is a literal teddy bear. Gives the best hugs and advice and can be usually seen with Pidge and Lance. Is soft and too pure for this world and must be protected at all costs. Once stepped on a cockroach and cried for three hours.

Pidge is not a gremlin, no matter how much Lance says she is. Her passion is herbology, and her favorite lesson is Mandrake (she always cackles at the students horrified expressions and hopes someone passes out). Also a wiz with muggle technology.

Shiro is the heartthrob of the professors. Was taken hostage by Zarkon and tortured but escaped (but with some lasting injuries like you know). All the students swoon for him and rarely pay attention to the actual lesson. Rumored to have the hots for the Headmaster. Is very calm but loses his shit when someone says the word Slav??

Keith is the mysterious Quidditch professor. Nobody really knows about his past but doesn’t dare ask. Quite the hot head and always has a dagger with him? The best flyer in the school (although Lance says otherwise) and “secret” emo. Can usually be seen listening to My Chemical Romance or arguing/bonding with Lance.

Lance is the ultimate flirt. Is very attractive and knows it. He is a wiz at potions and his favorite lesson is the “love potion” (he always smells the desert and broomsticks). Muggle-born and is the only wizard in his family and misses them greatly. Students learn that they can get out of a lesson if they ask about them (or Keith). Loves the rain and the beach. Often gets in trouble with Allura for teaching the students how to make the best face mask instead of an actual potion. Puts the bi in bilingual and fluently also speaks in memes.

Zarkon just needs to take a fuckin chill pill and get a hobby. Strangely obsessed with a black lion?? Probably just needs a hug or a friendship bracelet that coincidently looks like handcuffs.

anonymous asked:

How would I write a long distance relationship realistically??

Thanks for your question, darling! Sorry for the wait 💔

Long-distance relationships are challenging to write for those of us who have never been in one (or in any relationship at all heehaw) but I do have experience with long-distance ~friendships~, and I think some of the same things apply. So I’ll just share with you what I’ve experienced over the course of a few long-distance situations…

  • Distance sucks. Like no matter what the circumstances are, eventually, distance gets to you. Physical separation of two people who love each other creates a feeling of emotional distance, even if the relationship is healthy. The physical aspect of a relationship, whether sexual or affectionate or both, is important and provides chemicals that “bond” people together. The farther apart two people are physically, the farther they are physiologically.
  • Beyond physical distance, there are communication barriers. When texting, when calling, even when video-chatting — communication is different than in person. You struggle to explain things the same way (especially when texting). Your time is limited, so you feel rushed to talk and stumble over your words. Sometimes the phone connection is so crappy you just give up and stop talking. And this can discourage your characters from interacting.
  • Arguments don’t last as long. When you have limited interaction with someone you love, you don’t want to spend it fighting. So unless it’s a serious argument, you don’t perpetuate it — you pull an Elsa and Let It Go. This can cause passive aggressive behavior, though, as unspoken feeling build up behind the scenes.
  • Off days happen. Even when both people are in great places, feeling great, operating great — they’re gonna have days when they’re not in sync and can’t get a hold of each other. These are frustratingly common, and they can create frustration toward each other, even when it’s nobody’s fault. But if handled with grace, these days feel less stressful.
  • You don’t share everything, good or bad, that happens to you. Time constraints, running out of energy at the end of the day, not wanting to fight or put a damper on each other’s good days — any of these reasons create withheld information. Sometimes you just forget to share something with the other person. This is especially true of introverts, so if you have an introverted character, keep this in mind.
  • Distance makes you realize what you have. Not having each other everywhere you go, all the time, gives you a taste of what life was like before them. However, if two people are separated and realize they function better without each other, this can be a hard thought to shake even after reuniting.
  • Successful long-distance relationships happen!  They aren’t a death sentence.  Some people have to work in different states for years and their relationship comes out stronger.  It all depends on the people involved: their mental and emotional health, their emotional needs, and their personal responsibilities in life, work, and family.  If these things work together, there’s no reason this situation can’t have a happy ending :)

That’s just what I know – there are plenty of other issues and benefits to a long-distance relationship that I haven’t listed here.  But I hope some of this helps you!  If you have any more questions, send them in and I promise I’ll get to you <3 

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

cryingbclarryy  asked:

hiya, was just wondering which are your favourite johnlock fics? X

Hi, and I am SO SORRY to have been so slow to answer this. After S4 I’ve been struggling with reading/writing fics so was rubbish about answering.

Here is the (ridiculously long) list of my absolute favourites, which I’m sure you will have mostly read anyway!

The Gladstone series by @jamlockk. This entire series makes me laugh and also sob until my face feels like it’s made of salt. Gorgeous.

Hot Dolphin Sex by @conversationswithjohnlock. I accidentally stayed in the bath for three hours while I read this the first time, and my husband assures me I did actually sound like a dolphin.

In the Library by @itsnotgonnareaditselfpeople. BEAUTIFUL. Just beautiful, gorgeous writing. Teenlock, with flashbacks to kidlock.

A Brand of Gold by @aquabelacqua. I DIE reading this fic. If you want a fic that will make your toes CURL with the feeling of falling irrevocably, devastatingly in love, this is the one. I honestly felt hot from head to toe reading this fic. I had butterflies. I cried, because the sheer emotion – terror, love, that edgy sense of desperation behind every beautifully-chosen word – that the author packs into this story is insane. Gorgeous. Also cannot recommend enough the BEAUTIFUL podfic by @lockedinjohnlock-podfics.

Chemical Bonds by @weeesi. Funny, incredibly touching, splendidly written, perfectly in character. One I read again and again.

John Watson’s Twelve Days of Christmas by @earlgreytea68. The fluff to end all fluff. I don’t know how many times I’ve read this now. Not just for Christmas!

The Adventure of the Doctor’s Heart by @mistyzeo. Mistyzeo’s writing is an absolute masterclass and this story is my ultimate favourite.

FAQ by ancientreader. God, this story hurts, but in the most perfect way. Parentlock. What I wish S4 could have been.

A Visit to the Doctor by flawedamethyst. I’ve read this an insane number of times. It’s perfect every time. Time travel – ACD and BBC Sherlock Holmes collide. Painful and fluffy and lovely.

Sonatina in G Minor by @silentauroriamthereal. I cried in a public cafe. Yep. The emotional tension in this story bubbles beneath the surface, desperate to break through. EVERYTHING Silent writes is beautiful but this is my absolute favourite.

Upon Whom Shall You Call? by @may-shepard aldjhfaskdjhfkjdlkjasdsdfjasdfksdafsd GHOSTBUSTERS AU GHOSTBUSTERS AU I WILL NEVER STOP SCREAMING ABOUT HOW FUCKING AMAZING THIS STORY IS

If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things by @watsonshoneybee. I can’t tell you how special this story is to me. Heed the tags before you go in.

And two Mystrade because, um, I know you didn’t ask but it would be wrong of me to post a list of my favourites without them!

The Memoranda of Understanding series by @mydwynter – when I retire I’m going to read this series of stories over and over every day until I die. When they find me dead they’ll have to pry the long-outdated eReader out of my cold, claw-like hands. Just…marvellous.

Virtually Perfect by @random-nexus – actually perfect. Online chatroom AU. The nerves and self-esteem issues when they finally meet are beautifully written. Amazing.

Hope you like the list @cryingbclarryy 😘


Alchemical Processes 

Alchemists harnessed the forces of the physical world by recreating natural phenomena. Actions such as burning, boiling, or dissolving could affect the basic substance of plants and minerals. Alchemists duplicated, directed, switched on, and switched off these chemical reactions in their laboratories. 

The tools and methods used for science could dissolve the chemical bonds forged by nature, filter out impurities, and create new purified chemical compounds more useful to human needs. Such scientific operations involved complex and painstaking technical procedures. 

Eventually, the number of alchemical processes were gradually standardized to correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac because celestial movements were accurate tools for measuring time. 

The Art of Alchemy is open at the Getty Research Institute through February 12, 2017. It’s one of three alchemy-themed shows on view this year.

Two atoms may collide and separate, never to meet again. Others can stick together by virtue of the chemical bonds they form, until the day that bond is broken. But there is another type of connection that is far more powerful and romantic. Certain objects can become linked by a mysterious process called entanglement. Particles that become entangled are deeply connected regardless of the distance between them. If they become separated by the width of the Universe, the bond between them remains intact. These particles are so deeply linked that it’s as if they somehow share the same existence.

Gif via @dimensao7

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Scientific Pokédex!

If love is in the air today, Luvdisc won’t be far away. This heart-shaped fish pokémon seeks out and swims after couples in love. But how does it find them?

Many fish, surprisingly enough, have a keen sense of smell. Salmon quite literally sniff their way back to the river they were born in during mating season. Other fish will sniff out immune system genes before picking potential mates. And sharks, of course, can detect one drop of blood in one million drops of water, and smell it over a quarter mile away. 

It comes from having two nostrils: The fish will compare the smell (or concentration) of whatever its smelling, and will turn in the direction that has a larger concentration of the odorant. We have two nostrils that do the same, but perhaps it’s easier to think of it like your ears. By picking which ear has the louder sound, humans are able to locate the source of the sound. Sharks, salmon, and luvdisc do the same for smell.

But this, of course, leads to the question of what is it, exactly, that luvdisc is smelling? As it turns out, that happiness, cuddliness, lustfulness and all of those feelings associated with love can be tracked through chemicals called hormones. For example:

  • Lust and sex drive is driven primarily by testosterone and estrogen.
  • Dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline are behind the happy, energetic initial attraction in love. Dopamine can also be triggered by many addictive drugs, and is responsible for feelings of pleasure. Serotonin is associated with happiness, and is thought to be responsible for why that person keeps showing up in your thoughts. Adrenaline causes your heart to race, your palms to sweat, and gives you a rush of energy.
  • Finally, long-term attachment and bonds are formed through chemicals such as oxytocin and vasopressin. Oxytocin is a powerful chemical that strengthens romantic bonds as well as parental bonds. Female rats injected with oxytocin, for example, would start protecting and cuddling other females’ baby rats. Vasopressin is also important in long-term bonds. When the male in a prairie vole couple was given a drug to suppress vasopressin, he almost immediately lost all devotion to his partner and failed to defend her from new suitors.

So Luvdisc can detect at least one of these hormones, and when it smells it in the water it will swim after it. Perhaps luvdisc can absorb these hormones, which give it the same feelings of happiness that the source experiences. It would be in small concentrations, but would possibly give luvdisc the same chemical “high” as an addictive drug which also trigger these hormones. In any case, luvdisc is a strange pokémon to say the least, but one appropriate to analyze on Valentine’s Day.

Luvdisc can smell “love” hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin in the water, and will follow these smells to their source.


Learning chemistry just got easier for the Internet. Using two dogs and some toys to represent the atoms, Paige lays down the basics of ionic and covalent bonds in a visual format dog lovers can get behind.

Alpha pt. 4

Originally posted by writer-girl-16

Part One // Part Two // Part Three //

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N!”
You jumped out of bed with a hand on your chest.
What was that?
The room was dark, lurking with shadows and still figures.
You got up to get a drink of water and when you got back, something stood in the middle of the room.
Instead of turning away, you stepped inside and walked around it.
The figure disappeared and you just shook your head and crawled back in bed so you can go back to sleep.
A faint alarm stirred you awake.
The sound didn’t come from your clock because you memorized that sound; in fact, it came from a car.
You woke up in a patch of grass, dirt under your fingernails, feet dirty and bare.
You scrambled from the ground and frantically looked around the woods.
“What the he–”
The overpowering smell of your alpha permeated the air around you.
How did I get here?
You took off running and tried to find your way home but you ended up in the same place that he bit you.


Scott watched all the dirt go into the drain as he stood underneath the shower head.
How could Derek do that?
How could he kill Peter?
He knew that he wanted to change back, to get rid of the curse of being a werewolf.

“You were in the woods?”
Scott put on his backpack and stepped out the jeep.
“Yeah, it was kinda like the first time I was bitten. Now that Peter’s out the way and Lydia’s okay, things might go a lot better”
The two best friends walked into school, side by side.
“True, but Derek’s an alpha now. Isn’t that something we should worry about? And why hasn’t Lydia changed?”
Scott walked to his locker to grab some of his course work.
“Maybe, but I don’t want to worry about that right now. Let’s take things slow until we have to take necessary action.”
Jackson slammed his locker and stomped away.
Lydia hurried after him like a little puppy, tears running down her face, her heels clacking as she followed close behind.  
“Jackson! Please, Jackson!”
Stiles shook his head, Scott looked the opposite direction to see a gorgeous girl down the hall.
“Didn’t you take his ex to the dance? How’d that turn out?”
Stiles scratched the back of his head then rested on the locker.
“I don’t know”
“What do you mean?”
“Hmm, well jeez Scott, between the grotesque alpha named Peter sauntering around town hurting the people I care about and being threatened to find you, not to mention Peter killing Allison’s aunt then being murdered by Derek, I didn’t see to it that she’d gotten home or had a great time”
“You just left?”
Stiles rolled his eyes and sighed, “do I have to repeat my speech?”
“Stiles, a pretty girl agreed to go on a date with you without question, to a place where everyone could see you guys and you didn’t make sure if she was okay by shooting her a text message or a one-minute phone call?”
Stiles opened his mouth to protest but widened his eyes once he realized what he did.
“Oh my God, do you think she’ll be upset?”
“Dude, it’s been two weeks. I think at this point you’re pretty non-existant”
“Aw, fuck me”
“No thanks”
Scott clapped Stiles on the shoulder and headed to class.


Derek jumped down the stairs and rose to face Scott.
“I don’t see how my making a pack is any of your concern. In fact, I think you should join me”
“I don’t want to be a part of your stupid pack! You’re taking innocent lives, Derek. They don’t deserve this curse”
Derek chuckled and walked outside.
“You think this is a curse? Scott, you don’t have to rely on an inhaler anymore, you can heal in an instant, run fast, and do things you thought you could never do”
Scott grew angry, “what about the monsters that are constantly gunning for me, the hunters waiting at every corner, and the full moon?”
“A small price to pay for a life much better than before”
“Leave them alone!”
A sly grin crept on Derek’s face as he listened to every word being said.
“Alright, Scott. I won’t hurt your friends”
Scott was skeptical but he took it and left with a confidence that Derek wouldn’t hurt his friends anymore.

Scott went back to school for some extra lacrosse practice since he missed today’s.
As he ran along the field, he tried to funnel all his anger and release them.
Allison not being able to be with Scott.
The Argents hunting werewolves.
Derek and his new pack.
The thing that killed Mr. Lahey.
And Jackson’s constant prodding.  
It’s all building and Scott was trying to bury it inside of him.
When he was done, he cleaned up in the locker room, put his gear away, and headed out.
On his way to the exit, Stiles asked him if he remembered to gather research for chemistry. He groaned as he realized he’d forgotten all about his part of the chemistry test tomorrow.
Scott made his way to the library and heard the sound of music coming from inside.
He walked in to find Jackson’s ex dancing around to something that probably came out of That 70s Show.
He smiled at the way she danced to herself, swaying from side to side.
Her hips jerking in a soft but sharp motion.
He loved the way her pants clung to her body, revealing her nice curves.
Something stirred inside of his chest and he could feel himself becoming aroused.
Before it could progress, Scott cleared his throat to signify his presence.
But she didn’t stop.
Instead, she turned around, smiled, and danced a little silly until the song came to an end.
Scott had a wide smile and waited until she climbed down from the desk.
“Didn’t think anyone else came after hours”
Scott put his bag down and shrugged his shoulders, “forgot I had homework”
“Scott forgetting to do homework?!” She gasped dramatically.
“Someone call the police, we’ve got a rebel on our hands”
“Guilty as charged,” Scott raised his hands in the air making her laugh.
They went their separate ways, studying whatever it was that they were studying and she put down the music, switching over to a much more chill, cafe type.
He was on the verge of passing out while reading chemical bonds when a loud thud alerted him awake.
Scott looked around the library to find the source of the noise when he found her hunched over a pile of fallen books from a high shelf.
“Need some help?”
The books were almost thirty pounds each.
Most of them were history books and some were more on mythic knowledge concerning transformation, lunar science, and of course, wolf species.
“So, what are you researching?”
“That’s an odd question, I bet you don’t even know my name, Scott McCall”
“Yeah I do”
“Oh really? What is it then?”
Scott was stuck.
He did not know this girls name.
Stiles had to have mentioned it at least once.
The kid waved and said hi to her almost every day, prior to the dance.
She smiled and grabbed the last book.
They both stood to look at one another.
“Shows how much I don’t matter. In light of that, I’ll be taking my leave”
With that, she turned to leave but whipped around to stand three feet away from Scott.
For some reason, his heart began to pound against his chest.
“I changed my mind, I decided I’ll give you another chance for a favor in the future, agree or disagree?”
Scott could barely hear his thoughts over the blood rushing in his ears so he just nodded.
What the hell was happening?
“Great! When I tell you this, I want you to remember it for as long as your memory is intact. I want it to melt on your tongue every time you say my name”
By now she had a hand resting on his shoulder, her body slightly pressed against him, and her mouth half a foot away from his lips.
“It’s Y/N”
She kissed his cheek then left with an innocent smile painted on her face.
Scott could feel the absence of her lips as a tingly burn, a sweet hole being drilled into the hollow of his cheek.
He stood in the same spot for five minutes before completely grasping what happened.
He shouldn’t be doing this.
Allison and him were still together, maybe not in the way he wanted to but there were in a relationship.
“What is going on with me?”


“Do I know you?”
Your heels clacked as you walked away from the whiny little boy.
“Y/N, come on. Don’t act like this”
“What am I acting like?”
“Like you don’t miss me”
You let out a short, humorless laugh at the accusation.
“Says the boy following me around”
“I need my key back”
You stopped walking and whipped around on your heels.
He truly had the audacity to be bold and brash with you.
“I threw that piece of metal on the side of the road when I caught you balls deep in your ex-girlfriend”
Jackson clenched his jaw and dropped his gaze to the floor.
“Y/N, I didn’t–”
“Save it for someone who actually cares. I truly support your decision though. It let me know that I could do so much better than a luring scoundrel who likes to break hearts when he’s bored”
You flicked your hair back and marched towards the exit, only to find him following you close behind.
“Y/N it wasn’t like that, okay? Honestly, you were –”
“Very special to me and I hope–”
“Shut up”
“That we can hash out any problems–”
Anger fell over your body and you swore if you could glow your eyes, it would’ve been a burning red.
You pushed Jackson up against the lockers, closed your eyes and inhaled deeply.
“There is no we, there will never be a we, not ever again”
You opened your eyes and shot him daggers.
Jackson’s blue eyes seemed to shiver when you gave him the reality of the situation.
From your peripheral you could see Scott.
You flashed him a smile and a seductive wink.
He returned your smile and unconsciously licked his lips.
Jackson watched in a daze as you strutted away from him.


Scott stirred awake in his hot bed.
He walked towards the window to let the cold air come in.
Maybe it was the lack of sexual contact, the coldness of the air breezed itself onto his boxers, coaxing his bulge.
He shivered and shook away the thought to touch himself.
Instead, he climbed back into bed and tried to go back to sleep.
At first, his dreams were about a half-naked Y/N posing on the library table, books in piles in the background.
She crawled towards him, placed a finger on his lips and told him, “shh, no talking.”
The image was quickly whisked away as Derek grabbed her by the throat and bit her the same way he was bitten.
He laughed as blood dribbled from his mouth.
Out from the ground, a hand drug her underground.
Scott tried to lunge for her but Derek held him back, “she’s Peter’s now!”
He emerged from the ground, eating her body in half.
Gut spilled out from her bottom half as Peter noisily munched.
Scott snapped his eyes open and scrambled himself awake.
Derek stood over him and threw a shirt in his face.
“Get up, there’s something you need to see”

Derek pulled the veil off of a table to reveal a dead body.
Scott winced at the sight and covered his nose and mouth.
“Look at the scratches”
Scott got closer to see how deep the slashes were.
“What could’ve done this?”
“I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s not something that should be kept around”
Scott furrowed his brows and flashed Derek a look.
“What do you mean?”
“Come on Scott, this creature is killing people. It has to die”
“What is wrong with you? This isn’t a plan to get rid of an enemy this is a ploy to get more power”
“Thought we had this conversation earlier with Erica, Isaac, and Boyd, power is all that this is about Scott. When will you get that through your thick skull?”
Derek covered the body with the black veil.
“Never, I’m not going to support the death of a creature that’s probably scared and confused”
“Scared and confused?” Derek chortled.
“Don’t be so stupid, McCall. It’s going to kill again”
“What are you going to do?”
“I only brought you here to tell you what I’m going to do. Your opinion means nothing to me”

After Deaton closes the clinic, a faint light turns on in the main room.
Files and documents of the animals in attendance are scattered in an organized mess.
The dogs and cats in the holding room all make noise as the door opens but suddenly stops.
A snake in the corner hisses at the glass.
Back in the operating room, a vial of clear liquid sits on the table.
You pick it up and give a devilish smile.
The smell of mischief fermented off your skin making the snake draped around your shoulder feel contempt in its placement.
No one suspects and no one knows.

No smut, but I made it up with Inopportune Moments