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BREAKING: "President" Trump just launched strikes against #Syria in response to #KhanShaykhun chemical attack
Thursday's military action came after a whirlwind week in which the US's policy towards Syria changed several times.
By Nancy A. Youssef

Nancy A. Youssef at BuzzFeed News:

WASHINGTON — The US military launched strikes inside Syria Thursday in retaliation for the regime’s suspected chemical weapons attack earlier this week, marking the first US strikes targeting the Syrian government since its civil war erupted six years ago.

A defense official told reporters Thursday evening that more than 50 Tomahawk missiles were launched targeting Al-Shayrat air base in Homs, from where the deadly chemical weapons attack was launched, using two US Navy destroyers. The attack took place between 8 - 9 PM Eastern or 3 - 4 AM local time, defense officials said.

The use of warships – and not manned aircraft – was decided to minimize the risk to US personnel.

While defense officials told BuzzFeed News there will be no more strikes today, the military has yet to say whether the initial strikes were part of a sustained campaign or an isolated attack. US officials had signaled they hoped to launch a strike campaign that made clear that the use of chemical weapons is unacceptable but stopped short of further escalation.

Trump, who once vowed to not get involved in Syria’s civil war, ordered the strikes just 77 days into his term.


The administration’s decision to launch the strikes only came about in the last 24 hours. It involved a complete reversal of a policy that President Donald Trump and his administration had just begun to lay out the previous week. The turning point appeared to be President Trump’s press conference Wednesday alongside Jordan’s King Abdullah II who was visiting Washington. Trump began by denouncing the attack but in the course of answering reporters’ questions talked himself into a more aggressive stance towards Tuesday’s attacks.

Indeed, the Pentagon had no sense that it would be conducting strikes when Trump first suggested US intervention in Syria. Planning began Wednesday but full-steam preparations did not happen until Thursday when the Pentagon and the White House spent the day exchanging ideas and counter ideas over secure lines.

By late Thursday afternoon, the chiefs met and were briefed on the strikes.

This goes against his 2013 vow (and campaign pledge) to “stay out of Syria.”

Trump gets no praise for bombing ONE air field in Syria. Keep in mind they notified Russia ( who notified Syria) before the attack happened. It was the easiest of easy wins the Trump admin could have gotten. If Trump really cared about stopping Assad he’d get congressional approval to destroy EVERY Syrian airfield, demand Assad surrender in 24 hours or else, give the middle finger to Russia who is too weak to retaliate. Oh and ACCEPT ALL SYRIAN REFUGEES.

Until trump does that this strike was just for show due to his low poll numbers and weakness as a president.

anonymous asked:

hey there! i have a character who's been expelled from almost a dozen schools, all for absurd reasons and pranks. could you please help me come up with some of them? i love your blog!

Hey! I’m glad you enjoy the blog!

• “grafitting” the walls with beautiful murals
• sneaking their pet into school
• putting a snake or other scary animal in a teacher’s desk
• letting loose spiders/ other bugs
• purposely doing something dangerous during an experiment (combining chemicals that will explode)
• “striking” during class
• making a dramatic, inappropriate scene at an assembly
• (I heard of this happening before) accidentally bringing a pocketknife or box cutter
• hitting back in a fight (gotta love that zero tolerance policy)
• convincing everyone over the weekend that there’s no school on Monday
• driving to and parking in the school lot despite having their liscense taken away
• breaking into the school after hours to get their homework
• (in a private, religious school that’s particularly intolerant) being gay (in my opinion, the most absurd reason on this list)
• too many detentions and suspensions for doing lesser, stupid things
• repeatedly going against dress code
• pretending to be an observing teacher when there’s a sub
• fake dying

Disclaimer: This list comes from my imagination, not a knowledge of expulsion rules. Some may not be severe enough to get a person expelled.

F***ing USA...

President Trump sent 50-60 Tomahawk warheads to bomb Syria because of the chemical weapons that Assad used earlier this week on civilians. 

While I don’t agree with what dumbass Assad did because they were innocents and children (the videos that went viral messed me up bad) I don’t know if we should have started this war..

NATO needs to get involved and shut Assad down. US doesn’t need anything else going on

And now we have to worry about Russia’s reaction…. 

The XM-1111 Mid Range Munition (MRM) is an American controlled ammunition for 105 and 120 mm guns, is the result of joint work of the companies ATK and Raytheon in conjunction with the Corporation General Dynamics. There are several variants of ammunition: the MRM-KE (Mid Range Munition — Kinetic Energy) striking the target like a piercing projectile, MRM-CE (Mid Range Munition — Chemical Energy) striking purpose tandem shaped-charge jet

What breaks my heart and pisses me off the most about the chemical attack and missile strikes is that some Syrian refugees got sent back over there. This is what they were trying to save their families and children from: War, systematic killings. And the supposed “great nation” just turned them away and sent missiles in their direction. 

I pray the refugees and the innocent are in safer places. 

Reading the news and it’s like apparently you can’t seem to be against the Syria air strike without also casting doubt over Assad’s role in the chemical weapons attack.

It’s wild, because it’s like…the entire idea of a complex view of global power is chucked by all these reporters and various dignitaries and members of government who are talking about Trump like he’s going to invade Syria and that he must have planned the chemical attack to strike Assad and get Britain and other countries into war.

The comprehension of the situation is so low it seriously raises the question of the credibility of the people espousing these hair brained ideas. Hell, you gotta question a lot of people and institutions intelligence, did you know Sean ‘Complete Knucklehead’ Spicer is in the Navy Reserve and graduated with a masters in foreign policy and political science from the Navy Academy? He’s a complete fucking dunderhead and he’s got a masters in a field he clearly has no actual understanding of.

The whole planets run by idiots with money, while everyone else malingers in poverty.