chemical reactions

From The Mouth Of Babes
  • My little brother:You should eat the chocolate I got you?
  • Me:Why?
  • My little brother:Because chocolate can give you the same chemical reaction in the brain as love, but in smaller doses so if you just eat a lot of it you'll feel more love than (name redacted) ever gave you.

anonymous asked:

Could you describe what love is to you? Both in feeling and in concept? Based on your personal experience, not your understanding of how other people experience the emotion.

Feeling: A chemical reaction that makes me feel good.
Concept: The over dramatization of a chemical reaction that’s there solely to progress a species.


The violent reaction between sodium hydride and water. 

Sodium hydride is a salt-like hydride, composed of Na+ and H− ions, it is an ionic material that is insoluble in organic solvents, but soluble in molten sodium metal and quite often used as a base in chemistry. 

When contact with water sodium hydride releases hydrogen, turns into sodium hydroxide and generates a lot heat. Because of this heat the generated hydrogen gas ignites and because of the presence of sodium ions it burns with an intense yellow color (as seen). 

NaH(s) + H2O(l) –> NaOH(aq) + H2(g) 

Because of this, NaH is usually sold mixed with mineral oil what keeps away water and protects the hydride from moisture. However if it is stored for long time, it should be titrated by measuring the amount of hydrogen generated from the reaction of the hydride and an alcohol. 



I didn’t even start to gif this because you need to see those eight types of beautiful chemical reactions in full screen and HD!