chemical reactions

When somebody tells you that humans do not contribute to climate change and carbon dioxide levels, just show them this.

Edit: It is perfectly acceptable to discuss chemical reactions, and in particular, organic functional group transformations on a purely qualitative basis. I fucking know they are unbalanced. If that’s all you are taking away from this then you are missing the whole god damn point

Chemical Reactions (Part Two)

Part One <— Click here to read part one. (There is gonna be a part three)

Summary- Logan’s language caused an issue and Roman wants to help.

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Logan sat listening to his phone ring.

“Come on pick up, Roman.” Logan whispered to himself. He knew if he didn’t do this now he would never do it.

“What do you want, Logan?” Roman asked, seeming slightly upset.

“I was just hoping you might be up for coming over tomorrow. I got Virgil to agree to meeting you and Patton if you wanna bring him along.” Logan explained.

“That sounds fabulous.” Roman declared, his additude becoming the exact opposite of how he sounded when he answered the call.

“Yeah.” Logan replied sighing.

“Something seems to be bothering you. Is it a troubling math problem or Virgil being a stone dragging you down?”

“Logan sighed, pushing his glasses up his face. "No.”

“What is it? Can I fight it for you?”

“No, unless you wanna fight Patton.” Logan mumbled.

“What?” Roman asked confused by Logan’s mumble.

“Its none of your concern.”

“I’m your friend, nerd, and if something is bothering you that makes it my problem.” Roman declared.

“I may have messed things up with Patton when when the three of us were at the coffee shop together.” Logan stated.

“With Patton? Its impossible to mess things up with Patton.”

“I think your soulmate telling you they don’t believe in soulmates is one way to.” Logan replied with a bit of sass.

“What?” Roman replied slightly confused.

“The first thing I said to Patton is that I don’t believe a person has just one soulmate. Which sounded like I don’t believe in soulmates and when my wrist tingled I didn’t mention it. Which in hindsight made it seem like I was uninterested.” Logan explained.

“Well, I guess I have to help you fix this, you chemical disaster.”


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Close-up chemical reactions


Made this in Inorganic Synthesis yesterday. By the time I left it was a dark brownish purple.

It’s ammonium metavanadate solution + sulfuric acid (which makes a yellow-orange solution) poured into an E-flask with solid zinc. The end result is a solution containing vanadium(II) ion.

I just think it looks freaking cool.


Vanadium is a soft metal that is used to make tough alloys with steel. Vanadium is produced by the reduction of Vandium Oxide and Vanadium Pentaoxide by Calcium or the electrolysis of molten Vandium Chloride. It has a number of oxidation states. 

Vanadium Oxide is amphoteric meaning it can react with acids and bases. Bases produce the colourless ion where as acids produce the yellow Dioxovanadium ion above. The blue vanadium ion is produced by the reduction of the product of the yellow ion and with further reducing you reach the green oxidation state and lastly the violet oxidation state.