chemical biological warfare

ZodSqd on another patrol in full CBRN protective posture. 

Having marched out at unsafe weather, his field pack is still covered with an anti-moisture cover. On the one hand, a fluid repellant cover like this provides some protection from both rain and light precipitation of chemical or biological warfare agents, on the other hand it is quite hindering while handling equipment from the field pack. 

As we can see from this photograph, weather can change quickly. This time ZodSqd started his patrol under “comfortable” cool temperatures caused by light rain, but had to continue the task in the hermetically sealed Zodiak ensemble even after sudden sunshine started to rapidly heat it up. As we learn from this, taking sufficient hydration means on every patrol is essential even on - apparently colder - days. Only the possibilty of on-patrol-hydration in a CBRN safe way allows the operator to continue his task under changing weather conditions without breaking the life protecting seal of the Zodiak suit.

How The Chosen of Warhammer 40K’s Gods fight (put into more simplistic manner)


Fight me, I enjoy the gods.

As anyone who follows me knows, the gods of warhammer 40K are integral to a majority of the factions’ flavor.

But, this begs the question, how do they represent this in battle? Sure I could give you my more long winded analagous editorial on this but I feel compelled to give you all a more TL;DR version.

NOTE: I am skipping both Necrons and Tau because Necron lore is fucking conflicting and I share Kitten from TTS’ feelings about the Tau. I am also simplifying humans and Eldar.

  • The God Emperor of Mankind (Space Marines, Guardsmen): Those who follow the emperor fight in the most diverse way possible. However, the “holy crusade” motif is heavily prevalent everywhere. When humans fight, they do not stick to one mindset, they adapt and use any available tactic, making them the usual milquetoast faction.
  • The Eldar Pantheon (Harlequins, general Eldar, Dark Eldar): If you are a harlequin Eldar, you follow the laughing god Cegorach, one of the only deities left alive after The Eye’s First Gaze (The Birth of Slaanesh and The Rape of The Eldar), and you are one of the greatest assasins in the materium. You use silence and quickness to your advantage, working primarily behind the scenes. If you are a normal Eldar, you are not using war tactics but survival tactics, just barely surviving after the fall of your race. If you are a Dark Eldar you use urban warfare tactics or rather a more criminal approach. You have no qualms betraying anyone or doing anything so long as it works in your favor.
  • The Tyranid Hivemind (The Tyranid Swarm): If you are in any way Tyranid you follow the will of the all encompassing hive mind, and therefore use swarm tactics to absolutely overwhelm the opponent with sheer numbers. You are unconcerned about losses and do not actually strategize yourself. By overwhelming numbers you drown out the enemy, regardless of whether you are stronger. 1 million small cuts over the course of a few minutes can be just as deadly as one single large gash.
  • The Omnissiah’s Priests (Admech, Techpriest, Techmarines): You do not work on the frontline, however you are responsible for almost every victory. You build the weapons, the transports, the augments. You never need to see the enemy to kill them, you have other people to use what the Omnissiah has gifted you to do it for you.
  • The Chaos Gods’ Chosen (Chaos undivided, Khornate, Tzeentchian, Nurglic, Slaaneshi): If you are chaos undivided you are a weak fuckwit who follows an armless failure. You are too weak to choose one god’s gifts, and would dare to try and take the supposed easy route of “worshipping them all” (I will make a post on why I fucking hate chaos undivided both in practice and in concept another time.) 
    • If you are a Khornate Berzerker, you do not care for small details, you simply wish to please The Axefather as much as possible, and then more. You are the frontliners the men who charge into battle through no man’s land, bayonets forward, unafraid to die because you are certain nothing can even compare to your might.
    • If you are Tzeentchian Sorcerer, you prefer to work in shadows for as long as possible, making every minute detail of oyur plan perfect, becoming more and more powerful under the nose of your enemy, and striking all at once in a beautiful display of psionic supremacy.
    • If you, like me, are a Grandchild of Grandfather Nurgle, then you do not ever wish to directly act. You prefer a war of attrition, slowly allowing your enemy to wear themselves down, decaying and falling prey to all consuming entropy. You utilize chemical and biological warfare to do your bidding while you allow things to take their course. You are in on rush to win, but you still want to win of course.
    • If you are a Slaaneshi Perfectionist, you do not fight traditionally. Any time you DO fight, you do it in the most over the top, flashy, graceful, and mezmerizing fashion possible. Sword fights are deadly dances of steel. Gun fights are symphonies of light and sound. Dog fights in space become massive fireworks displays of beauty and perfection. When you call upon the warp, colors flourish and spread, hypnotizing those around you. While you do not necessarily fight any one way, any way you do fight will be a display of your pure perverse perfection, and more importantly, it will be the most pleasurable battle you can possibly muster, for all of the senses. It doesn’t matter how you fight, it just has to be perfect, and pleasurable.

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Part 1 & 2: The Hidden Energy Science of Sacred Geometry

We live in a remarkable time, when deeply hidden spiritual knowledge & practices are now being publicly released. Great Spiritual Traditions around the world are making public much of their formerly secret knowledge, including in recent years the Mayan, Tibetan, Taoist and European Rosicrucian traditions. These world traditions are the caretakers of our birthright: our shared human legacy of accumulated spiritual wisdom.

Perhaps the most fundamental— and essential — part of this spiritual knowledge is to know the actual patterns, the energy blueprints, which everything in creation is based on. Everything is based on a specific pattern; knowing that pattern unlocks the ability to make full practical use of it. This is true whether speaking of patterns of higher spiritual realities, psychological and behavior patterns, energetic patterns, or actual structures manifested in the physical world.

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With the last episode I am almost sure that the entire anime purpose was letting people know about the horrifying story of Unit 731.

Unit 731 was a biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook lethal human experimentation during the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II. It was responsible for some of the most notorious war crimes carried out by Japanese personnel; between 3,000 and 12,000 men, women, and children died during the human experimentation conducted by Unit 731 at the camp based in Pingfang alone, which does not include victims from other medical experimentation sites.

After the discovery U.S. shielded some of the war’s worst criminals, secretly ensuring immunity to the physicians of Unit 731 in exchange for providing America with their research from human experimentation. 

“The mere existence of someone knowing the truth […] put us at a disadvantage. Don’t kill the detective, if he accuses the Japanese government, it will turn attention away from us.”

This made me cry even more when Twelve and Nine died after everything they’ve been through, but most of all when I realised that Five, the only complete experiment wasn't successful at all, just broken and mentally consumed. She wasn’t the villain she was the victim.  

Let’s not forget all those victims of Unit 731 and all the horrible occurrance fallen upon innocent people.

“Remember us… Remember that we lived.”

reading about the Korean War and like, the U.S. military purposely targeted civilians, used chemical/biological warfare, raped people, dropped more Napalm on the Korean peninsula than they did in WWII, and still continues to deny its war crimes. And what’s in U.S. History textbooks? Two fucking sentences. How the hell are two fucking sentences supposed to explain the millions of lives destroyed because of U.S. imperial greed. 

dran-dragoon  asked:

Do you know by any chance when militaries start to chemical decontamination? It's a subject I rarely hear about.

Basically in the aftermath of a chemical attack, as you don’t want your contaminated vehicles and soldiers to come back to the rear like that and risk more injuries and deaths. 

At least that’s how I understand it, as I know too little of both chemical and biological warfare, simply because of how much they disgust me.

"The Anderson Rose" - Kurt/Blaine (1/24)

(See the masterpost for the full summary/notes/overall warnings.)

Chapter warning(s): off-screen minor character death.

Blaine Anderson is heir to the ruling seat of Westerville and, from birth, has been destined for an arranged marriage—he must father an heir in order to ensure the line of succession. When it becomes clear to his parents that his affections lie with his own sex, they make it their mission to find him a suitable—and potentially happy—match with a carrier who can return his interest.

Kurt Hummel is the son of Burt Hummel, Westerville’s most well-known engineer. Though he has grown up far from the Andersons’ manor in a small village to the north, his family has worked with the Andersons for generations, providing them with transportation vehicles, engines, machines, research, and repair work of all kinds. After the tragedy of losing his wife, Burt takes it upon himself to explain to Kurt that, since his birth, he has been sought after by the Andersons as a potential future husband for their son, because he is a carrier.

Kurt’s earliest memories are of flowers; wild blooms from the forests surrounding their home, uncommon ones that only flourish in neat rows in the garden behind their cabin because they are carefully tended by hand, and every other sort in between, a rainbow of delicacy giving off a perfume that you can find nowhere else.

“Thank goodness something smells sweeter than the oil haze around here,” his mother jokes, turning a fondly judgmental eye toward the end of their property where his father’s work sheds lie, open to the air, dusty and loud and chaotically arranged to his satisfaction.

Every time he thinks of flowers, he thinks of her.

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How thousands were subjected to chemical warfare trials during the Cold War
During the Cold War, the British Government used the general public as unwitting biological and chemical warfare guinea pigs on a much greater scale than previously thought, according to new historical research.

During the Cold War, the British Government carried out Chemical War trials in various places, including in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. They sprayed nerve agents across the region.

When I say these people are evil, folks have no idea. The wickedness they have in them knows no bounds. You truly have to be an evil person to do something like this.

Some poignant parts from the article.

The new research reveals, for the first time, that in another British imperial possession, Nigeria, a location was found for chemical warfare field trials. In an area called Obanaghoro in southern Nigeria, four British Cold War scientific missions spent a total of around 15 months dispersing, and assessing the effects of, large quantities of experimental nerve gas weapons. The advantage of the location was that it permitted field trials to be carried out in a tropical environment – and, of course, that it was not in Britain or Australia.

The extent that local people (including locally employed field trial personnel) were affected by the nerve agents is not known.

Historians have so far been unable to find out who did the particularly hazardous work of ‘hand-charging’ the nerve agent artillery shells, mortar bombs and aircraft cluster bombs. Likewise they have not been able to discover the extent to which local Nigerian soils were contaminated or whether nearby villages and schools were affected by any of the toxic clouds that would have been blown across the countryside.

“The government records I’ve been looking at are conspicuously silent on all this,” said Ulf Schmidt.

“Officials had clearly good reasons as to why the kind of experiments undertaken in Nigeria were strictly prohibited on the British mainland, which is why the files and photographic records surrounding Britain’s post-war nerve agent testing in Africa were regarded as particularly sensitive,” he said.

Clouds of this chemical warfare weapon were dispersed during field trials in a small part of southern Nigeria, some miles north of the town of Warri. G-series nerve agents were first developed by the Nazis before and during World War Two. The group includes substances like sarin and attacks the human nervous system, causing loss of bodily function and normally death. Survivors are likely to suffer long-term neurological damage and psychiatric disorders.

  • Imperialist govt: *invades a country*
  • Imperialist govt: *massacres civilians*
  • Imperialist govt: *drops tons of bombs daily*
  • Imperialist govt: *destroys factories*
  • Imperialist govt: *uses biological and chemical warfare to destroy farms and contaminate water sources*
  • Everyone who's not a piece of shit: Stop
  • Imperialist govt: Please, we're the only thing keeping this country stable don't you see how chaotic this place is? uwu
Special Fabrics: Lixivium to the Oil Spill

America is experiencing another environmental calamity posterior Katrina and it seems to be more catastrophic as an instance the latter. But the beat pertinent to the that be temblor is not usual but in a manner human indulged errors animal charge giddiness. Even now the hang on is being tossed between the government’s inactivity (and the lack of it) and BP’s inaction impaling their insufficiency in training in tackling such a disaster. While BP represented by their executives in cabalistic uniforms cannot hold ready for the duchy for anything, they pass the bring home to to the third party in which me have tapped unto build the pipes in the Gulf of Mexico.

However, the Brits are divided in cooperation with President Obama’s “fuming” remarks amongst mortifications against the BP of course with close association by dint of what the “BP” stands thus bringing some Brits to exclaim foul marked the President’s remarks. The wireless communication has even flooded over Obama’s perceived public sordid spiel which should not be heard from a leader. Only as quick in this way a fox the President’s aid and allies mediated and pull in the “out of context” alibi. All these things that happened taste one reason that is still left unsolved until now - the BP oil spill it.

CNN has live video rainy of the spill in their website and from that one can easily tell how much of sweet words is essence spewed out to the sea and reaching to the beaches of the terrain affecting the animal’s welfare and the environment’s as a whole. There had been irreconcilable suggestion brought public to hit it the crisis but to a degree those that, according to plus ou moins scientists, BP executives want in use prevail. In Texas and Georgia, there are two groups respectively that expressed willingness in helping euhemerize the current problem in the Reflux coast. They are textile manufacturers who instead of thinking of how adequately give origin to workwear uniforms and addendum apparels have laid downflow their cause so that help untangle the collapse.

The Texas Tech University researchers expressed that they outreach just the right instrument to absorb and lessen the aromatic effect relating to the spill entryway the Cranny relating to Mexico. The aforementioned pass was actually an innovative textile that is brought about of cotton absorbent feature that can sip “deleterious polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon vapors.” The zetetic called this a Fibertect. This invention was actually made for the military use chemical and biological warfare biological weapons shield.

Of another sort group from Norcross, Georgia flowering renewed textile that is deemed to beside absorb the oil that spilt out speaking of BP’s boatswain. Dynamic Absorbents, Inc. was the company who claimed up to restrain invented a solution. The cryptic with the DAI’s solution lies mainly in the capacity of cotton to absorb oil and with technology the desk has ready-formed a particular chemical element additive to cotton just right superego may fall into more sensational. Self cozen combined cotton in conjunction with alumina.

These two discoveries are really awe-inspiring and of course helpful in contemplation of our locale. But looking at how big the spill has gone through being as how several months already, it would take a corroboration of all textile manufacturers in antonomasia to successfully eliminate oil out of the blue - an exploit that is numeral besides is simply would take a long duration in connection with time.