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The first day of classes was great!

I woke up at 5:30am. Worked out. Showered. Ate a decent breakfast. Meditated. And was on-time to my 8:00am Computational Physics class. Revised notes and commented my code immediately after lecture. I even had time to ask my professor minor (but still important) questions I wanted to clarify. Great start to the day.

I am always too excited for classes on the first day. And it probably showed. When my Instrumental Analysis professor mentioned she had to explain some general QM I said, “Woo!” and pumped my fist. I was basically vibrating during my Science and Religion class because my professor is an astrophysicist and was talking about cool physics stuff. I laughed too loudly at something my QM professor said (and no one else laughed).

I know no one cares but me, most likely. But it’s still awkward to be that embarrassingly excited about the start of the semester when pretty much no one else is. Thanks, hypomania. But at least it’s predictable.

That somewhat annoying slog of necessary administrative work has definitely begun. I’ve spent more time than I’d prefer on things like email and organization today, but it will be worth it later. Getting good use out of my planner already! I’m very excited to use it this semester. I’ll be sure to post pictures and whatnot.

Other than that, my mom and sister came up this past weekend to help me clean and organize my apartment. It got pretty bad as a result of my mental health. So I’m glad they were willing to help. I’m doing a good job of keeping it clean. Putting things back where they belong. Etc. It feels good.

Well, back to studying! I want to finish some more revising before I go to bed.

These are listed in no specific order! The following channels have seriously helped me better understand biological concepts and get great grades :) Enjoy!

CrashCourse (Biology)

Suitable for: Honors, AP

If you’ve been on youtube to find educational videos, especially if taking an AP course, you’ve most probably come across CrashCourse. Run by John Green (yup, the guy who wrote tfios), his brother Hank Green, and a couple of other teachers, CrashCourse is an amazing channel full of beautifully animated videos that illustrate concepts ranging from the Ancient Roman’s to the moon. In particular, their Biology videos, featuring Hank Green, are my go to videos for biology. I watch videos regarding topics we’re going to cover in class as soon as I find out what our next unit covers. All around a great, entertaining way to learn biology!

Rate: 10/10

Bozeman Science

Suitable for: Regular, Honors and AP

I first found out about the Bozeman Science channel run by Mr. Andersen in my Honors Bio class. It’s a great way to get informed about biology, as well as a superb way to learn examples of different concepts. He’s a solid teacher!

Rate: 8/10

Khan Academy (Biology)

Suitable for: Honors, AP

I’ve known about Khan Academy since the fourth grade, but didn’t know that he covered biology until August this year! He has really informative videos, so if you’re in an Honors class and want extra detail, or in an AP class, this channel is perfect for you!

Rate: 9/10

MocomiKids (Biology)

Suitable for: Regular, General understanding for Honors and AP

These videos are perfect for students in the regular biology course. The videos are informative and help to consolidate ideas. I find these videos to be good in studying for Honors Biology because they give me a general idea as to what a concept is, and from then I can get all the small details. 

Rate: 8/10

Great Pacific Media (Biology)

Suitable for: Regular, Honors and AP

I actually just found out about this channel, and I’m so glad I did. It has specified videos on basically every biological concept. Every one. It’s a splendid resource to use when you have specific concepts that you need to fine tune and nail down before a test.

Rate: 9/10

days of productivity: 2/100

missed yesterday because i was working (that’s productive though, right?), but made time today! currently working in the study guide for my physics class - and i’m finally starting to understand it.

i honestly am enjoying the course, and find it easier than math or chem. apparently double-majoring in music and physics is a thing. it’s definitely an idea for uni.

for a planner, I use a create 365 planner I found at Michaels. I’m kind of combining it with the idea of a bullet journal, and it’s working out pretty well.

overall, today’s been pretty productive!


anyways i spend so much time thinking about how so much of what we “know” about check please characters is fanon like nursey mentioned poetry maybe two (2) times and we’ve all accepted he’s an english major and wants to be a writer…watch ngozi be like “he’s a fucking organic chem major” just to fuck with us…..we know nothing

I’m truly enjoying my physics degree more than my chemistry degree thus far. It’s a bit more difficult, but I think I better appreciate the challenge. I’m also just really happy and appreciative that the group work involved in physics has helped me make good friends in the classes. Because it makes it so much less stressful.

Everyone helps everyone else. And we ask nothing in return except to help whenever you can. It’s so nice. I have an A in Modern Physics right now, but even though I’m not the “top” physics student, I don’t feel any threat of competition between us. Especially because the top physics student is always happy to help everyone else.

(It also helps to have the best professor ever.)

Most of all, I’m happy that being forced to work together on tough problem sets has made me closer to the people in my class. As much as I hate to admit, I’m not as close to my senior chemistry friends that I care about so much because they do things like drink when I don’t. So it’s relieving that I don’t have to drink to fit in with these people. Also, other people actually like math?! This is so wonderfully different from my chemistry and biology major friends.

I just have this feeling that I belong in the physics program. And it honestly makes me so happy.

I’ve always wanted to be an astronomer, I’ve always loved space. I’m currently a chemistry major because I also love chemistry. Lately I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do after I get out of college and, surprisingly, I actually came up with a plausible option: Astrochemistry. I think it’s almost perfect, I get my astronomy and my chemistry. I could even work for NASA! Granted I’d have to go through a lot of school, but in grad school I could get a stipend. And I’m actually really excited because it’s actually an option that’s open to me. 

anonymous asked:

Reading what you've said about Chem majors and Bio majors I'm assuming that as a Biochem major I'd be avoided like the plague. Thoughts?

Pretty much! It depends on what you’re doing with that, however. Unless you’re asking very pointed questions about Gentry biology, then you won’t be blacklisted and shunned, but if you know the ways of Flaming Iron they would be very, very respectful of you and yours.