chelsea's dad

I cannot say what years have come and gone
I only know the silence - it breathed on and in
What sang in me sings no more
Where stood a wild heart stirred no more
There stood wild heart
And I have been slain
Head full of ghosts tonight
Have I gone insane?
Was it wrong to go down
To want you to stay?
Head full of ghosts tonight
Have I gone insane?

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26 beronica

26. “According to US Weekly we’re married.”
In which Veronica Lodge is still the socialite queen of Manhattan and Betty Cooper is her classmate and best friend at NYU.

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When her mother insisted that she live in the dorms her freshman year at NYU Veronica had been annoyed to say the least, but after meeting her roommate Betty Cooper, that annoyance disappeared. 

Betty was sweet and funny, she was driven and didn’t take shit, Betty Cooper was going to be Veronica’s best friend, she could already tell. 

They spent almost every waking moment together from that day on. Betty even moved with Veronica to a cute two bedroom in Chelsea that Veronica’s dad paid for. At first Betty had been resistant, but after two weeks of Veronica pestering her about it Betty gave in. 

Three years into their friendship they were attached at the hip, though Veronica wouldn’t mind being attached at the mouth too. She wasn’t sure if their relationship would ever evolve past friendship, but she had her hopes up.

Veronica woke one summer morning to a warm breeze on her face. She could feel Betty stir next to her in bed, which mean they must have fallen asleep mid episode of Gossip Girl the night before. 

She snuck out of the bed slowly, her bare feet padding on the hardwood floors. They were in the Hampton’s for the weekend, they had attended a big charity event that Friday, spent yesterday on the beach, and today they would probably get brunch before taking a car back to the city.

Betty was interning at the New York Times for the summer so they couldn’t spend the entire summer in the Hampton’s, but Veronica wasn’t complaining, she had managed to get internship at TOME, the fashion company. 

They had somehow gotten closer than ever that summer. There had been more nights spent in each others beds, more cuddling, more days wandering around the city hand in hand. If felt like they were dating, but Veronica wasn’t sure how to broach the topic.

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Thought this would be a cool idea. Took screenshots of my cover flow on my ipod.

The Romantic Arc of Sims Sisters
  • Karen is specifically created to be Mr. Dad's love interest
  • Mr. Dad: *Tries to date Karen*
  • Karen: *Has none of it*
  • Nina is a pre-existing Sim
  • Mr. Dad: *Tries to date Nina*
  • Nina: *Is all about it*
  • Millie: *Totally ships Mr. DadxNina, is super happy when they get engaged*
  • Chelsea: *Salty Team Karen Founder, sabotages Mr. Dad and Nina's engagement while forcing Karen to like him off-screen*
Father's Day Event:

*Chelsea runs to her father and gives him a hug.*


Aaron: Y-you too Pumpkin! Maybe lighten up a bit? You’re getting heavy and I’m growing old!

*Sean stares at his son.*

Sean: Ethan.

Are those.

My gloves!?

Ethan: Uhhhh N-NO!



*Ethan’s father tackles him to the ground and starts messing up his hair.*



*Ethan has been defeated!*

Integrity: …Happy Father’s day.

???: *He nods in response, but says nothing.*

Perseverance: F-father!? How…No I refuse to believe this. You are not him. You cannot be, it is not possible.

???: To be fair, I wouldn’t believe it either if I was standing in your shoes.

Take your time, _____. I won’t rush you.

Kindness: Happy Father’s Day, Papa!

???: Th-thank you, ______. I won’t be able to stay long. I… have a lot of work to do.

Kindness: O-ok…

*Justice quickly hides his pistol under his hat.*

Justice: Hi, Pa.

???: No “Happy Father’s day”? Well. I suppose that’s to be expected…You know, ____, as father and son we should really spend more time together-

Justice: Not interested.

???: ____, come on. When are you going to let go of whatever it is you’re holding against me!?

Justice: Maybe when you start acting like a man for once!

*Tension rises between the two.*

You know what’s weird? In American sports, you get in trouble for excessive celebration, but in football its like let me roundoff tuck, slide on my knees, kiss the crest, pray to God, run to the bench and hug every player, pose for a picture, and have a gay orgy after every single goal. I think that’s why its the best sport in the world.