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The Barbie Facebook page has lots of photos dedicated to dads who play Barbie dolls with their daughters. I was inspired to take it up a notch:

Fun fact: That bedspread and pillow were my very first attempts at sewing! I feel proud.

Closeup of the toys. I’ve had these since I was a little kid and was excited to bring them back out!


Full shot of the set (would you believe it took me almost a week to complete this small corner room of 12″x12″ walls?):

Voltron Season 4 Teaser Theory: Mysterious Man's Identity

Hi everyone, Chelsea here! I’m here to talk about something that I’m pretty sure some Voltron theorists like @smolsarcasticraspberry, @radioactivesupersonic, @heero-yuy, @aquaburst07, and @darkspellmaster hasn’t talked about yet.

Upon watching the Voltron season 4 trailer, I noticed something in this one scene where a mysterious unseen man is questioning about the Galra producing more Quintessence, that got me thinking: “Who’s that man talking?”

Well, at first I thought it was Kolivan since he’s a member of the Blade of Marmora and the screen in the scene looks like how the Marmora mask would look like on the inside.

But by watching TheGenerationWest’s video of the Voltron characters and voice actors in season 2 and hearing Kolivan’s voice and comparing it to the mysterious man’s voice, I knew it wasn’t him.

So, my guess is that the mysterious man is Keith’s father. Why? Because their voices sound very similar in a way, and I believe that Keith’s father is gonna return in season 4.

We haven’t seen him since season 2 in episode 8, and I also think that Keith’s mother is gonna finally make her appearance in season 4 as well, she’s a member of the Blade of Marmora so I really want them to appear.

Who do you guys think the mysterious man was? Do you agree with me that it’s Keith’s father or do you think it’s someone new we haven’t seen yet?

Feel free to give me your opinions and thoughts on this theory, see you later!

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Why does Chelsea look nothing like Bill? I see a little bit of resemblance between her and Hillary but she still doesn't look like either of them very much

Idk I think there is a little bit of resemblance to Bill, not a huge amount but she definitely looks more like Hillary than him, especially when she laughs I think she looks very much like Hillary and they have the same wide smile. I don’t really think she really looks any less like them than most kids resemble their parents, there aren’t always really obvious similarities and I don’t think it’s that unusual for daughters to look more like their mothers and bear less resemblance to their fathers

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26 beronica

26. “According to US Weekly we’re married.”
In which Veronica Lodge is still the socialite queen of Manhattan and Betty Cooper is her classmate and best friend at NYU.

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When her mother insisted that she live in the dorms her freshman year at NYU Veronica had been annoyed to say the least, but after meeting her roommate Betty Cooper, that annoyance disappeared. 

Betty was sweet and funny, she was driven and didn’t take shit, Betty Cooper was going to be Veronica’s best friend, she could already tell. 

They spent almost every waking moment together from that day on. Betty even moved with Veronica to a cute two bedroom in Chelsea that Veronica’s dad paid for. At first Betty had been resistant, but after two weeks of Veronica pestering her about it Betty gave in. 

Three years into their friendship they were attached at the hip, though Veronica wouldn’t mind being attached at the mouth too. She wasn’t sure if their relationship would ever evolve past friendship, but she had her hopes up.

Veronica woke one summer morning to a warm breeze on her face. She could feel Betty stir next to her in bed, which mean they must have fallen asleep mid episode of Gossip Girl the night before. 

She snuck out of the bed slowly, her bare feet padding on the hardwood floors. They were in the Hampton’s for the weekend, they had attended a big charity event that Friday, spent yesterday on the beach, and today they would probably get brunch before taking a car back to the city.

Betty was interning at the New York Times for the summer so they couldn’t spend the entire summer in the Hampton’s, but Veronica wasn’t complaining, she had managed to get internship at TOME, the fashion company. 

They had somehow gotten closer than ever that summer. There had been more nights spent in each others beds, more cuddling, more days wandering around the city hand in hand. If felt like they were dating, but Veronica wasn’t sure how to broach the topic.

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Thought this would be a cool idea. Took screenshots of my cover flow on my ipod.

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why do so many woman defend deadbeat dads like adam ????? chelsea wants to hyphenate aubrees last name and ppl are like " omfg thats so disrespectful to adam!!!!!" " adam is her father shes trying to erase him from aubrees life!!!!' "she doesnt need to have coles last name ... sorry chelsea adams the dad rather you like it or not" and i just dont get it ????? like i swear dads could showing up once a month for an hour and they get praised as father of the year

Ugh. Sorry, but being a sperm doner does not make you a dad.

The Romantic Arc of Sims Sisters
  • Karen is specifically created to be Mr. Dad's love interest
  • Mr. Dad: *Tries to date Karen*
  • Karen: *Has none of it*
  • Nina is a pre-existing Sim
  • Mr. Dad: *Tries to date Nina*
  • Nina: *Is all about it*
  • Millie: *Totally ships Mr. DadxNina, is super happy when they get engaged*
  • Chelsea: *Salty Team Karen Founder, sabotages Mr. Dad and Nina's engagement while forcing Karen to like him off-screen*

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I think jenelle is so pretty but her attitude and personality is so ugly it overshadows any physical beauty she has and chelsea is gorg too but shes had 'more work done' than jenelle chelseas dad gives her botox he does it at his surgery jenelle just gets lip fillers, i honestly dont understand why all these girls are so pretty and all keep popping out kids and still look amazing, i need their secrets, its shame they all dont have personalities to match thou

Jenelle can do a freaking mermaid photo shoot (which I’m not going to lie was pretty cool) and still be absolutely disgusting to me. I’m curious about where you heard about the Botox though. Chelsea’s dad is a dentist, so he’s not quite qualified for that. As I said before, Chelsea is a esthetician so she I’m sure she gets free lip plumpers and other things (she’s talked about getting permanent hair removal in a deleted scene so she’ll have a “pretty kitty”), but I’m pretty sure they’re not qualified to do Botox either (please correct me if I’m wrong). Jenelle did announce she got lip fillers (she says only twice, I don’t know how much I believe that part) and a breast augmentation. But I 100000% agree with you that they need to REVEAL their secrets! I haven’t had a child and they all still have better bodies than me. 😩 I hope I look half as good as they do after multiple kids. Puberty was so kind to them, and they’ve all definitely learned a thing or two from all the makeup artists they have to hire for the season finales and check-ins.

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I love Chelsea she always put aubs first and her with Adam was just because she wanted him to be a dad, Chelsea had daddy issues she has such a great dad she wanted aubs to have one too its not just people without dads who have daddy issues sadly Adam was never gonna be a randy and it took time or Chelsea to see it. I dont watch her segments anymore because they are a bit boring and 'false' i dont mean 'false' in the way jenelles are but chelsea has said herself she does thing for the camera 1

and im in no doubt she would do them with or without the camera but she has said she plans nice things for the cameras to film and in the car scene with aubs when watson was born and cheslea snapped at cole he was like in the house where not doing this here i havnt watched since then as its a bit boring and i completey applaud them for not arguing on camera and only displaying on camera what they want to see rather than their lives if that makes sense i feel she trys to show the fairytale 2

side of her life of being a happy family and doing family things and she does get portrayed as the ‘good’ mom but i think its because shes wanting to be so private now with her life she keeps many things for when the cameras arnt there but im at the point of if you want it all private leave, she doesnt need to be on the show she must no its just about drama and money and nothing about teen parents if its come to the point she plans things to do in front of the cameras she needs to just move on 3

I understand the money would be hard to walk away from but all the shit that has gone on, on the show why does want to be associated with it, cole works she has a career its time to move on and get on with their lives without being linked to tm2 part of me thinks maybe she likes the fame the attention or being the princess amazing on stable mom title on tv and people giving her compliments i just dont understand why shes doing it, she can do so much better than mtv and tm2 4


Daddy Daughter Dance (J.J)

||654 words!!!! Short n sweet n shit but here’s a cute Johnson imagine for yaaaaaall||


Chelsea, my 6 year old daughter, looks up at me with a hesitant look, her hand getting sweaty with nerves between mine. I nod in encouragement and whisper “go”, to her.

She takes a deep breath before letting go of my hand and walking over to my fiancé, Jack. I peer round the corner of the door when I hear his voice. I’m nervous for my baby, even though I probably know the outcome.

Jack looks up from his phone, “Hey, Chels, what’s up?” He pats the space next to him on the sofa. “Sit next to me, babe.”

Chelsea lifts herself onto the black couch, nervously looking over her shoulder at me. I give her a thumbs up and a big smile. “I have a question for you.”

“You do?” He asks and places his phone on the coffee table, giving my daughter his full attention. God, I seriously love these two, so so much. Chelsea nods her head. “Go ahead, talk to me.”

I can see her twiddling her fingers in her lap, one of her many nervous habits. “You know mummy said about the dance that is happening at my school?”

“The father-daughter dance?”

She nods her head, looking down at her lap. “Yes…”

Jack smiles at her. He’s been living here for just over a year now and Chelsea has known him for 3. She never gets nervous around him unless she has something big to ask him, just like she does right now. “What about it, sweetie?” He asks in a soft voice.

“Will you go to the dance with me?”

“As your honorary dad?” Chelsea just nods her head again. She’s so cute when she gets all shy, I love it. “Chels, I would be honoured to take you to the dance.”

She snaps her head up and stares at him in amazement. “Really?” Her mood instantly perks up when he nods his head with a massive smile, and Chelsea being Chelsea, she leaps from the sofa and onto his lap, her arms slinging around his neck extra tight.

I’m - we’re - so lucky to have Jack in our lives. He’s damn amazing. He cooks, he cleans, he shops, he takes care of me and my daughter and he has never judged me on my life before I met him.

He treats Chelsea as if she’s his own daughter and I couldn’t wish for a better father figure for her. Her real dad, Tyler, was around in the beginning back when we were together, but then he just stopped coming every few days and turned up once every few months. And that was only when I sent him a text (or three hundred) telling him that Chelsea wanted to see him then she left him a bunch of answer phone messages that pushed him out of his house and over to his parents, where Chelsea is every other weekend.

Tyler cannot stand Jack. He hates the fact that his daughter has a great male - father - figure in her life, someone who isn’t him. He went into a rage when he found out that I was engaged to the new man, he wasn’t allowed to see Chelsea for 6 months after his rage and he legally isn’t allowed in the village that our family is located.

I refuse to have a conversation with him unless it’s about our daughter. He constantly brings up our past relationship and Jack, trying to cause arguments but I refuse to let him get into it.

But that’s all in the past now.

Tyler is the past and Jack is the present and the future.

Jack is probably - wait, he’s definitely the best thing, over than my daughter, in my life.

He makes me happy, he makes my daughter happy. He makes me laugh, he makes my daughter laugh.

Jack Johnson is the perfect guy.

“I love you, Jackie.”

“I love you too, Chels.”