chelsea's dad

My dad’s name was Norman. But when I was really little - my middle name is Mark - they called me Mark. And I didn’t know my name was Norman until I was about 13.

I get my first passport, and on it, it said Norman. They were like ‘no, your real name is Norman, but your dad went by Norman, so we called you Mark.’ I’m like, 'what the fuck?’ And I changed my name because I wanted to be, you know, the real me, whatever the fuck that means.

—  Norman Reedus on Chelsea (June 23, 2016)
The Romantic Arc of Sims Sisters
  • Karen is specifically created to be Mr. Dad's love interest
  • Mr. Dad: *Tries to date Karen*
  • Karen: *Has none of it*
  • Nina is a pre-existing Sim
  • Mr. Dad: *Tries to date Nina*
  • Nina: *Is all about it*
  • Millie: *Totally ships Mr. DadxNina, is super happy when they get engaged*
  • Chelsea: *Salty Team Karen Founder, sabotages Mr. Dad and Nina's engagement while forcing Karen to like him off-screen*