chelsea probs


Season 2: developing attraction between raven and chelsea.

Finale: should they act on these feelings and date? should they not?

Season 3: okay they’re dating. now, should they marry (known each other since birth practically, beneficial for entire family, there is no question of love and whether or not spending rest of life together)?

Finale: okay they’re married now and they’ve adopted each other’s kid(s).

Season 4: now that they are married, do they want to expand the family?

Mid season: yes, yes they will expand. adopt or sperm donor?

Last leg of season: chelsea volunteers (she reallllyyy wanted to do this) to carry the baby, sperm donor by african american male.

Finale: okay they have a baby now. she’s a girl with beautiful light brown curls and golden bronze skin.

(POTENTINAL LAST LINE): “welcome home, [insert name of the princess here].”

the audience looses it. end of show.

anonymous asked:

“Some of the cast members barged from their rooms to find their children to make sure they were safe” all I can imagine is Chelsea and Leah’s tiny asses shoving people out of the way to make sure their girls are okay ❤️😂😂 and I have no doubt that kail, Chelsea, and Leah (plus prob cole and javi) complained about it not being safe for them or their kids there

Jo was there too. Can’t see any of them being ok with what happened.