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Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands (True Love Edition v1)

It’s finally here!  After months of tinkering, the first release of Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands (True Love Edition) is done!  Time to save up for those blue feathers, because these gay little farmers are ready to fall in love!

Sunshine Islands is the second game in the series to get a True Love Edition. The True Love edition is a ROM Hack that swaps the boy and girl characters, allowing the player to choose their preferred gendered without locking themselves out of romancing their favorite character. This means that Chelsea (girl) can find love among the island’s pretty ladies, and Mark (boy) can pick between it’s rather… eccentric boys. Of course, this also opens up some rather strange doppelganger love connections…

This version contains only sprite swaps between the boy and girl characters.  Modification of the dialog to fix gendered pronouns and terms will be next, as well as ongoing bug fixes along the way.  This is the very first version, so be ready for plenty of bugs.

If you’re ready for an island romance made just for you, just click the link below!

Harvest Moon: True Love Edition