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Sebastian Stan in Chelsea Lately Show

Here is an interview for those who want to watch and couldn’t find or didn’t know what it this :) 

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Zooey Deschanel on Chelsea Lately (2011)


TDB Rewatch: Preggers (1x04) TBT

More adorable early interviews from the Glee cast, including Chris Colfer’s insight into Kurt’s coming out scene and the Single Ladies Dance. Chris is also asked about his own coming out to his parents. Keep in mind that this interview happens only a week or so after the infamous Chelsea Lately interview where Chris comes out to the public for the first time. He handles himself so well.

And of course, here’s the infamous Chelsea Handler interview.


♔ the adele challenge(1/3) funny moments

"I dyed it red wine color when I was about 15 and it literally 
stained every bit of hair follicle in my head, and every time it
grows now it's this color. I was like blonde blonde."

Kid Cudi interviewed by Gaboury Sidibe on Chelsea’s Lately.


Sebastian Stan on Chelsea Lately

he speaks romanian and talks about stucky brokeback mountain style what is life help


Full Interview of Dave Franco on Chelsea Lately