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Hannah van Bart at Marianne Boesky Gallery

Despite her assertive pose, Dutch painter Hannah van Bart’s enigmatic young lady appears to literally blend into the background as a shape-shifting wall the color of her dress manifests over her chest. (At Marianne Boesky Gallery through Feb 4th.) Hannah van Bart, Untitled, oil on linen, 39 3/8 x 25 5/8 inches, 2016.

Ketchum Kids

I made this post eons ago, but seeing the full family pics from @pkmn-downtheline inspired me to pull together some of my updated designs. I’ll get to the others as I fix them up more. 

Featured in Pic 1: Aurora (16), Luke (12), Rose (6), Chelsea (Orange - 3) & Marissa (Green - 3)

Edit #1 - Pic 2: Aurora (23), Luke (19), Rose (13), Chelsea (10) & Marissa (10)
Edit #2 - Finally finished Ash and Misty, so I decided to add them in.


@cooke_charlotte: Even got to see Kate too #rhschelseaflowershow2017 #rhschelsea #duchessofcambridge #katemiddleton #london #chelsea #royalvisit

Adrian Ghenie at Pace Gallery

‘Rest During The Flight Into Egypt’ broaches the subject of migration in Romanian artist Adrian Ghenie’s latest solo show at Pace Gallery in Chelsea. Here, two kids wait on a railroad track in front of a heaving, blood-red landscape wearing masks that disguise their faces but not the damage inflicted upon them. (On view through Feb 18th). Adrian Ghenie, Rest During the Flight Into Egypt, oil on canvas, 7’ 10 ½ inches x 9’ 6 ¼ inches x 2 inches, 2016.

Self-misunderstanding, Rivane Neuenschwander

1층에 조그만 달걀이 숟가락에 올려져 있습니다. 

2층에 올라가면 대형 달걀이 기다리고 있죠. 

25킬로 정도 된다고 해서 저걸 누가 왜 쓰나 했는데 한 남자가 쓰고 돌아다닙니다. 옴마야~

친구로 보이는 남자는 재밌다며 사진을 찍어주네요. 

까딱 잘못하면 목이 꺾여 다시 알을 깨고 나오기 전 상태로 돌아가는 건 일도 아니겠다 싶어 전 그냥 셀카만 찍고 나왔습니다. 

현대 미술의 낯선 모습과 마주친다면 당황하지 말고 ‘새로운 무엇인가를 시도하려고 노력하고 있구나~’ 라고 생각하면 쉽게 이해할 수 있을 거라던 글이 생각나는 하루였네요. 


Now Open: Zhang Huan: Let There Be Light includes Zhang’s largest ash painting to date, measuring 122 feet long. Based on a photograph taken on June 15, 1964, the painting represents Mao Zedong surrounded by the central leaders of his government and over 1,000 loyal followers. The 18-panel work was made by laying it flat on the floor, priming the canvas with preparatory glue and then applying the ash, which is sourced from Buddhist temples in the Shanghai region. The temples know now what I am looking for. When they have enough ash they contact me. and we send a truck and make a donation [in return], Zhang says in an interview with Art Asia Pacific. 

Visit the exhibition at 510 West 25th Street on view through Saturday, December 5.