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Yours is a story of ups and downs.. but what your journey has taught us, is never EVER giving up.

Even in the darkest days you kept your smile and moved forward.

Happy 33rd Birthday Fernando José Torres Sanz.

You were, are and forever will be our Niño❤❤

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Jeon, have you been skipping out on meals lately? It's nice you're treating your sunbaenims to your share of food (and clothes..) lately, but if you keep this up you'll get sick!

JK:  Don’t get the wrong idea, Unnie. I-It’s not like I did those things for you. I did it because I had free time, that’s all!

JK: *says that while having snacks for Jin in arms*

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“Munich 2012, all blue. Stadium blue, all signs blue, [decretation] was blue, the match programme - everything was dark blue… And we were watching the penalties - all penalties of Bayern, with the goalkeepers, and I said ‘Guys, look at this, everything’s blue, so  we don’t even have to watch it, because we’re gonna win!’”

Five years ago feels like just yesterday; (still) the only team in London to have an European trophy. 💙


How do people not ship Danny and Riley together? They are so perfect for each other..

boys' favorite shoes

their favorite on you.

steve / timberlands
johnny / low rise converse
ponyboy / adidas originals
darry / chelsea boots
sodapop / vans
dallas / platform heeled ankle booties
tim / over-the-knee boots
curly / jordan’s
two-bit / adidas nmd

I’m still alive!! My rips have nearly grown out, so some nail art was in order. I’ll be at Disneyland this weekend and I wanted to have a set that would work even after we leave. Thus these Beauty and the Beast inspired nails were born! Can you spot my super subtle hidden Mickey? I used a tutorial by Chelsea King from forever ago to do the roses (I think she calls them Doc Marten inspired?) and I love this set so much.

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I wonder if Chelsea Briggs saw Lauren's replies about Camren 😂

I’m sure she did. I’m also sure she doesn’t care and she’s CS forever.😩 Chelsea keeps it respectful though. She ships from afar. And going back to the conversation earlier. Its funny that Lauren denies Camren but all these celebrities still seem to ship the hell out of them. Kind of makes me wonder…what do they know that we don’t.

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Great horned owl in Dumbledore’s robes with Hermione’s time-turner and magical plants (dittany, hellebore, and rue). Owl and time-turner healed, floral color fresh. Thank you so much, Chelsea! HARRY POTTER FOREVER


jongkey/fluff/drabble/pg (because of one curse word;;)

a/n: i’m really not confident in my writing, but with all the delusional jongkey shipper scenarios i’ve been getting from key’s recent insta posts, i had to write something. this is inspired by these two posts (1, 2) and key’s new camera. thank you very much @blingblingisjonghyun for listening to my ideas and editing this for me ;;; 


“Seriously, Jonghyun?” Key snapped his head up to glare at his fellow band member lying on the bed beside him, with the camera - that in fact, belonged to the younger male, in hand again.

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Izabella had more help than literally any mom finishing school. Free housing, free childcare, and her parents probably paid for a lot of their expenses. Chelsea took forever to finish her GED and her estheticians license and she literally didn't have to pay rent for Aubree's first 5 years. Why is everyone so mad at Kail?

Why do people care if their parents helped them out? They were young moms, (most) parents help their young kids regardless if they have children or not. I don’t know why anyone hates on any of the moms who had help. Good for them for having parents who wanted to help and who who willing to (financially, or any other way) help. 

I’m guessing the Kail hate is because 1) people reach for stuff to hate when they don’t like one of the moms 2) because Kailyn in the past has acted like she achieved all this stuff on her own without MTV’s help, which is very infuriating.