chelsea fc what are you doing

I love how mad goalkeepers get when they’re forced to make great saves.

Like they dead ass look at their defense like “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU MAKE ME DO THAT FOR?! IT’S NOT LIKE THAT’S MY JOB!”

This Day in 1D History - March 9


  • X Factor Live Tour concert – Liverpool, UK


  • Z100 interview and performance
  • Better with U Tour concert – New York, USA


  • Niall trains with Chelsea FC for physical therapy :))


  • Harry shows off his fancy footwear while out with Anne in London
  • Liam and Sophia attend Insta CEO Kevin Systrom and Jamie Oliver’s annual party in London (hard same, Russell)
  • Louis enjoys a night out at Pryzm in Leeds


  • Niall posts this stunning Boracay sunset shot on Insta
  • Liam and Cheryl are all smiles out in London :))
  • Niall scores a top seat for the LA Kings/WA Caps game
Football Embroidery

After receiving so much amazing support and interest in my custom made football embroidery and cross stitch ideas I’ve decided to go for it. I am so excited to be able to make personalised items. 

Your ideas can be as unique and intricate as you want. Any team - male, female, club, national team ect, any chant or football song (the less lyrics would be the best because of copyright issue, though song titles seem to be safe to use and sell), any words or phrases, I could try copying photos of stadiums or anything you can think of. I am a Liverpool fan but don’t mind making for any team!

Here are some examples of football products I have already made (heavy photo warning) :

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“We are in a good position. They are waiting for us to lose points but if we do the job we will be champions in the end. We have to be ready because in England you never know, you can lose points against every team but we are professional, we know what to do if we want to be champion.”

“When we see Tottenham, everything is not done. It is one step closer but we have seven games left to play and we have to be ready for everything.”

-Eden Hazard; source: Chelsea FC

I don’t think my morale was down, but it plays on your mind a bit. Everything went so well in the past. This year, not so much. But you have to tell yourself that football is like that. I’ve had more ups than downs in my career. All you can do is keep working. You still have to take enjoyment out of what you’re doing and things will turn, and my smile has always been there. In good moments and bad. I’m somebody who can laugh even at myself. That happens now and again, when I’ve made a mess of really simple things. I say to the other guys in the dressing-room: ‘Bloody hell, did you see what I did then?’” [x]

150423 youngstreet radio chanyeol.jongdae.jongin

Q: the member you wanna take care of?

yeol : kai. becasuse he loses his stuff all the time and he just lies on the ground randomly. it’s like he’s becoming one with nature. he’s so clumsy too.

chen: kai for me too.

kai: suho. because i want to lessen the burden of being a leader.

Q: the member who doesn’t talk much in their dorm?

yeol: d.o

kai: you need to talk to him first (if you want him to talk)

yeol: but he doesn’t talk even when i talk to him though. if i ask ‘what are you doing?’ he would just keep looking at his phone and don’t answer me.

kai: chanyeol used to call d.o’s name over and over again just to annoy him so d.o just ignored him back then but it became a habit now. 

Q: the member would survive even in a desert?

yeol: me! 

dj: like you can fix anything(crafty)? doorknob or lamp?

yeol: that’s basic

kai: that’s good but the problem is he can open it even when i lock the door

yeol: he was talking a shower too long so i just forced open and went in. he was washing his hair so he wasn’t aware even when i stood next to him for like three minutes.

Q: if kai was not in exo, what would he do now?

yeol: pro-gamer.  a soccer commentator.

chen: ballerino

Q: whose picture kai got the most in his cellphone other than himself?

yeol: jjanggu monggu jjangah

chen: rahee (his neice)

Q: when kai can’t stop smiling?

chen: when chelsea fc won the game

yeol: when he looks at rahee’s photos.

Q: who’s chanyeol’s soulmate in the team?

kai: it’s changing all the time. he really liked me before now he doesn’t care about me. i got hurt. i think it moved to d.o and then sehun too at the moment.i hope he likes me again. i’m feeling sad.

yeol: i’m being so nice to you nowadays!

kai: yes but not ‘nicest’ tho! you bought me a scarf and i even kept the michael jackson cup until now.

yeol: don’t lie!!

chen: d.o

kai: think about the old times and come back to me.

Q:if you give a score for chanyeol’s acting in his movie?

kai: 80

yeol: that’s like pretty good.

chen: i’ll give 100

kai: ah~ this why he doesn’t love me. i just lost it.

Q: three things you would bring to a desert island?

chen: lighter, knife and then that thing you can shoot when a ship passes by?

yeol: chanyeolie (himself)

translation by me 

Funny thing the haters are like “all this fuss for a player who never won the PL?” because they don’t understand. This probably will never happen again. How many players sacrificed titles due to loyalty? How many players will do the same in the future? Let’s be real, Steven Gerrard could have gone to Chelsea, RM, Bayern, etc, plenty of clubs and managers wanted him, he could have won more titles that we all could count; but he refused, for his club.

Now, if you can’t respect that, you not only are not giving the respect an amazing player deserves; but you also, have a very narrow vision of what this game means and, clearly, you don’t understand it.

The people we choose to be our idols and our role models, our favorite singers and sports stars, they do more than we imagine. You picture them there with you when you’re having a bad day, when you’re homesick, when you’re having intense anxiety. You turn on their music, you look at their picture again.
And then it becomes everything. They’re your number one support system, they’re who you think of when times get hard. Stay strong for them, even though they don’t know you. But by now you feel like they do. It’s quite beautiful really, and I wish they knew what they were capable of doing. I don’t know if the athletes know it, actually. They’re saving lives out there. They make us believe that life is so much more. They make us feel special.
And I hope they know it.
—  Something I realized on my shower floor

Alves denies report of Radio Marca about deal with PSG, adding old covers about him joining Madrid and Chelsea

“You really believe what you say? Tired of listening to people talking shit. I love this club to death and I’d stay forever. And if one day I have to leave, I’d have the same guts that brought me here to say it, I won’t need any sheep to do the talking.”

DAY 2533

Jalsa, Mumbai              Mar 22/23,  2015             Sun/Mon 1:28 am

The greatest rivalry between two teams Barcelona - Madrid .. the Classico game in a few minutes .. FC Barca v Real Madrid .. hehehaha … keeps you going does it not .. just when Chelsea beat Hull in a close one ..

Good morning early everyone .. back from Jodhpur for the Head Injury Foundation and on to Tv viewing and rest .. the pictures say it all :

Let me ask a question …

What do you see in this picture above, that is unusual .. or shall we say topical and with the event theme .. ??

No prizes … just ..

My love .. the football game before me a distraction .. so pardoń ..

Amitabh Bachchan

It’s amazing that Mourinho drove Chelsea to win the League and the Capital One Cup six months ago and the Club just overlooked it like it was nothing. This man loves Chelsea with passion, he did everything he could, he tried all formations, he defended the players with the last of his breath, he would be proud to be at Chelsea even in the position we’re in. The manager tells the players what to do and the players must perform. You can’t be too arrogant or blind to see that the players were NOT performing, they weren’t controlling the ball or their emotions, they were too laid back. Sacking Mourinho is not going to make a big fucking difference, it won’t be the same with that man not being on the stands defending the Club. I hope Roman regrets it. I hope he does because this was a mistake and Mou’s not coming back.