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Giuseppe Penone

I am interested in Giuseppe Penone’s way of working with natural materials and creating works you can interact with.  I find his works are making people appreciate nature, something a lot of people don’t think about.  His works are beautiful and well thought out, they stimulate the imagination and allow people to draw different conclusions from their experience of his work. 


A short done by Yamiken Hori, called Junk Head 1

Takahide Hori spent four years making the 30-minute film Junk Head 1, and you can see the love that went into crafting its grimy subterranean future and sculpting the bizarre creatures that inhabit it. It follows a human sent underground to investigate a world filled with freakish people and vicious monsters.

You can read the backstory for Hori's Junk Head setting on his website, or you can just sit back and enjoy the madness. He’s also currently raising funds on IndieGoGo so that he can devote his time to making a Junk Head sequel.

“Don’t you know you are the only Jesus many people will ever see? In compromising your lifestyle, you forfeit your capacity to accurately reflect God’s image and endanger an entire generation’s understanding of Jesus.”
  - Judah Smith

CLC- Fanart (Yee Eun) 

CLC is another girl group I fell in love with

(check them out Hobgoblin and Meow Meow are currently my favorite songs)