chelsea art district


Trip to the Gagosain Gallery - 7.19.17

“Here we have a room full of giant mushrooms…pretty psychedelic if you know what I mean.”

Reasons by Carsten Höller

Giant Triple Mushroom (2014–15)

Flying Mushrooms - (2015)

Divisions (White Lines and White Circles) - (2014)

On display until 9/1/17
Open to the public


Trip to The Pace Gallery - 7.19.17

“ The opening structure looks a lot like a chandelier and had me transfixed for about ten minutes because sparkles…just standing there trying to get the perfect angle…to snap my camera at right time to get the lights before they flicker and fade into the next sequence. My pictures don’t do it justice. I walk past the light to what I hope is another exhibit and yes there is more. The next room is pitch black upon entrance. However you’ll soon realize that the only light is sourced solely from the cosmic panels on the wall that favor the Milky Way. My flash accidentally goes off but thankfully I’m not scolded harshly. I lose track of time in this room. Completely mesmerized…”

By Leo Villareal

Particle Field (2017)
Views from Particle Chamber (2017)
Ellipse (2017)

On Display Until 8/11/17


Seen all over Instagram from the DMV to NYC, the young talented artistic gal has wowed us with her amazing photos and style. But that’s not all, Helen has also been seen in sold out off-Broadway shows down to assisting paintings in the Chelsea District art galleries on 23rd street. She’s a walking art.

Q: What is the best piece of information someone has given you ?
A: The best piece of information someone has given me was when I was in High School & my teacher taught me about “probablities”. Probability is the measure of the likeliness that an even will occur. I’ll always abide by this rule because I believe that no matter how many times I’ll hear “no” there’ll always be a “yes” out there for me. And that’s what probability is. And although I’m sure the teacher had no intentions of that subject becoming that deep, I translated it into my own proverb. I’ll go through life always working hard & always expecting that when I roll the dice, one day I’ll land on a “yes”.

“People will never know because they’ll never ask. And they will never ask because they’ll never know.” -Helen

IG: @blkisacolor