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Had to do an assignment this morning about my future expenses but it was hard seeing as that I can only picture myself in a Chelsea apartment with hand-woven silk blankets and hand carved italian furniture from the finest artisans around… is this a relatable feeling?

The 12 Days of Ficmas presents: The Holiday

There’s a listing for a home exchange just outside of Liverpool, a charming, very English stone cottage with a garden, just a stone’s throw from the water. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, a fireplace, a kitchen, only a 15 minute drive into the city proper. 

Bucky: Hey, I’m very very interested in renting your cottage for the next few weeks. I live in NYC, in a nice apartment in Chelsea. No roommates, just a grumpy cat named Tom who won’t bother you as long as you talk to him sometimes. He likes roast chicken. He’s weird, but cute.

Loki: I have never met a cat that I did not like. The dog is my roommate’s, I would much prefer a cat.
Loki: I have not been to NYC during the holidays for many a year. Is two weeks acceptable to you?

Bucky: When can we switch?

Loki: How about tomorrow?

Heartbroken, burned out, and aimless, both Bucky Barnes and Loki Laufeyson are in desperate need of just getting away. When these two strangers agree to switch homes and lives for the holidays, what they find, and who they meet, may be exactly what they needed all along.

[ A Marvel (stucky/thorki) RomCom AU of the greatest of all holiday movies, The Holiday ]

There are 12 chapters, as a fun nod to the 12 Days of Christmas Ficmas. The majority of the fic switches between Bucky and Loki’s POV, with the final three chapters having both POVs.

I will post one chapter a day, with the final chapter being posted on December 25th. Happy Holidays!

The Holiday by @crinklefries

Chapter 1: The Break Up (Bucky)
Chapter 2: The Engagement (Loki)

Klaine Advent 2017

Day 3 - Collapse

Summary: Blaine is new at McKinley. Kurt finds him interesting.  Nerd!Blaine/Skank!Kurt
Word Count: 637

Kurt knew what he was doing once.

In the grand scheme of the things that made up his life, he used to have it all planned out. He was going to get out of Lima and move to New York and meet some gorgeous man who just happened to be both wealthy and unpretentious (okay, maybe just a little pretentious), who loved children and old people and traveling and had a penthouse apartment in Chelsea, and who could rein in some of Kurt’s more unpleasant traits (like the junk food addiction and his tendency to insult first and understand later -

“Can you please not smoke in the car?”

and the smoking). Kurt frowned and put the cigarette he had absentmindedly taken out and started to light. Yeah, Kurt had plans, once, until they collapsed around him.

But once was a long time ago, and now he didn’t even know what he was doing in this car with the odd new kid. He who wore bow ties and globs of hair gel and sang in the Glee Club for fuck’s sake. And said “okay” when Kurt told him he needed a ride. Kurt didn’t even know if he was gay. Maybe he didn’t know Kurt was gay? Nah, Santana would have told him by now.

“Well do you have any gum, then?”

“Yeah it’s in my -”  Blaine made a move to turn around while driving but then seemed to think better of it. “In my book bag there’s some. You’ll have to get it.”

Kurt snorted. “You don’t even know me. You want me to go into your book bag?”

Blaine shrugged one shoulder and glanced at Kurt. “Better than you smoking in my car. Besides, I’m not hiding anything in my bag.” Kurt twisted and yanked Blaine’s book bag out from the floor behind the driver’s seat.

“Let’s see about that, shall we?” Kurt settled Blaine’s bag on his lap and lifted the flap, digging around inside. “Textbook, textbook, notebook, homework assignments. A calculus syllabus? Wow, you are boring Blaine,” Kurt said.

“The gum is in the front pocket.” Blaine batted at Kurt’s hands and Kurt pushed him away.

“Eyes on the road, Jeeves! I’d like to get to my destination in one piece.”

“Yeah, about that. Where exactly am I driving you?” Blaine asked.

“Oh right.” Kurt stopped digging around in the bag long enough to give Blaine directions, then went back for the gum. He found it in the front pocket, along with an embarrassing number of colored pens, a small, still new school planner, and a tiny, shiny, enameled rainbow pin. “Oh hey - what do we have here?”

Blaine glanced over, eyes narrowing at Kurt for a second before he had to look back out the windshield.

“Something you want to tell me, Blaine?”

Blaine huffed quietly before answering. “Something you want to ask me, Kurt?”

Kurt considered Blaine for a moment. He probably didn’t deserve all the awful things that were about to befall him at McKinley. Kurt could warn him. He almost wanted to.

“No, I guess it’s really none of my business,” Kurt said softly. “Just - be careful. McKinley isn’t very friendly to those of us who don’t conform.”

Blaine didn’t answer, and it took Kurt a minute to realize they had arrived at their destination.

“Hummel Tire & Lube,” Blaine said. “Are you the Hummel?”

Kurt untangled himself form Blaine’s bag and the seatbelt, giggling to himself as he opened the door. “Nope, that’s my dad.”

“So do you work here?” Blaine was leaning over to survey the front of the garage.

Kurt climbed out and shut the door, but he couldn’t resist leaning in through the open window. “I take care of the lube,” he snickered. Kurt was sure he heard Blaine gasp a quiet ohmygod as he walked away.