Yesterday, @peacockoceanangel took me to the one place I never thought I’d be able to shop. My whole life I thought I was too big and not good enough to even go in and try, but she never once gave up on me and now I find that the only thing keeping me from feeling beautiful is me. So, this is me saying thank you sooooo much Elly and also thanks a lot for making me tear up in public.
Once you learn to believe in yourself the possibilities are endless.


So, before Tumblr becomes overrun by Halloween costumes, I am posting these because they were from last Friday at a par-tay. Peacockoceanangel told me to be Molly from Sherlock cause I have no other costume stuff besides a lab coat…anyways yeah so here’s my terrible costume (I hope you’re happy Elly) and I walked around talking in a British accent all night, making everyone think I was bonkers. I made the cake seen for a contest, and the tombstones say, “SH” “Squidward’s hopes and dreams” “Uncle Fred, who is dead” “RIP” and I almost put “The Ponds” but, yeeaaahhhh… There’s also a picture of my shadow because reasons. I WILL SEDUCE YOU WITH MY AWKWARDNESS. And when I walked and watched my shadow, it was pure magicalness the way my coat and scarf flew. I was happy. I almost took my riding crop with me but that would’ve been a little weird… and yes, try not to laugh too hard at me, I have squat-o-rama in terms of Halloween costumes…