cuddlin asked:

If the internship doesn't work out, take the opportunity to focus on something you've really wanted to do for a while (creative something maybe?) or see if you can do undergrad research with a professor? I was super discouraged when I didn't get an internship after my freshman year after SO many applications, and I focused on painting. Not a resume addition, but it made me really happy.

awww yes thank you for this…definitely something to consider!! :~)

Have you read The Right Stuff and Inventing the American Astronaut? And are you prepared to write a six page essay saying which one you'd recommend to family/friends who wanted to know about the early history of our astronaut program. Oh, and we can only use those two books as sources and he wants us to quote them “as little as possible” which is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. 


But yeah, I get the feeling you would actually like this class.