Yeah, I kinda dropped the ball on sharing my Black Puddle Queen cosplay with the folks here on Tumblr, so here ya go! I’ve only worn it once so there aren’t many photos right now, but I’ll be wearing it again on Friday for Halloween/Oni-Con in Galveston, so more images will be forthcoming. Until then, enjoy the tease ;)

Photographers are Cayden Vierra Cosplay (top) and PhotoPersuasion (bottom)

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(also another shout out to sixpenceee for her Halloween Special)


“Hey, Tiger.”

Free Comic Book Day is next weekend, as well as the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and a couple weeks ago I had an MJ shoot and realized the comic I used as a prop had the FCBD logo on it (I believe it’s a book from last year). I love happy coincidences!

Mary Jane “MJ” Watson: Chelphie Cosplay
Photographer: JR Flood


I did a thing. 
My big project for Dragon*Con. I have a TON of ideas for how to mesh Elphaba’s Act II dress with Elsa’s Ice Queen dress to make the ensemble more apropos for Elphaba’s style. Super excited for this! I’m looking forward to the cape and the bodice most of all. I’m still debating how I wanna tackle her skirt though =/
I don’t want to do the absurd amount of ruffles from the Act II dress because: 
A) The weight of it, I think, will throw off the entire flow of the sleek/slinky design.
B) I don’t want it to look TOO much like the Act II dress and lose all elements of the Ice dress. 
C) I might legit cry if I had to sew that many ruffles

Anywho…I stayed up until like 6am on Saturday/Sunday to come up with a design I like for the cape. Since most of Elphaba’s identifiers are objects (pointy hat, broom, Grimmerie) and not symbols I chose to mix visual elements of the Broadway show with the many references and descriptions of steampunk/clockwork/industrial elements in the books.For that reason, I decided to go with cogs/gears to maintain a shape and structure akin to Elsa’s snowflakes, I feel this is still true to the visual elements of the character/story. I want to find a way to incorporate the Time Dragon Clock in this design as well, but haven’t yet figured out how.

P.S. I may change the “main” gear on the foot of the cape since now that I look at it might look too much like a wheel O.o

I know a lot of folks are probably really tired of all the Frozen stuff, sorry not sorry 

Elsaba edit courtesy of: just-a-little-snowflake

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EDIT: I also messed around with a GlindAnna design concept


I know I posted one of these a few days ago but it was a low resolution version so here’s the whole set of photos from my shoot as Christmas Ivy in higher quality.

Photographer: Filmshooter Event Photography
Editing and costuming by me! [Chelphie Cosplay]

Happy funtime wishes to everyone this holiday season!