does anyone have any fantrolls I want to draw fantrolls SO BAD. It’ll be free just reblog with a lil ref/sprite. I’ll choose a few of my faves

I might ship your troll with one of my trolls if you want. If you dont want me to just clearly tell me in the reblog that you dont want me to ship them. Here are the trolls I’ll ship them with.


“Your name is LEOMYN LAUNCE.

You are just a great guy A REALLLLYYY GREAT GUY. You rescue people from DANGER. I mean there is nothing WRONG with WANTING A REWARD RIGHT???? I mean you DID just SAVE THEM. You think they OWE YOU THAT MUCH RIGHT? A kiss on the lips???? MAYBE A LITTLE EXTRA??? Maybe they owe you some time back at your place??? NOONE ever wants to give you the TIME of day though! And that MAKES YOU FUCKING ANGRY. You think you could HURT (or even CULL?) ”

ahahah he’s a ‘white knight’ ;3 ;3 ;3