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Hello Henry. I just wanted to inform you that my creator broke into your old studio and brought me to life with the ink machine. I used to be a child, but my soul is now trapped in this body. I need help... -Toon Chellsy (She's on my profile)

As this… thing… stood before him and spoke, multiple questions ran threw his head, ‘who are they, how do they now my name, how did they find my house’ but these thoughts where pushed aside when they said ‘I need help’. “I… I… I don’t know if I can help you…” was all he could muster, he was at a loss of words.


Throwback at Olympic Processing from Chellsie

Awesome UB Dismount Combos

Jiang Yuyuan (CHN)(x) - Ling ½(E) + DLO(D) 

Aliya Mustafina (RUS)(x) - Toe on 1/1(D) + Mustafina(E)

Elisa Iorio (ITA)(x) - Endo in L grip(D) + Endo in L grip 1/1(E) + Double front ½(E)

Giorgia Campana (ITA)(x) - Ono ½(E) + DLO(D)

Chellsie Memmel (USA)(x) - Luo(E) + Double front(D)


Terin Humphrey scores a 9.300 on her only event of the day as the leadoff gymnast on the floor exercise for team USA at the 2003 World Championships, contributing to USA’s first World Team title for WAG. Initially on the team as first alternate before being bumped down to second alternate in favor of Chellsie Memmel, a string of injuries and illness that plagued the team allowed Terin to step in and gave her a chance to prove her worth to the team. Today, Terin is one of three women on the selection committee and serves as the athlete representative, and helped choose the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics teams for 2012 and 2016.  (x)

Most Decorated US Olympic/World Championship Medalists

Counting Only World Championship Medals:

1. Alicia Sacramone (10)
1. Simone Biles (10)
3. Nastia Liukin (9)
3. Shannon Miller (9)
5. Chellsie Memmel (6)
5. Rebecca Bross (6)
7. Kyla Ross (5)
7. Kim Zmeskal (5) 
9. Aly Raisman (4)
9. Dominique Dawes (4)

Counting Olympic & World Championship Medals:

1. Shannon Miller (16)
2. Nastia Liukin (14)
3. Alicia Sacramone (11)
4. Simone Biles (10)
5. Dominique Dawes (8)
6. Aly Raisman (7)
6. Chellsie Memmel (7)
6. Shawn Johnson (7)
9. Kim Zmeskal (6)
9. Kyla Ross (6)
11. McKayla Maroney (5)
11. Carly Patterson (5) 
11. Kerri Strug (5)
11. Mary Lou Retton (5)

Also worth noting that Gabby is 1 medal away from making the 2nd list with 2 finals to go! (She has 2 worlds medals but 4 medals total.)
2008 US Olympic Team
  • Shawn: thinks Madison Kocian deserved uneven bars gold over Aliya Mustafina because "Madison is a better competitor and had to go last because she was the #1 qualifier" when draws are actually random and Madison went in the middle of the final and Elizabeth Seitz was actually the last gymnast to compete; thinks her Olympic balance beam gold is basically meaningless cause it was too late and not her dream all around gold; lies about being 10th going into the last all around rotation and being expected to win 5 gold medals in Beijing
  • Bridget: snapchatted about needing to see the 2016 Chinese Olympic team's birth certificates
  • Chellsie: made a bitter post about how biased organizations can kiss the 2006 US team's asses after they lost to China in the team final and came away with no gold medals in the individual finals
  • Sam: laughed about how her favorite memory in Beijing was Shayla mocking a Chinese man saying "some ting vewy wong"
  • Nastia: complained about some Chinese girl (her name is He Kexin) taking away her bars gold, laughed at the Shayla thing mentioned in the Sam section, thinks that the underage Chinese girls robbed!!! the US of team gold, continued her bitterness with her Songsong #not17 thing with Aly and Jordyn in 2013, liked a tweet about how the judges hate the US and WOGA because both she and Madison got uneven bars silver instead of gold
  • Alicia: complained about how Cheng Fei robbed!!! her of vault bronze for YEARS after Cheng Fei was super nice to her and comforted her after her falls in team final, complains about Trump protestors and tweets while driving, bullied Anna Li on the 2012 Kelloggs tour about Anna calling herself a world champion and Olympian when Alicia got a gold medal for 2011 team final when she wasn't even there
  • Shayla: let us not forget the honorary member who totally would have made the team if she wasn't injured!!! I don't even need to explain this. We all know she's the worst.