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Chellsie Memmel is better than all of us

ending the beijing #discourse once and for all

This has been in my drafts for a while and I’m seeing the NBC 2008 UB medal ceremony going around again, so I might as well post this now that I’ve finished editing this with more HQ screenshots.

“the chinese cheated, are underage, and should be stripped of their gold medals!!! they look like they should still be in their diapers and they’re little babies (actual words spoken by marta and bela karoyli)!!! one even has a baby tooth!!!”

Here’s a documentary with footage from 2003 where you can see hopefuls for the 2008 Olympics training. Deng Linlin is shown training on the uneven bars @ 0:52. Jiang Yuyuan is shown stating her name and age @ 1:21. They totally thought to lie about their ages back in 2003!

Deng Linlin also had this same “baby tooth” four years later in 2012. She was totally 8 in Beijing and 12 in London then!

Anyways, it turns out it wasn’t a baby tooth, but was actually a really crooked tooth. She got it fixed with braces after retiring.

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Chellsie Memmel can still do an illusion turn

all this asac talk has me thinking about beijing but honest to god, if shawn and nastia hadnt been so immensely talented as individual gymnasts in their own rights, team usa would have been SO fucked lmao. sam was injured. chellsie too. bridget sloan was a toddler frankly, AND she was coming off an injury earlier in the season iirc?? asac imploded, we all remember that. like i know ive complained about beijing being the Shawn and Nastia show before (and thats why its one of my least faves to watch) but man they REALLY carried that team, even more than everyone was already expecting them to.

Awesome UB Dismount Combos

Jiang Yuyuan (CHN)(x) - Ling ½(E) + DLO(D) 

Aliya Mustafina (RUS)(x) - Toe on 1/1(D) + Mustafina(E)

Elisa Iorio (ITA)(x) - Endo in L grip(D) + Endo in L grip 1/1(E) + Double front ½(E)

Giorgia Campana (ITA)(x) - Ono ½(E) + DLO(D)

Chellsie Memmel (USA)(x) - Luo(E) + Double front(D)


Throwback at Olympic Processing from Chellsie

anonymous asked:

Where's the "bonus" gif of Anna Pavlova from, do you have a link?

It’s from the Pro Gym Challenge in 2013 which was a just for fun USA vs World meet that was televised and had it’s own weird format. It featured elites and NCAA gymnasts including Anna, Oksana Chusovitina, Catalina Ponor, Chellsie Memmel, Jade Barbosa, Vanessa Zamarripa, Marissa King, Shayla Worley etc. with Bogi and Nastia as coaches. It’s also where Nastia’s “It was a Deltchev!!!” line comes from lol Anna’s part starts at 33:46 and iirc she also did some other “routines” throughout the competition.


In today’s edition of the Soviets were decades ahead of their time we have Natalia Andreeva performing a double Y turn almost 30 years before it was named after Chellsie Memmel.