A Play on words.

A quick drawing for the birthday girl chello!

She is an amazing artist and one of my first friends on this website and a total sweetheart and I just-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday chello!! <3

Sherlock Marathon: Day 01!

Me doing a head start YAY! Hopefully Angelwsk will have her AWESOME painting of JAWN done in these few days :D

Hi everyone! Chello`koru (that’s me) and Angelawsk decided to do a Sherlock painting marathon. And so opened this new tumblr especially for this ;D We will be posting A LOT (hopefully XD) Sherlock-related art on this account (x) and on our own. If you’re interested, do follow :3 We need someone to chase behind us if we start getting lazyyy HAHA XD

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chellokoru replied to your photoset “Sorry for disappearing for so long, I’ve been really busy.  Now that…”

omg did u get a pen tablet or sth :DDDD

hahaha no.  As if I got the time and the money for a tablet.  It’s just pencil draft -> camera photo to computer -> lots of hours spent on drawing with mouse on Paint.NET (or if I feel fancy, Photoshop); and many MANY layers made in case I screw things up.

chellokoru replied to your post:I love your header image! Did you draw it, or do you have a link to the artist?

Did u try google image search? Might be able to locate the original~~

If you mean just scrolling endlessly through google image with keywords, I have done that many times.  That was how I found the current version of the picture, and it still isn’t from the artist’s website, or from somewhere that links back to the artist.