Trend Alert: Pool Party Ready

Ah, festival season. A time for glow sticks. A time for flower crowns… and a time to get dolled up for all the fun pool parties. Get ready to channel major tropical vibes this summer in prints straight out of paradise and botanic Slip-Ons a-plenty. From the Tropic Camp Dress to the Tropical Realm Backpack,  this trend will have you feeling like you’ve transported from the desert to your own personal paradise. Follow Sincerely Jules’ lead, grab your favorite palm tree print, and let it roll this festival season.

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chella || calum hood

You stood in the house, listening to scampering around of all the girls, trading tops and tips for the weekend.

You were all excited and ready until Bry and Crystal told you that some of their guy friends were coming.

You didn’t mind Michael, he could be annoying, but Crystal had confirmed he was sick and not going. Ashton got too extra for you, Luke was annoying and Calum could be down right rude, and you really just wanted to hose Mitchy down and wash his hair.

So hearing that Calum and Mitchy were joining the group had put you in a bad mood.

“Stop pouting, please! It’s gonna be fun! Calum’s been in a good mood, you’re gonna look hot. Maybe you’ll get lucky.” Crystal shrugs.

You roll your eyes.

You weren’t sure how, but late on the first night, back at the house the group of you had rented, Calum had you tucked against him, beer in one hand, the joint you were sharing in the other. He took another hit and passed it to you, tucking his hand under your jacket so he could touch your skin.

Needless to say, things had changed drastically throughout the day.

“You look good today.” Cal said quietly. The two of you had been tied up in each other for over half the day.

You guys were outside with the group, but neither of you really noticed them.

“Is this Mitchy’s shirt?” You ask, pulling at the blue shirt with white hearts.

“No. It’s mine.” He grins. He presses his lips to your jaw. “Why? Don’t you like it?” He chuckles.

“It’s not really my favorite.” You smile, pushing yourself further into his side. Cal takes the joint from you and takes another hit, this time shot gunning it to you before kissing you.

You pull out of the kiss to cough and find yourself in a haze of Calum and whiskey and weed and you were perfectly happy to live there.

“Let me take you to bed, you can take it off of me.” He pitches, raising an eyebrow at you.

“Wow.. what an offer.” You laugh. “Yeah babe. Let’s do it.” You grin.

Theres plenty of commentary as the two of you leave the group together. Jokes of using protection and not doing anything someone else wouldn’t do.

But neither of you heard it.

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