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mutanthairything  asked:

PORTAL IS SUCH A GOOD GAME. I especially love the endings from both games in that they are conclusive yet also open to interpretation. What are you thoughts?

I am all for the “Caroline faked her deletion because she knew she’d lose control and hurt Chell again” theory I am all for it I Am So Here For These Feels but there’s one thing that pulls the whole theory together that no one seems to have brought up:

Caroline and GLaDOS are kind of two different characters

And I’m not talking, like, game-files-wise. I’m talking like. Okay first of all look at the acronym for a second:

Genetic Life-form and Disc Operating System

GLaDOS is clearly not in existence to play CDs or whatever, so it’s probably safe to assume “disc” refers to Caroline’s consciousness, converted into personality construct form [How… how ever they did that. It’s canon that they did that but I have no clue how]. So, if the “genetic life-form” is already implied, why isn’t it just DOS [aside from catchy name-like acronym]?

Aperture Science, being the unorganized, poorly-thought-out boobheads that they are, obviously had no idea how to even APPROACH the idea of artificial intelligence, and I propose that in the process they may have been unable to properly decide between “upload a human” or “create one from scratch” and instead sort of awkwardly met in the middle, with the GL [Genetic Life-form] having already been partially developed. Not enough to function beyond basic tasks, ones and zeros, no. Not even enough to speak. But a mind, a living mind to fuse with, aye, there’s the rub. Something to do all the dirty work like “thinking” and “feeling emotions” while it sat back and piloted the whole horrid ordeal, that’s what it needed.

I am proposing that GLaDOS, as we know it, is essentially a virus. Caroline would be understandably angry after being forcibly uploaded, yes! Furious! Heartbroken! Traumatized! Enraged! But enough to murder an entire facility, on what was either Bring Your Daughter To Work Day or Bring Your Cat To Work Day no less [timeline is vague. damn u valve]?! I doubt it. I seriously doubt it.

Ah, but half an A.I. suddenly given control over a consciousness to allow it emotions like “Malice” and “Hate” and suddenly filled with the intense need for Test Euphoria, itching to shove all these tiny, meddling, squishy humans out of the way?

[warms up neurotoxin emitters.] yes [wrecks facility’s shit] hell yes [dropkicks a scientist] Hell Fucking Goddamn Yes

“Alright, okay,” You’re saying, “Okay Woot, I get that, but why doesn’t Caroline come back immediately after she’s put in that potato battery?” “WELL,” I say far louder than I actually need to, “I’M GETTING TO THAT,

Anyways, it’s clear that Wheatley was affected by this too, and strongly I might add. Now, honestly, denying this theory is a bit more plausible with him than it is for Caroline, considering we know less of his character and it’s already been established he doesn’t really have a terrible amount of sympathy for humans. but I doubt he’s smart enough to organize such a rebellion in such short time.

I mean, if it was just Wheatley with no inner-vessel influences, the whole “Wheatley-Turns-On-You” would probably consist of a lot of Wheatley going “Umm. Haha, well, you see, I’m– ah, not really sure what to do now. I’m mad! Yes! Very angry! J-Just reminding you! Nnnot. Sure what to do about it though. Ah- hm. Could you um, stay here for a bit? Maybe– oh! A time out corner! I’m going to do that because– what did you do wrong again,” etc. etc. He’s not clearly not the sharpest or meanest Aperture Science Nuclear-Powered Motorized Knife in the Aperture Science Automatically Opening Kitchen Drawer, if you know what I mean. Even he’s aware of his own incompetence, deep down, even if it takes becoming nearly omnipotent for him to realize it.

Wheatley: [laugh trailing off] Actually, why do we have to leave right now?
Wheatley: Do you have any idea how good this feels?
Wheatley: I did this! Tiny little Wheatley did this!

His whole freakout [aside from “I AM NOT. A. MORON.”] is a bit suspicious all on it’s own, isn’t it? It would make more sense for him to turn in Chell completely if… oh, say… He were suddenly seeing his own story through the lens of a voracious and power-hungry deity-like A.I., build with instinct and base facility functions alone, only able to fully take control when given a personality construct to toy around with… HMMMMMM…

But why does Wheatley snap out of it so fast after being disconnected at the end of the game [roughly the entirety of the end sequence and he’s good as new, really], whereas Caroline takes a vast chunk of the game to even mostly recover?

(Though, I get the feeling the tone shift to a more human voice in the middle of “I already fixed it! And you are not coming back.” signifies a full return, but… naturally the next scene seems to imply this is short-lived. I’ll get to that in a bit.)

Clearly, being in that vessel having your entire consciousness dampened by a poorly designed unfeeling merciless A.I. for what could have literally been thousands of years is no small task, and no one recovers from that instantly. In a way, I feel like Caroline has forgot herself– having her mind dampened by her own horrible metal brain-prison for so long, having it push back and push down everything that made her, well, her while picking out bits and pieces of whatever it found useful, it can really take a toll on your sense of self, to put it lightly. I mean, even take this piece of dialog for a second–

GLaDOS: Caroline… why do I know this woman? Maybe I killed her? Or-
GLaDOS: Oh my god.
GLaDOS: Look, you’re… doing a great job. Can you handle things for yourself for a while? I need to think.

Caroline cannot even remember that she is Caroline for a period of time. it takes going through the entirety of old Aperture, its rise and fall, to even begin to snap her out of it. And it’s just as well! You try sitting around with a bunch of half-built A.I.’s gnawing away at your brains for a couple hundred years! See how good your memory is! 

GLaDOS: The scientists were always hanging cores on me to regulate my behavior. I’ve heard voices all my life. But now I hear the voice of a conscience, and it’s terrifying, because for the first time it’s my voice.

For the first time since her upload, Caroline is allowed to be Caroline again, and she’s not even sure who “Caroline” IS anymore. Not until the end, anyway, and at that point she is fully aware that it’s only a matter of time before the GL in GLaDOS is fully operational again, having yet another consciousness to feed off of for its higher functions.

And she cannot, cannot, will not let Chell, the only human who seemed to give a damn about her [aside from Doug Rattmann, who is almost surely dead] suffer the same fate of being locked up in this horrid facility. And I’ll admit, it’s awfully dramatic, what with the over-acted fake deletion and the literal opera of turrets of all things, but it’s certainly one hell of a goodbye to an old friend.

“My dear child,
Why don’t you walk far away, yes,
far away from [Aperture] Science!”

It’s been fun. Don’t come back.