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Scorpiones, Scorpio, Scorpion…

It’s hard to get a good picture of a scorpion - they’ve just got so much going on. Here, at least, are four images that show some key features: chelicerate mouth-parts, claws (chela) like an unrelated lobster, and tail with a sting segment (telson) and sting (aculeus). Fun creatures…

Scorpions have been on our little planet for an awful long time with the earliest evidence, fossils from the Silurian, around 450 million years ago, long before vertebrates began their land invasion. Some of these were real beasts up to about one metre (three feet) long, unlike today’s well over 1000 species which are usually less than 10 cm (3 in) long. Thankfully.

Here the images show two species and there’s an obvious difference in two of the images that clearly differentiates them. Know what it is?

Scorpions are one of the Many Little ancient Things.