some Chelly
my new OTP *^*
By the way, it’s redraw from Beautiful  Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical by @geekenders and Wheatley ( i think i really fall in love with him\\\) as @jedtheguy
That’s pity, but i can’t find a blog of actors Chell(

UPD: I found a Chell! ^^ @ poor-unfortunate-chell

Why all my OTP art starts from a kiss in cheek???

UPD#2: found a 2nd Chell, thanks to geekenders ;3 @vinyl-orca Beautiful cast, i have no words to describe the real delight. Well done!

This is a pre-production test that I animated of Chel for El Dorado. 20 years ago! My friend Kristof re-shot it. Sorry about the sound quality, it was not done to production sound. She says, “Ooooo, Oh my! This is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in!

It was confirmed that in the first script of The Road To El Dorado
Miguel and Tulio were supposed to be a long term couple. Both were written to be bisexual and they later both showed attraction to Chel. Their voice actors even recorded their lines together in the same studio room in order to make the dialogue between two characters feel more intimate. Though Dreamworks later scrapped the concept of having these two as a couple because at the time was too progressive for the american audiences, in the original subtitles, both are scene using pet names such as “darling”.

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Yoongi waited for Hoseok then gave him the rose. The cutest 


HELLO!! It finally happened–after 9 long months, I decided to continue that mermaid AU!! I started this about a month ago but life happened–I got sick and lost motivation in art but I’m trying to pick it up again!

This time, I added some subtle angst buried underneath all this fluff. 

Every day after school, Yuu comes by their spot to be with Mika. They have their silly moments– and now Mika and Yuu are at this comfortable stage where they really care for each other, despite their physical/physiological differences. However, Mika will realize that Yuu is still, in fact, a human–that Yuu will someday want to live his life in the surface world and leave Mika behind.

part 1