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<<looks at Spock’s face>>
*cackling intensifies*

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Yes but imagine chekov, the sweetest peach, giving bones a mothers day card because jim was serious and he told chekov about it

Dawww our sweet little bb, Chekov. YES. We all know Chekov as bubbly and outgoing. But I can also see him being a bit intimidated by Bones(who isn’t).

I can see Jim telling him about it and Chekov just nodding “yeah, yeah, ok!” And agrees to it without thinking about it much. But as he works on the card, he gets increasingly nervous about it, about how Bones will react. Will he get mad and yell at him for it? Too late now dammit, hes too nice to just stop making it now, he told Jim he would. He works on it for a couple days, making it just right.

Until the day arrives and Chekov makes his way down to the Medbay with Jim close behind, encouraging him along the way. “He totally won’t hate it! Don’t worry!” Jim tries to reassure with a smug smile behind Chekov’s back.

Chekov quickly makes his way into Bones’ office, not looking up from the ground and sticks his arm out, handing Bones the card. Bones takes the card from him hesitantly, glancing it over, still surprised to see Chekov in his office, let alone giving him something.

“Yes, uhm, here you go Leonard, I mean sir, uh, happy mothers day?” Chekov spits out quickly, still without meeting Bones’ face, still staring down at the ground, making a very hasty retreat out of Bones’ office. Bones just looks at Jim with a quizzical glare as Jim pats Chekov on the back and a hearty “you done good, kiddo”.

Bones continues to glare as Jim gives him his own card for mothers day. “Here you go Bonsey. To the greatest mother hen there ever was! Enjoy your special day!” Jim announces as he hands Bones his own card, wiggling his eyebrows.

Bones proceeds to yell at Jim to quit being such a damned infant and to get out of his office and let him work. He shoos Jim out of his office, while Jim continues to spout motherly affection, making Bones roll his eyes and lock his door as soon as Jims outside.

Bones makes his way slowly back to his desk and glances down at the cards, brushing his fingertips over them lightly, picking them up once more, slowly and carefully, looking at them over and over. Taking in the fast scrawl of Jim’s writing, to the quirky looping of Chekov’s. The tiniest of smiles creeps over Bones’ face as he gingerly sets them both in the top drawer of his desk.

Well that turned out longer than expected. Whoops