We never talk about the 3 skull shaped amalgamates or the fact that they are literally connected to their phones/ communicate threw them. Or about how Papyrus will answer his phone no matter what time it is or what he’s doing.

What if he’s waiting for a very specific call about a very extended vacation is all i’m saying.

i’ve been buffing out a story board to sans and papyrus’ intro scene and today i finnally patched it all together with a recording from @paper-mario-wiki

keep in mind this is a work in progress! it is very sketchy and i obviously have a lot to do but i’m really excited about making it this far and i really hope i can finish this!


here is a doodle dump ! i saw this wonerful swap AU picture  by @popcornpr1nce and i got really inspired ok. i got this idea that they would still have the same core personalities so sans still loves his bro and papyrus still cares a LOT about what other people think of him. (they also kept some of the same speech patterns). i have so many ideas ok.

ps. sorry if my handwriting is hard to read!

i never see minty in yog lady appreciation posts! so i took a refreshing break ( a minty minute heh) to draw something. i don’t follow as closely as  i used to so i don’t know if she is still working for the yogscast but i liked her character (a sweet lady\ badass who ran a bar and navigated the nether) and i think it’s important that we remember her.