400 years into the past, fic idea (KHR)

A few days I rebloged a post about the khr fandom and the problem about the variation on fics. Especially about the 400 years ago generation meeting thing right. Well I had this horrible horrible idea for a variation of this fic and I am so damn sorry for it.

Tsunayoshi was send into the past and he arrives just in time to see Daemon joining the vongola, he doesn;t introduce himself to the family instead decides to join it. Hiding his ring and faking to just be any other boy angry with the police and goverment asks to join and he’s accepted, he’s just any other boy at the mansion, he’s in  charge of bringing primo’s tea and giving messages to the guards, wich is a good way to find if there’s any way to go back or if there’s any sign of his friends coming into the past to rescue him.

He’s surprised to see the family as how it used to be before, and he understands just how close they are and how it is so different from the present Vongola. He starts to enjoy his stay there because he can learn so much new stuff but then the time for the attack to the family to happen, the one where Elena dies and Daemon decides to bring glory to the vongola.

He hides himsefl while the whole fight is happening, by mere luck he finds himself close to Elene when it is happening and he decides to just watch at the life changing moment, the reason of everything that happened with the Vongola in future generations.

But then he notices the fight is almost over and she’s still alive, he can feel Daemon coming this way but there’s no enemy close to kill her, no one to do it and he get worried.

If She doesn’t die Daemon won’t have any grudge againt the vongola, he won’t betray the Simon family, Giotto and Cozart won’t make a promise to the Vindice, the present Simon and Vongola won’t hate each other, his ring won’t break and it won’t be upgraded, he won’t fight against Daemon and won’t get stronger, Mukuro won’t be free from vindicare and when the time comes to fight againts chekered face he won’t be strong enough, he won’t be able to save everyone, he will fail.

And he feels Daemon closer, he hears the enemies runing away and he watches as Elena smiles, sure that this is all over, that she’s safe. And he knows, he knows she can’t live, that she can’t have a happy ending.

He knows that he has to kill her.

February 14, 2016
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