cheif tyrol

Who you should fight BSG edition
  • (based on personality not actual skill as most of these people could kill you)
  • Kara Thrace: Thats the stupidest thing you could do. Are you crazy? DO NOT FIGHT STARBUCK. She is a ball of rage and issues and she will completely destroy you. And she'll enjoy it. 100% Kara wins. Don't fucking do it
  • Lee Adama: Lee will probably win. He is just as headstrong and determined as Kara, but he is a real stickler for rules and justices, so you could edge ahead. 90% Lee wins, 10% you win. You shouldn't fight Lee.
  • William Adama: Don't. Just don't.
  • Zak Adama: He's dead man, why you gotta be like that? don't fight poor dead Zak. No. 0%.
  • Laura Roslin: See you'd think you might be able to win against the little school teacher, but there is a 90% probability Laura will pull some sneaky shit and kill you. Also if you upset her, Adama will come for you. Just leave it dude.
  • Cheif Tyrol: Chief has rage inside of him, but he'll probably implode before he does to much damage. Unless you really push his buttons, then he'll rip you head of. You could fight the Chief I just don't know why you'd want to.
  • Sam Anders: He was a professional athlete before Caprica fell, so he has the determination and competitive spirit, but he also seems a little emotionally fragile. You could win, maybe, but its not looking good. 75% he'd win, 25% you win. Try it, but it probably won't come out in your favour.
  • Helo: That guys a giant, don't do it. I mean odds are he won't want to fight you because its 'morally wrong', but if he did fight you, he would end you. 100% you will lose. But then again 70% Helo will refuse to fight. Just leave it.
  • Athena: If you try picking a fight with Helo and he refuses, Athena will definitely take you up on that fight. Odds are shaky weather or not she's win, but she may surprise you with her will to survive. Try fighting Athena. Odds are 50/50, see what happens.
  • Kat: There is an 80% likelihood that Kat would turn into a crazy angry animal if fought, but the other 20% says she would collapse into a hysteric mess. Even if she does turn into a crazy animal, she probably won't actually do that much damage. You probably should fight Kat anyway. She's a cocky little shit.
  • Saul Tigh: Tigh will fight dirty, he hits hard, and he'll probably be drunk, which makes this a dangerous fight to pick. He does only have one eye though, and kind of shitty reflexes. Odds are 65% to the Tigh, 35% you. Go ahead, fight Tigh. I wanna see it.
  • Anastasia Dualla: Don't fight little Dee. She could probably beat you, but why would you want to find that little cupcake. Hasn't she been through enough. Please, leave Dee alone.
  • Gaius Baltar: If you fight Baltar you will win. End of. That man cannot take a punch to save his life. Honestly. And more than that, he deserves to be fought. 100% win. Fight Baltar, destroy Baltar.