I’ve done it again…lemon doughnuts with a blackberry glaze!! ❤ I legit made a video for these. I’ve gotta edit it tonight and will have it up by tomorrow for everyone who wants to know my doughnut secrets… 🎀🍩🍋 #chefzoe .
The darker colored is a simple glaze and the lighter pink is a buttercream! I super get into my decorating, I even made a bunch of the doughnuts tie dye/marbled. 🙌 this recipe is totally naughty, (especially if I had fried them) I definitely don’t eat stuff like this often, but it’s for the sake of the video. Just tryna prove to the world that vegan treats can be just as good as SAD (standard American diet) treats. You just gotta know how to do it right. 😉 #yearsofpractice & #expertise .

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