Some of these are awful because I had to shoot screen pics off my computer (power outage yanno)

My family!
- Wolf & I together, Wolf driving
- Oldest daughter Des (27) (hamncheezr), Des’ husbeast Tony
- Oldest son Allen (25) (in the USMC), 2nd son Artemas (21) (chefsobe) in his chef’s whites
- 2nd daughter Diantha (18) (sex-bob-om), 3rd daughter Veronica (15) (ermahgerdermvernker), 3rd son Josiah (13 next month)
- baby Betsy (6)

Artemas made us a round of Monkey Bread, using 3 loaves of bread dough.

Cut the loaves into ¾" slices and then quarter those. Or use 4 tubes of dinner roll dough and quarter each roll.

Toss the chunks with 1 cup melted butter, 1 ½ cups sugar, 1 Tablespoon cinnamon, and in this case we used sliced almonds.

Place dough chunks loosely into a well-greased bundt pan. Bake for an hour in a preheated 350•F oven.

Let this cool for a good 45 minutes before you dig into it because the melted sugar retains heat a LONG time.

Presidents' Day ramblings
  • I had a respiratory-distress allergic reaction to some mold over the weekend, that has now turned into some kind of bronchitis.  The air feels like fire in my lungs when I breathe, and I sound like Doc Holliday.
  • Artemas also had a reaction over the weekend to an only 20mg prednisone he was given to combat inflammation that was pressing on nerves, from a spider bite on the side of his head.  He nearly had a heart attack.  His heart rate/BP topped (tanked) at HR 144 and BP 69/30 before he started throwing up, which apparently got enough of the medicine out of his system to allow him to stabilize.  The FMP wanted him to come in today for an EKG so she could rule out any underlying problem with his heart.  He’s fine, but she said for him never to let anyone give him any kind of steroid again.
  • I got home from there at 1:45 in the afternoon.  Called the tattoo shop, because if they were dead, I had in mind to stay home.  Nope.  Half an hour drive there, so i went in to work at 2:30.  Between then and closing at 8 PM, I did 3 tattoos and 4 piercings.  I originally didn’t have any clients lined up for today.
  • I don’t have any clients lined up for tomorrow, either.
  • Once again, it was 12 hours from when I left this morning til when I got back tonight.  I slept terribly last night, partially due to Betsy waking me more than once due to nightmares.  I am almost-in-tears exhausted.
  • The knitting project I’m working on is not going well.  First I had to rip the entire thing out and start over, now I’m having to pick out a 1 ½ rounds of little tiny stitches (US size 1 needles), half of which on one round are a lace pattern.  I’m very discouraged about this.
  • I’m not having anything to drink tonight but I should probably just go to bed.

I just got this picture and message from Artemas, in his room 40 feet away.


If nobody believed my life & kids are weird before, this oughta clinch it.

Page 20 of 365

Today was Artemas’ birthday.  I love that guy, my son.  This morning Wolf and I sang him awake with the Happy Birthday song and scared the life outta him.  I teased him that right now he’s the same age as his dad (stepdad, LoL - for 2 weeks until Wolf’s birthday). 

We all had dinner at a pizza place (not the one we work at) in Farragut.  It had interesting menu items but seriously it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, and a LOT more expensive and less filling than the pizzas are where we work.  It took 3 large pizzas and a medium with just a couple pieces left over.  The pizzas from where we work, 3 large would have covered us with some left.  Now we know.

The guys went on a beer run today and came back with a 48-pack they found for $22.  It just says “Light Beer” on it. Most generic stuff I’ve ever seen.  They say it isn’t bad though.

The sex was a wonderful whirlwind.  Wheeee

I worry about one of my kids.  I seriously think they’re demented.  I do NOT know what to do about that.

Tomorrow I get to tattoo my friend Lynn.  We’re probably going to work on her mendhi snake in brownwork so that it looks like henna.  We’ve done most of a sleeve like that.  Always good to see her.

I still haven’t passed that kidney stone, though it’s plaguing me.