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Los Angeles’ta Bir Türk Şef / A Turkish Chef in Los Angeles

Arkadaşım Cenk muhteşem bir şef! Her Pazar evinde “The Cartoonist”, yani karikatürist adı verdiği bir davet veriyor. 10-12 kişiyi misafir ettiği masasında birbirinden lezzetli 5 tabak sunan Cenk, önümüze isim kartları, boyamamız için menüler, ve rengarenk kalemler de koyunca damak zevkimizle beraber yaratıcılığımız da coşuyor :)

Cenk’in evi de muhteşem— süper bir manzara, açık hava, havuz, ve şampanya ile başlayan bu akşam, kimi zaman canlı müzik, ama her zaman süper bir sohbet ile devam ediyor. Katılanlar da birbirinden ilginç insanlar, filozofundan tutun uzay mekiği mühendisine, misafirlerden de yemekler kadar zevk alıyorsunuz.

Geçen Pazar Cenk’in menüsü gene muhteşemdi. Tabakları hep sade, hafif, ve sağlıklı. 5 tabak yememize rağmen fenalık geçirmiyoruz yani :) Her bir tabağı başka bir şarap çeşidiyle eşleştiren Cenk bizlere harika bir akşam yaşatıyor.

Önce pırasa püreli ve susamlı somonlu bir amuse-bouche ile başladık:

Daha sonra parmaklarımızı yeme tehlikesi yaratan bir kalamar karbonara yedik. Kalamar o kadar yumuşak ve güzeldi ki makarna yeme hissi yaratıyordu!

Bir tatlısu balığı olan tilapia ile devam ettik, yanında leziz mi leziz kırmızı şarap ile karamelize edilmiş soğan ile havuç ve kapari vardı. Tabağımda adeta bir gökkuşağı!!

Son ana yemek ise dudak uçuklatan bir sığır burginyon, yani şarap ile pişirilmiş bir Fransız et yemeği, yanında da patates graten ve yaban havucu cipsi. İşte şimdi muhteşem doyduk!

Son olarak da belki de hayatımda yediğim en lezzetli tatlı vardı, tabi tatlıya her zaman biraz yerimiz var :) Kirazlı ve şeftalili soğuk bir peynir kreması ve bademli kıtır kıtır bir crumble. Cenk’e özel bir çeşit cheesecake gibiydi.

Üzerine bir de kızlar Türk kahvesi yaptık, daha ne olsun! Arkadaşımın bu başarısı bana büyük gurur veriyor, bravo Cenk! Umarım bir gün lokantalarından birinde yemek yeme fırsatını yakalarız :)

My friend Cenk is a spectacular chef! He throws a dinner party at his house every Sunday called “The Cartoonist”, and presents a delicious 5 course meal to his 10-12 guests. He puts name cards, colored pencils, and blank menus on his tables for us to turn into masterpieces, challenging our creativity as well as our taste buds :)

Cenk’s house is beautiful—we start the night with an amazing view overlooking his pool and Silver lake, paired with a glass of champagne, sometimes with live music, but always with great company. The guests are stimulating and interesting people, from philosophers to aerospace engineers. I always enjoy the conversation as much as the food.

Last Sunday Cenk’s Menu was amazing. His plates are simple, light, and healthy. You don’t feel uncomfortable or guilty after his 5 course menu. He also pairs each plate with a different wine. He made us have an unforgettable night!

We started of with an amuse-bouche of leek puree and sesame salmon, followed by a calamari carbonara so delicious we almost bit our fingers.

The calamari was so soft and smooth that it felt just like pasta! 

We continued with tilapia paired with onions caramelized with red wine, carrots, and capers. It looked exactly like a rainbow on my plate, so so beautifully done.

Our last main course was a beef bourguignon, a dish unique to France cooked with wine. It came with potato gratin and parsnip chips. Now we are fully satisfied!

But there’s always room for dessert! We ended the night with probably the most delicious dessert I ever had. Cenk did his own twist on the cheesecake, and presented us a cherry and peach chilled cheese cream with almond crumble. I mean, really. Then we made Turkish coffee! What a night.

I am so proud of my friend’s delicious accomplishments! I hope we all get to wine and dine in one of his restaurants one day :)


The Crosby’s Chef’s Menu is back!!

As soon as i heard it was back, i HAD to check it out! Aron Habinger, the Executive Chef, and the rest of the Crosby chefs are always coming up with new exciting dishes for these specials. If you’ve ever been with me to the Crosby, you would know how passionate i am about their food. People are always surprised that this hipster bar can pump out some amazing dishes fit for a foodie like me. :) My go-to is always The Starving Artist, a Grilled cheese sandwich with gruyere and mushrooms and a shot of tomato soup to dip it in, and the best part, it’s only five bucks! They have also updated their entire menu, so now there’s plenty of new things to try!

Here’s what I did get on this visit:

  • Truffle Fries: This is always a staple for me, i love the mesh of truffle flavor and tons of garlic on top of the fries. Yum!
  • Appetizers: we got to try a little sample of appetizers. Homemade pretzels, pickled quail egg, and watermellon radish with honey-lavender butter
  • My go to drink: the Red Sangria. I’m not even a big wine drinker, or drinker at all, but i LOVE the Sangria from the Crosby, it’s got just the right amount of fruit.
  • Hamachi Collar: this is one of my favorite things in the world to order, and it was nice to try it prepared in a different way than the traditional grilled Japanese style I’m used to. The fish skin had a nice crisp to it with a sweet glaze. The Apple slaw was a nice touch to balance the fish. I also loved the use of Shiso in the sauce on the plate.
  • Duck Breast: Bread + Tomato Sauce + Duck Breast + melted Fontina Cheese + Frisee + Duck Skin CHINCHARONE!!!! YUM!! It looks deceiving, but this was definitely a fork and knife dish. The duck was super tender, and the best part, the duck skin chincharone! So light and crispy!
  • Dessert: Chocolate creme brulee with double salted chocolate topping blue cheese ice cream with a cranberry reduction. The double chocolate dessert = AMAZING! Ice cream… interesting.. haha at first taste, it does remind me of cheesecake. It was very rich though, so i couldn’t have a whole lot of it without getting over of the flavor.

What I’m really looking forward to is their next venture The Grilled Cheese Spot

Didn’t eat this today, but I’m going through picture on my tablet. The rice is from #RaleysTryIt and their new #ChefsMenu and it was very tasty and quick to heat up. Saving the sauce for another meal. #gotitfree