The Crosby’s Chef’s Menu is back!!

As soon as i heard it was back, i HAD to check it out! Aron Habinger, the Executive Chef, and the rest of the Crosby chefs are always coming up with new exciting dishes for these specials. If you’ve ever been with me to the Crosby, you would know how passionate i am about their food. People are always surprised that this hipster bar can pump out some amazing dishes fit for a foodie like me. :) My go-to is always The Starving Artist, a Grilled cheese sandwich with gruyere and mushrooms and a shot of tomato soup to dip it in, and the best part, it’s only five bucks! They have also updated their entire menu, so now there’s plenty of new things to try!

Here’s what I did get on this visit:

  • Truffle Fries: This is always a staple for me, i love the mesh of truffle flavor and tons of garlic on top of the fries. Yum!
  • Appetizers: we got to try a little sample of appetizers. Homemade pretzels, pickled quail egg, and watermellon radish with honey-lavender butter
  • My go to drink: the Red Sangria. I’m not even a big wine drinker, or drinker at all, but i LOVE the Sangria from the Crosby, it’s got just the right amount of fruit.
  • Hamachi Collar: this is one of my favorite things in the world to order, and it was nice to try it prepared in a different way than the traditional grilled Japanese style I’m used to. The fish skin had a nice crisp to it with a sweet glaze. The Apple slaw was a nice touch to balance the fish. I also loved the use of Shiso in the sauce on the plate.
  • Duck Breast: Bread + Tomato Sauce + Duck Breast + melted Fontina Cheese + Frisee + Duck Skin CHINCHARONE!!!! YUM!! It looks deceiving, but this was definitely a fork and knife dish. The duck was super tender, and the best part, the duck skin chincharone! So light and crispy!
  • Dessert: Chocolate creme brulee with double salted chocolate topping blue cheese ice cream with a cranberry reduction. The double chocolate dessert = AMAZING! Ice cream… interesting.. haha at first taste, it does remind me of cheesecake. It was very rich though, so i couldn’t have a whole lot of it without getting over of the flavor.

What I’m really looking forward to is their next venture The Grilled Cheese Spot