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“When a world class chef cooks for the underprivileged.

Massimo Bottura is the owner of the renowned Osteria Francescana restaurant in Modena, Italy; which was recently ranked top spot by the S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards.

While a man like him could’ve comfortably enjoyed the luxuries of life, he saw a problem with the Olympics in Rio: food wastage.

A HUGE amount of food is prepared daily for the Olympians, and much of it goes to waste. So Massimo assembled a team of 50 volunteer chefs, took the leftovers and setup shop down the road from the stadium.

They put up a makeshift "restaurant” and overnight, they served world class dinner to 70 homeless individuals. A complete dinner, made with ingredients for our best sportsmen, cooked to perfection by the best chefs in the world.

As the Olympics go on, the restaurant will continue to operate autonomously, eventually even outliving the Games’ presence in the city. It is set to be a permanent installation with a name fit for a top-end eatery—Refettorio Gastromotiva (Gastromotiva Eating Hall).

While Olympians incite unity through sportsmanship and superhuman feats within the confines of the stadium, men like Bottura inspire humanity through action outside.“

Photo source: New York Times

samecollege squad: those who can cook vs those who hinder cooking.

I’m not serving a menu, I’m serving a story, I’m serving my soul. I’m serving a conversation and I want you to talk back to me, I want you to dialogue with me. I’m triggering something inside of you, the memories of inside of you. And if I do this I know that I’m doing the right thing.
—  Dominique Crenn, “Chef’s Table”

I think that a nice AU would be: Ruby the chef and Sapphire the pianist. 

Ruby, sixteen years old, started out as a waitress in a modest restaurant, though she has always loved cooking since young age. One day, arrived early at work and with the kitchen still empty, she took the opportunity and prepared some “Ravioli alle pere con fonduta di taleggio” (pear ravioli filling with taleggio cheese fondue) and before she could even explain the chef, also owner of the restaurant, he tasted a forkful of it and almost cried because of the goodnes of the dish.   

Sapphire, at age five, touched the keyboard for the first time and never left it ever after. At the age of ten, she composed her first melody and her piano teacher stared at her agape when she played it during one of the daly lesson.
She embarked on many tours, performing her concert around the world with the public always calling for an encore.   

The two girls, both twenty one, met for the first time when the owner of the new restaurant in which Ruby worked, arranged a special night with the partecipation of the famous pianist Sapphire.   

They now own a three star Michelin restaurant in Beach City renowned in the whole state. Ruby prepares the best dishes that make everyone drool and Sapphire entertains and bewitch the clients with her hands flowing on the keyboard. The restaurant is called “Il Granato Viola” (The Purple Garnet).

Often, afret all the clients are gone and the restaurant is close, Sapphire gives Ruby a preview of her new piece and as a reward Ruby prepares for her a nice fresh lemon sorbet with a drop of Vodka in it.

And then, back at home, the real dessert… if you know what I mean (but I’m sure you dooo >:3)

“Every group of friends here has a chef among them. We spend a lot of time in the wild traveling or working, so having a good chef among the team is necessary. I’m the chef of our group, and whenever we stop somewhere, I must make sure the food is ready before sitting to chat with my friends. I enjoy cooking and I can proudly say I’m pretty good at it”


100 by Jackie Nell

Meet The Robot Chef That Can Prepare Your Dinner

“Comprised of two robotic arms in a specially designed kitchen, which includes a stove top, utensils and a sink, the device is able to reproduce the movements of a human chef in order to create a meal from scratch. The robot learns the movements after they are performed by a human chef, captured on a 3D camera and uploaded into the computer.” 

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