For years, John T. Edge has been telling the story of Southern food – its central role in Southern identity and what it owes to the African-American and immigrant cooks who have historically been left out of the standard narratives the South tells about itself.

In his new book, The Potlikker Papers: A Food History of the Modern South, Edge attempts to pay down what he calls “a debt of pleasure to those farmers and cooks who came before me, many of whom have been lost to history.”

Race, Class And Paying Down Southern Food’s Great ‘Debt Of Pleasure’

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Imagine that you’re one of the castle’s chefs. One day, Loki finds his way into the kitchen and asks for a very specific foreign dish from the head chef. This task is delegated to you, since you actually know how to make it. Loki, upon tasting the dish when it is sent to him, demands to meet you.

He asks you many questions about how you made it, and is delighted to find that you have the foreign nation’s form of magic. Yours is specifically with cooking, which also blends into anything that can be categorized as “cooking,” like making potions. This leads you you being volen-told into making several questionable things as Loki’s personal chef.

Over time, you get used to him and befriend him, and he you. One day, he asks you to make a love potion; you outright refuse due to a past trauma. He’s upset and angry, not listening as you try to explain; you leave his quarters to encounter Thor, who immediately demands you to be his chef due to his sibling’s insolence.

Loki goes to find you after your argument only to hear Thor’s offer. Shenanagains ensue as Loki tries to get you to forgive him and remain his chef, while Thor urges you to become his personal chef.


“Bienvenidos al restaurante "Multi Cultura” 😂😂😂"

Signs as Food Network Chefs/Judges

Aries: Alex Guarnaschelli

Taurus: Anne Burell

Gemini: Maneet Chauhan

Cancer: Amanda Freitag

Leo: Bobby Flay

Virgo: Giada De Laurentis

Libra: Barefoot Contessa

Scorpio: Alton Brown

Sagittarius: Robert Irvine

Capricorn: Scott Conant

Aquarius: Guy Fieri

Pisces: Gordon Ramsay

Extra Little nightmare sketches :)

I started out trying to develop a way of drawing the Wax Bellman (unused/ hidden character) since his face is melting (wax, duh) I was trying to figure out how to have him look canon, but also give some funny/ interesting expressions.

Then it just sort of turned into me doodling the chefs and there ya go XD

I have a head canon that the chef’s masks fly up when they get really pissed off or badly shocked, so you can see their real mouths. Developing them was harder, since again, I wanted them to look canon, but still show expressions. I like it so far :)

Oh and there’s a random mini Roger because reasons lol.

YOU will see more of this.

PS (Bellman’s speech bubble is a little hint of what I’m up to next - too subtle? Just think of a father- daughter relationship between a couple of the characters and you’ll get there XD)

PSS(I drew all these using my own reference lol. Time well spent!)
Silky robes and latex gloves: why Nigella is my style goddess
From her Audrey Hepburn-like knitwear to her Venice-print robe, Nigella’s new series shows she is more than the patron saint of the cupcake – she’s a fashion icon
By Jess Cartner-Morley

“Those who criticise Nigella for being heavy on winking and spoon-licking and light on recipes miss the point of what we talk about, when we talk about her. Lawson – who lives in a twinkly Richard Curtis alt-London and talks poetically about poaching an egg (“I find it peaceful when the water is so still”) – is not to be taken literally. She underscores this point by randomly switching into Italian when putting food “al forno”, describing parma ham as “pink as a kitten’s tongue” and chopping vegetables with tea lights scattered around the work surface (me neither). Nigella creates a Disneyfied version of family life, all pleasure and ease, where everybody graciously holds dishes for everyone else rather than greedily helping themselves and no one ever has to be told to put their phone away. That we know that Nigella’s life has not, in fact, been entirely fairy-lit, is an important part of why we buy into the fantasy.

YES I LOVE YOU JESS CARTNER-MORLEY screaming at Richard Curtis alt-London. And above photo captioned: “Nigella loves an elbow-length sleeve.” Photograph: Jay Brooks/BBC