Good Afternoon America, Foodies, Dreamers!

All men were given Talent according to their Abilities. He knew just what you could handle. When understood, were blessed with opportunity.

Opportunity often comes in the form of Opposition draped in a Suit. If you don’t perceive it correctly you won’t benefit from it correctly.
Understand the opposition is just a Suit, underneath the suit is your Opportunity.

If God thought enough of you to give you the opportunity. The least you could do is; WORK THAT THANG!!!

I keep posting this same
Quote in hope it reaches and teaches someone something! #foodporn #nomercy2013 #nolimits2013 #noworries2013 #catchmeifyoucan #foodartist #chefinmotion (at W New Orleans)

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Upland Cress tossed in fresh Lemon juice as well as Extra Virgin Olive Oil thinly sliced Fiji Apples shaved Onion fresh Cracked Black Pepper ( Note: when cutting apples soak/hold them in cold water add fresh lemon juice to the water, this will keep the apples from turning brown once the skin get removed) #chefrodb #southernboi #foodporn #salad #fijiapple #chefinmotion

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