23 More Kitchen Hacks!

Last week Ben showed off a few chefy hacks that he uses at home, but we asked you guys for your own hacks too! This might be THE definitive list of kitchen hacks! Got any more for us? :)

  • Melissa - When making cakes that need a tablespoon or teaspoon of golden syrup or honey, I push my tablespoon measure into the flour then fill with the syrup no wash up, lovely
  • Sarita - Bathe fresh berries in vinegar water to prevent insta-mold (also helps remove pesticide residue)
  • Stephanie - I chop up leftover herbs and place in ice cube trays with a bit of water. I use the herbs when making sauces.
  • Billy Joe - When peeling a TON of garlic put the pieces in between two metal bowls and shaking them vigorously until all the peels have come off.
  • Megan - I’m the chef and the others are my dishwashers
  • Luke - When making curry, stew etc make 2-3 times the recipe and freeze it for lazy night dinner. Cheaper and better then takeaway.
  • Mira - Clean mussels by soaking them in flour and cold water…they will get dizzy and spit all the sand out
  • Lacey - We would soak them in water and put oatmeal in the bowl and they would eat that and get rid of the gunk that they originally had.
  • Navya - Immersing almonds in hot water to peel the skin off easliy
  • Victoria - Clean your bowl And whisk with vinegar when you’re making meringues. It will prevent egg whites not whipping up. And use lemon juice if you don’t have cream of tartar to stabilize the egg whites.
  • Diana - pour a cup of water with half cup baking soda in a burnt pan. Bring to boil, swish around so baking soda is distributed evenly. Put cover on and take off stove, let cool and couple of hours later clean pan. It works.
  • Ana - In case of missing rolling pin use ordinary 1L bottle. Saved my life
  • Jess - cake in a mug. 10000%
  • Taren - When in doubt call mom
  • Sam - soaking a knife in hot water before cutting a chocolate cake 
  • Grace - If you shake your egg, the yolk will always be in the middle
  • JoleNe - Lemon juice is like the elixir of life. I use it for my recipes and for cleaning 
  • Kara - Putting a damp cloth under a cutting board to keep it from sliding around
  • Asmita - Don’t throw the tea leaves, give it a quick rinse and dump it in plant pot. Works as fertilizer.
  • Lisa - Freeze white grapes to add to your white wine…keeps it nice & cold without diluting. Wait…my wine never gets the chance to get warm!
  • man - To open a stuck jar lid, wrap the lid with a rubber band and open with ease….
  • Pete - Grate your cold butter with a cheese grater!
  • Søren - Use the back of your knife when scraping things off your cutting board - This will keep your knives sharp longer.

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Ok I need to make dis but as most of you know I don’t have a chefy bone in my body 😂 Vegan pancakes with crunchy melty cookie butter from @nannerjunkies 👌😁

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