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o boi can u hit me up with some Eliot Spencer headcanons?

Hello yes come in and let me yell at you about my favorite porcupine teddy bear, Eliot Freaking Spencer. I love this boy and also his actor, Christian Kane.

To start with, Christian Kane also played Lindsey McDonald on Angel, so my favorite thing is the twin/past name trope. Why yes, I am predictable, thanks for noticing. But that could bring the Buffyverse supernatural into Leverage, and isn’t that fun?

Random canon facts with headcanon extrapolation below the cut:

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A venit o concurenta transgender la chefi la cutite astazi. A explicat ce si cum, cum este acceptata societatea si juriul a fost atat de ok si tolerant. Chiar i-au dorit o viata plina de liniste. My heart oh my god

Sincer, daca ziceau altceva, riscau amenda pentru discriminare. Dar nu e ca si cum persoanele transexuale s-au inventat acum doi ani. Multi sunt deschisi la minte, desi nu aduc in discutie astfel de lucruri. Sau pur si simplu nu le pasa.

O sa caut si eu pe YT.

Imi place atitudinea chefilor de “de ce naiba conteaza ce esti, daca tu stii sa iti faci treaba foarte bine?”

Wait... NotAcitve Town needs songs!

[EDIT… now has links to the songs lyrics and audio]

So here are some knock off names of some of our faves such as 

  • Come in to NotActive Town [Lyrics]
  • Ding Dong Bingraringadong [Lyrics // Audio]
  • Everyone’s active in NotActive Town
  • Computer Kid
  • Baking with the chef
  • I am a Sailor
  • Professional Costume-guy
  • I own it [Lyrics // Audio]
  • Let’s be Pals
  • Never have I ever
  • NotActive Scouts [Lyrics]

And the meme song:

23 More Kitchen Hacks!

Last week Ben showed off a few chefy hacks that he uses at home, but we asked you guys for your own hacks too! This might be THE definitive list of kitchen hacks! Got any more for us? :)

  • Melissa - When making cakes that need a tablespoon or teaspoon of golden syrup or honey, I push my tablespoon measure into the flour then fill with the syrup no wash up, lovely
  • Sarita - Bathe fresh berries in vinegar water to prevent insta-mold (also helps remove pesticide residue)
  • Stephanie - I chop up leftover herbs and place in ice cube trays with a bit of water. I use the herbs when making sauces.
  • Billy Joe - When peeling a TON of garlic put the pieces in between two metal bowls and shaking them vigorously until all the peels have come off.
  • Megan - I’m the chef and the others are my dishwashers
  • Luke - When making curry, stew etc make 2-3 times the recipe and freeze it for lazy night dinner. Cheaper and better then takeaway.
  • Mira - Clean mussels by soaking them in flour and cold water…they will get dizzy and spit all the sand out
  • Lacey - We would soak them in water and put oatmeal in the bowl and they would eat that and get rid of the gunk that they originally had.
  • Navya - Immersing almonds in hot water to peel the skin off easliy
  • Victoria - Clean your bowl And whisk with vinegar when you’re making meringues. It will prevent egg whites not whipping up. And use lemon juice if you don’t have cream of tartar to stabilize the egg whites.
  • Diana - pour a cup of water with half cup baking soda in a burnt pan. Bring to boil, swish around so baking soda is distributed evenly. Put cover on and take off stove, let cool and couple of hours later clean pan. It works.
  • Ana - In case of missing rolling pin use ordinary 1L bottle. Saved my life
  • Jess - cake in a mug. 10000%
  • Taren - When in doubt call mom
  • Sam - soaking a knife in hot water before cutting a chocolate cake 
  • Grace - If you shake your egg, the yolk will always be in the middle
  • JoleNe - Lemon juice is like the elixir of life. I use it for my recipes and for cleaning 
  • Kara - Putting a damp cloth under a cutting board to keep it from sliding around
  • Asmita - Don’t throw the tea leaves, give it a quick rinse and dump it in plant pot. Works as fertilizer.
  • Lisa - Freeze white grapes to add to your white wine…keeps it nice & cold without diluting. Wait…my wine never gets the chance to get warm!
  • man - To open a stuck jar lid, wrap the lid with a rubber band and open with ease….
  • Pete - Grate your cold butter with a cheese grater!
  • Søren - Use the back of your knife when scraping things off your cutting board - This will keep your knives sharp longer.

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Rules: write 82 truths about yourself and then tag 25 people

Tagged by @hellosweetiesong <3

Name: Cheri!
Blood Type: fuck if i know
Nickname: i don’t have one (SOMEONE PLS GIVE ME ONE?)
Relationship Status: “single as a pringle” laura omg jskalf;joeawf but same
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Pronouns: she/her

Fav TV Show: Sherlock, ????????, Sherlock, S herlock ,
Long or Short Hair?: Super duper short!
Height: 5′4
Do you have a crush on someone: im currently getting over a crush on my ex-best friend :’) but i do kinda like this other girl…
What do you like about yourself?: my sense of humor and ability to turn the most pitiful situation (i.e. my life) into something funny skf;jiow;afwa
Right or Left-Handed?: Right handed
3 favorite colors: any pastels really but blue green and white are a good combo

Drinking: SODA
I’m about to: go to sleep or read a fanfic that laura suggested sjkalf;jeaowf
Listening to: the violins because im a pretentious bitch 
Kids: FUCK no oh my god ,
Married: noooo but the dream is to have a cute wife and some dogs <3
Career: Sales!

Drink: sprite
Phone Call: customer support for my internship sigh
Text: gossiping with my friend about someone cuz im a whore (I PROMISE THE GIRL WE’RE GOSSIPING IS A DEVIL THOUGH… #YIKES)
Song you listened to: exs and ohs 
Time you cried: I ?? don’t really cry? im more about internalizing my problems until they eat me alive , 

Dated someone twice: nah
Been cheated on: HELL NAH
Kissed someone and regretted it: no… 
Lost someone special: yeah ;v;
Been depressed: YEAAAAAH ,
Been drunk and thrown up: nah
Kissed a stranger: nah (im really not that adventurous damn)
Had glasses and/or contacts: nah
Had sex on a first date: nah 
Broken someone’s heart: i wish!!! im typically the one getting a broken heart so,
Turned someone down: nah
Cried when someone died: nottt really
Fallen for a friend: YEAH…………………………. 

Made a new friend: yeah!!
Fallen out of love: Y EAH !!! 
Laughed until you cried: yes omg
Met someone who changed you: yeaaah
Found out who your true friends are: i mean i have like 2.5 friends so i guess?
Kissed someone in your fb list: YEAH LOL 

Lips or Eyes?: Eyes 
Hugs or Kisses: Hugs :-) 
Shorter or Taller?: if!! they are taller than me!!! i can reach up to their head and give em a lil pat!!
Older or Younger?: i tend to get along with kids much younger than me, but if i were dating someone then I’d hope they’d be around my age or slight older ?
Romantic or Spontaneous?: romantic :’-)
Sensitive or Loud?: both tbh 
Hook up or Relationship: Relationship!! (ive never been in one omg)
Trouble Maker or Hesitant?: trouble maker damn

Best friend: my roommate
Surgery: once my childhood friend hit me with a bat and i had to get stitches on my eyes it was wild
Sport I Joined: LOL
Vacation: some friends and i are roadtripping to vegas this august IM SO EXCITED

Yourself: # fake it till you make it 
Miracles: not really lol
Love at first sight: nahhh
Heaven: not… really…? 
Kissing on the first date: yeah…. i mean i’ve never gone on an official date but i hope the first time I do the girl kisses me on the forehead.. =>_<=

How many people on your fb list do you know irl?: everyone
Pets: i had two hamsters but one of them ate the other it was. in a word. wild
Do you want to change your name?: nah
What did you do for you last birthday: my friends literally (LITERALLY (L I T E R A L L Y)) kidnapped me and dragged me to mcdonalds for my 20th because they fucking hate me oh my god 
What time did you wake up today: 6:30am ;__:
What were you doing at midnight last night?: reading a fanfic that laura recommended i think sa;fijewa;fe
Something you can’t wait for: THE VEGAS TRIP, also my friends graduation because my and her sister are making her the cutest present ever :)
Last time you saw your mom: like a week ago
What is one thing you wish to change about your life: that i wasn’t such a cowarddddd and pushoverrrrr all the time
Have you ever talked to someone named Tom?: for customer service, but i don’t know anyone personally named tom!

I tag: i don’t really know anyone else on tumblr besides ella and afi so ? you guys can do it if you want LOL :)