Caramelizing Tomato Paste: A Time-Bending Chef Trick

Long cooking times let tomato sugars enrich the flavors of any dish, but if you can’t wait for that, caramelizing tomato paste is the perfect cheffy way to let those flavors sing in a fraction of the time. 

When making a tomato based sauce or other dish like a soup or stew, cook tomato paste in the bottom of your pot or pan in a drizzle of olive oil until it smells rich and fragrant and loses that fresh tomato-y tang. Make sure to keep it moving with a spatula and not to burn it, so pay attention to the tomato paste as you work with it.

Then add your aromatics like onion and garlic (or a chopped shallot - mmm!) so they can cook down and caramelize in the tomato paste. Add some Kosher salt and pepper during this step to speed up the process. The salt draws out moisture from the onions and garlic and makes the mixture like a magic aromatic tomato jam. It’s heaven.

Add the rest of your ingredients and cook as normal.

This will make your dish so much richer and you’ll swear it was cooking for HOURS vs. less than that. (Another way you can make your sauce taste like it was cooking for a loooooong time is to use oven-roasted tomatoes, but then it might be TOO good.)

Also, it’s worth it to look for tomato paste that comes packaged in a tube. This style of packaging keeps it much fresher than the stuff that comes in a can because you can screw the cap back on, and it’s much easier to just squeeze it into your dish. Also it saves you from dirtying a can opener and a spoon.


violent delights.

ship: chuck bass x effy stonem

rated: m

note: upon request, this is a repost of an old crack fic i wrote for these two broken, deranged beauties. excuse the old, sketchy writing style.

“have you ever thought about what protects our hearts? just a cage of rib bones and other various parts. so it’s fairly simple to cut right through the mess, and to stop the muscle that makes us confess.”

Chuck knows that Blair is gone for good.

And Effy’s bones have stopped caging anything in.

The air is stale, his shoulders are hunched, and she feels like hell, hell, hell. The year is 2010.

Chuck is in another musty pub, in another English town that’s nothing more than a typo on an old map. He smells like whiskey and vomit and expensive cologne, a brothel. And this whole place is such a fucking cliché. Burly, red-cheeked English folks, chugging down shots at ungodly hours.

So merry and jolly and bullshit. He raises his finger, raises his tab, for another shot. Soon the walls will be blurry and the floor will be moving and Blair will be nothing. Just the squeak of an elbow on leather and a hairband in the dirt.

“Two shots of tequila. Cheers,” a girl deapans from two seats over. Under hooded eyes, Chuck glances at her, catches a mess of brown wavy hair, stacked silver jewelry, and ruddy green bruises on pale skin. She leans against the bar on her bony elbows, scanning the room until her eyes lazily meet his.

Cold blue. No metaphors for the dead.

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10. His Side

This probably isnt my greatest work, purely because I’m kind of hungover and kind of still drunk but oops its my birthday and so i think its more acceptable. Ill go through this tomorrow and edit properly, as ive only done a quick run through and so i hope its legible!

From: Harry 🐘 (18:07)
See ya soooooon

To: Harry 🐘 (18:09)
Woohoo! Anything you want me to bring?

From: Harry 🐘 (18:10)
Just yourself. Door is unlocked.

You clicked your phone shut before shutting the door to your shared flat with your friend Nora, hearing the click as it locked automatically. You saw the car you had ordered had pulled into the street you lived on and was coming to a stop on the road outside your stairs.

“Hi! Car for (Y/N)?” You questioned as you opened the door of the back seat and the driver confirmed and you slid into the backseat, setting your bag beside you and whipped out your phone to text Harry and let him know that you were on your way.

You and Harry had been seeing each other for a while now, and he had rang you the other day to let you know that he had returned from his weekend home and that he wanted you to come over to his the next night so he could cook you supper. Harry had always kept quiet when it had come to whether either of you could cook and you suspected that he either had to be a chef in secret, or would be ordering a take-away but making it look pretty. Which one of the two was true? You were unsure.

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I wanted to craft some korrasami things on my mug so I thought of a combined logo for them (゜▽゜;) But i’m not sure which logo is nice. Could you tell me which suits best? of course, feel free to use them or colour it,just remember to credit meeee (≧∇≦)/ thank you thank you have a great day everybody. 


Thank you everybody who helped me picked out a logo, these are the top 3. 

well the corner right one is just a cut out ver from the top left.. i personally like uhh… the top left. so i’m gonna use that to craft it on my cup :D

Feel free to use them, but please credit me. Thank you :) have a great day everybody.


Taking the cheffy out for a walk, and feeling great #slyfoxhound

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