Hagus and Hoffman as Chefs
  • Hagus: Let's see who can make the best giant cheesecake.
  • Hoffman: *puts on apron* You're on.
  • *cue Elrio's Best Chef-off scene*
  • Hagus: *prepares his cake with a blend of varied cheeses*
  • Hoffman: *makes his cake using his family's Elberry recipe*
  • *audience waits intensely*
  • Veteran Commander: *uses Shadow Step to sneak toward the cakes*
  • *the cakes are nearly finished*
  • Hagus: Haha! In no time, my masterpiece will win the medal!
  • Raven: *rushes up and steals Hoffman's cake, holding it up with his left arm* It's mine!
  • *a shattered, distorted portal forms above the ceiling, from which Diabolic Esper grabs the cake from Raven* Kuahahaha! *disappears*
  • Hoffman: Well, that goes to show my cake was the superior masterpiece.
  • Diabolic Esper: *teleports in and takes Hagus' cake* Nah.
  • Hagus: I suppose, *sniff* ..these cakes were too great for us all.
  • Raven: Yeah, shut up. *folds arms in defeat*