You know your a cook when.

You know your a cook when

  • you eat most of your meals at work
  • you can’t remember the last time you’ve used the bathroom
  • you're refrigerator is empty except for take out boxes 
  • you wake up and your still tired
  • you cherish the opportunity to eat sitting down
  • you’ve become used to eating with your hands
  • you organize your refrigerator by health code
  • you prep your meals, then cook
  • ‘yes chef’ slips when ever your cooking with family or friends
  • you can’t understand anything that isn’t in the form of a ticket or slip
  • in the middle of the dinner service rush you think, 'why am I doing this to myself’?
  • you realize that from the time you punch out till you come back you’ve got less than six hours to sleep.
  • it becomes really apparent that nothing in your life has been as hard a finishing a fourteen hour shift and not falling asleep on the car ride home.
  • you welcome the burn of a really strong drink at the end of the night
  • a burn or cut or any other wound is something to be proud of
  • anything can be done in twenty minutes or less
  • standing in one spot doing something completely mindless and or boring is a welcome relief.
  • putting out over a a hundred or two or three or even four oysters or raw bar items is perfectly normal, and doing it alone is nothing.
  • after a long day, arguing with co workers and seriously thinking about quitting you smile way say goodnight and everything is forgiven 
  • your station is cleaner than your entire apartment, even in the middle of service.
  • things are slow and your losing your mind
  • cleaning is something you look forward to because either your it means your done for the night or your that desperate for busy work
  • you have races with co-workers
  • pet names are used more than real names
  • at the end of the day everything is somehow funny
  • your body aches but you still go out
  • your so hungry but the thought of eating is revolting 
  • you catch your self just sitting in the bathroom or staring out a window
  • children are either a welcome source of joy or anger
  • your knife is the most important thing you’ve ever purchased
  • your chef pants feel like a second skin
  • you’ve realized non-skid kitchen crocks are a crock of shit
  • you’ve done something seriously stupid but you can’t help but laugh
  • you speak to the produce/food like it’s a person.
  • chef is the only god you will ever need
  • If all else fails just find a way to keep cooking
  • the first five minutes at work will dictate how your diner service is going to run
  • your apron makes you feel invincible
  • a kitchen towel or tongs become like an extension of your arms and hands  
  • the understanding that fire makes metal and anything else you will ever encounter hot and everything will burn you
  • the moment you understand that a kitchens a team and there Is no I.
  • you’ve been in the weeds so long that you’ve just started to accept your beating
  • when a watched pot will boil
  • when you’ve set yourself on fire been set on fire of something has exploded onto you
  • you no longer fear injuries they’re just part of the job
  • ice cream is the enemy 
  • front of the house is like high school
  • you can feel the wear and tear on your hands
  • you no longer grow hair on your hands or arms because it’s been burnt off so many times.
  • you realize no matter how fucked up your life is or how bad things are that you’ve got a second family in your kitchen and they’ll help you out as long as they can unless you fuck them over.
Ramen Recipe


Chinese cabbage

Bean  sprouts



Roast duck

Coriander & mint

Enoki mushrooms

Char siu (pork)

Soba noodles

Broth ingredients:

100g Miso paste

300ml Chicken stock

100ml Soy sauce

20g Bonito flakes

5g Dried seaweed

3 cloves Garlic

50g Ginger

100ml Mirin


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