Little Gem

This is the kind of place that you don´t just come across when walking around a new city. You need to know what you are looking for and where to find it. This is Chef & Sommelier in Helsinki and we were given the  recommendation by chance only hours before dinnertime.

Owner and head chef Sasu Laukkonen waved at us through the kitchen window as we arrived and beckoned us inside. With only 25 seats and an open view into the tiny kitchen Sasu and his team proceeded to produce a seven course menu consisting of mainly organic and Fairtrade ingredients. 

Sasu´s goal is to give people a choice of eating a delicious and organic meal in a relaxed atmosphere when dining at his restaurant. His vision is one of finesse and elegance on a plate but without the fuss and with a touch of fun. 

Sasu himself wanders from his pans in the kitchen to his guests at their tables with the same ease. He explains exactly what you have been served, where it came from and why he has chosen this particular way of utilizing the produce. A true gem among the greats, both restaurant and its owner.