Chef K is on that Millionare Matchmaker show that I generally loathe, but it’s actually really fun when my brother and I sit there and try to guess which of the contestants (or whatever they’re called) are queer and which aren’t. 

And we try to guess which girls are K’s type. I love it. She goes, “my celebrity crush is Natalie Portman” and there’s totes a Portman look a like so I’m just gonna ship that. 

oh god some girl just said, “I’m a Chinese teacher!” to K.

…K’s… not… Chinese. She’s Pacific Islander, right? Ugh. Fo-reeeeaaaal?

They put the queerios in rainbow lays and the heteros in one-color lays. Creative.


Khristianne Uy “Chef K” & Brittany Wiener Proposal Video



quote@李白鹿 “常有人来解读我的一人食:寂寞、孤单、悲凉。实际上,在我矫情的高中时代之后,这三个词就再没有被我放在自己身上。因为不管是一个人还是两个人,自己的价值都不曾因此改变。活着不是为了配对,而是进行一个漫长的自我塑造的过程。会遇到另一个人与你分担、共奋,但不代表一个人你就不能独立前进。”