Chanyeol actually posted how to make spice rice cake on his IG. A fan asked during fansign & he uploaded (x)
1. Put a moderate amount of washed tteok (rice cake) in a frying pan, add three rice spoons of sugar, then boil it.
2. When the water starts to boil, add one rice spoon of gochujang (red pepper paste) then mix.
3. When the gochujang’s completely mixed, add 2.5 spoons of soy sauce and 1.5 spoon of chili powder. If you let it boil, it’s done!!

4. When the fish cakes or egg or scallions go “ah!! It’s now (now’s the time)!!“ when you add them, it’s done.

5. To prevent the tteoks from sticking to each other, you have to keep stirring.
Ah, add minced garlic too at the right timing.
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Scepter 4 alphabet squad finds Fushimi's stash of knives and attempts to have a knife throwing contest.

Someone would almost die, probably Doumyoji. Maybe there was some kind of issue with the requisitions department and Fushimi’s box of brand new knives gets delivered to the men’s dorm instead of Fushimi’s desk and Hidaka opens it by accident. Akiyama thinks they should just tape the box back up and bring it to Fushimi-san, Doumyoji wants to check out the knives because aren’t they kinda cool looking. Hidaka’s like we probably shouldn’t touch them but they are kinda interesting, which is when Gotou takes one and tries to throw it at like a poster on the wall. He almost hits it and Doumyoji’s like ooh, let me try. Next thing you know half the squad’s trying to see who can hit the poster closest to dead center and the other half is weakly attempting to stop them. Akiyama feels extremely guilty about this but he still takes his turn because Benzai got pretty close and convinced him that he might be able to manage a perfect score (he misses by a wide margin, his sense of duty is too strong). Enomoto does surprisingly well, especially considering he’s nervous about even touching the knives. Doumyoji does poorly and is insisting that he get a second turn when suddenly a knife comes flying out of nowhere, misses his face by a hair and hits the poster dead in the center. Fushimi is standing there behind them and is not amused. The alphabet squad spends the rest of the night removing the knives from the wall, cleaning and polishing them as punishment.

Chef K is on that Millionare Matchmaker show that I generally loathe, but it’s actually really fun when my brother and I sit there and try to guess which of the contestants (or whatever they’re called) are queer and which aren’t. 

And we try to guess which girls are K’s type. I love it. She goes, “my celebrity crush is Natalie Portman” and there’s totes a Portman look a like so I’m just gonna ship that. 

oh god some girl just said, “I’m a Chinese teacher!” to K.

…K’s… not… Chinese. She’s Pacific Islander, right? Ugh. Fo-reeeeaaaal?

They put the queerios in rainbow lays and the heteros in one-color lays. Creative.

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Reisi taking Fushimi out and trying to make him eat healthy food? Maybe asking the chief in S4 to cut the vegetables too small and put them on Fushimi's food so that he can eat them?

Munakata’s probably already tried that at least once so far. Like I imagine he goes out and buys one of those books that’s supposed to help you get your five year old to eat vegetables by making them fun and hiding them in other food. He probably enlists Kamo to help him out since Kamo’s a chef plus he has a young daughter so he should know how to deal with difficult toddlers. Together they manage to create a meal with vegetables neatly hidden inside and barely able to be seen. Meanwhile Fushimi is busy staying up late working and having only CalorieMate for dinner, which is when Munakata shows up and informs him that he’s created Fushimi a healthy balanced dinner that will help give him the energy necessary for doing his work. Fushimi’s like no thanks busy now this is fine. Munakata just stands there and smiles until Fushimi’s finally like all right all right give it here. Munakata hands him a covered plate and Fushimi eyes the food suspiciously because he doesn’t trust healthy food. He proceeds to slowly pick at it for like fifteen minutes. He finds some of the vegetables and removes them but he does actually eat a couple. Munakata considers it a partial victory and makes a note of a few different recipes to try next time. Fushimi is sadly not impressed by the cucumbers cut into the shape of tiny swords.