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(1/6) as a kl shipper, i wanna say from the bottom of my heart: thank you thank you thank you. so many times i've wanted to shout stuff like "why do yall hate k/eith so much" and "you guys never cared abt s/hiro or a/llura, let alone s/hallura" and "why do you want so bad for this writer/artist to be a p/dophile godDAMN" like, holy shit. u beautiful salty jem of a pearl at the bottom of this tumultuous fandom ocean. -

- (2/6) even your blog title is golden, bc it feels like so many people are so deluded, trying to make a ship, something you’re supposed to sit back and enjoy, into a sort of spiteful activist bullshit-filled “movement” like what??? and telling folks to unfollow if they ship s/haladin bc they’re “cleaning out they’re blog”, like, fuck off??? sorry but here’s a salt-filled rant and i don’t know where else to put it so here! -

- (3/6) side note, i’m rly trying to get across to you that i’m NOT being sarcastic abt how much i want you to keep doing your thing, bc now they’re trying to tackle RACISM. in grosser and grosser ways every day! calling some of the only asian rep i see in media “white-passing” and saying that l/ance can’t have a last name that isn’t 1000% authentically cuban, whatever that means, buncha hypocritical racists. i have never been so angry and ashamed of a fandom. -

- (4/6) it’s gotten to the point where i, someone who ships kl and NOT sk (just my personal tastes), am rly happy to see any sk on my dash bc that poster must have been so brave! to post something as simple as sk hugging or smooching or whateverthefuck, i don’t care! you do you! fuck all these nasty haters, THEY’RE the toxic ones who just want someone to hate! yall deserve props! -

- (5/6) also, my compliments to the chef regarding that pining k/eith theory, it’s So Good, like i ghostwrote it somehow. the whole “projecting onto l/ance” thing (which is being done to a painful degree, i can testify) tries so hard to remove or overvalidate his flaws that it’s laughable. making lance into an insecure martyr angst-sponge hybrid with no agency and no room for personal growth, it’s sooo bad. -

- (6/6) and villainizing everyone else! reminds me of that jaden smith tweet: “when i die, then you will realize” shit he wrote when he was like 14. transparent af, like we get it, you’re insecure. and sometimes i WANT to hop aboard the black paladin lance train, but it’s always this idealized version of him that’s almost unrecognizable, and it’s at the expense of better black paladin candidates. goddamn ok, that was all my salt for the time being! much love, thank you and goodnight!

This is one of those asks that I’d love to keep in my inbox forever, but I’ve spent the last three days trying to come up with a response because you deserve one.

I think we’re all aware that tumblr is an explictly shitty place when it comes to “activism”. There’s this black-white-mentality that anything and anyone needs to be put in a box based on whether they agree with someone’s world views. Everything needs to conform to a specific label too, fiction is only allowed to be healthy, you condone what you enjoy etc., and the #1 argument by people on this site, also widely used by antis, is “Think about the children” but also “Expect everyone else to take care of you”.

People actively go into tags of pairings they hate and then yell about how triggered they are. Really? I’ve been repeatedly told to kill myself because I liked something they didn’t (and I’m talking about my 99.5% discourse-free main blog, not this one where I passively seek out conflict). You either conform to the popular way of thinking (shipping, in this case) or you’re irredeemable trash and a threat to the public. Any shit you get over having your own opinion will be justified because you deserve to be punished for thinking on your own. Tumblr mentality is the modern equivalent to medieval politics.

Fandom always has a terrible side - I know - but the Vo/tron fandom has become a place where people tear each other down rather than block the content they don’t want to see. Converting people to one’s own thinking has becume such an essential part of “activism” to the point where people forming their own opinions and learning about an issue on their own pose a threat.

In the Vo/tron fandom you see this toxic mentality with K/ance, rabid L/ance stans, anti Sha/adins and so on. You said everything I’ve been trying to say since I made this blog, and it saddens me that people can only safely voice their opinions and concerns when hidden behind the Anon feature.

Fandom isn’t always fun, but the Voltron fandom has become a place where people are too scared of posting their art or speaking up because they’ll legit receive death threats over liking a fictional ship. I don’t know if I’m doing a good job at pushing back against the anti side or if I’m just making it worse at this point. But salt, spite and messages like yours keep me going. 


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  • part of me doesn’t even want to come up with a coherent background or plot for this like i really wanna just wild out and talk abt how cute a boyfriend he is but i gotta set a #mood
  • okay so this isn’t set in a universe where bts are famous, tho it is set in a universe where they’re all still inseparable friends bc,,, in what universe does that not exist
  • anyway
  • so in this universe i picture jin as a very dreamy type?? like he’s already dreamy in this one but i mean like he’s the kind of dreamy boyfriend you see in hallmark movies that the self-proclaimed inadequate female lead thinks she won’t end up with but ends up with anyway
  • like he’s so amazing he can sing (which he does for family and friends during the holidays like his voice is so pretty they almost asked him to sing his own damn birthday song), he’s a natural charmer, and he’s just naturally beautiful
  • but!!! seokjin’s pride and joy is and always will be cooking

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Chef K is on that Millionare Matchmaker show that I generally loathe, but it’s actually really fun when my brother and I sit there and try to guess which of the contestants (or whatever they’re called) are queer and which aren’t. 

And we try to guess which girls are K’s type. I love it. She goes, “my celebrity crush is Natalie Portman” and there’s totes a Portman look a like so I’m just gonna ship that. 

oh god some girl just said, “I’m a Chinese teacher!” to K.

…K’s… not… Chinese. She’s Pacific Islander, right? Ugh. Fo-reeeeaaaal?

They put the queerios in rainbow lays and the heteros in one-color lays. Creative.

Cercasi lavoro in cucina
  • Tizia: pronto, lei é il segretario generale Federcuochi Lombardia?
  • Kitchenbrain: si sono io, mi dica signora
  • T: niente, mio figlio sta cercando lavoro come chef qui in zona
  • K: qui in zona non ho segnalazioni al momento... Mi può dare maggiori informazioni di suo figlio?
  • T: ...l'importante é che sia un lavoro con i fine settimana liberi, perché ha calcio
  • K: scusi suo figlio quanti anni ha? Ha fatto l'alberghiero?
  • T: ha fatto 2 anni di geometra poi ha lavorato in un ristorante come cameriere l'anno scorso per 4 mesi
  • K: ................. 4 mesi, addirittura?!? Mi spiace, non posso aiutarla.
  • Allora
  • 1) già é la madre che cerca per il figlio... non é buon segno
  • 2) povero náni, vuole i w.e. Liberi in un lavoro in cui, il pieno del lavoro é proprio da venerdì a domenica
  • 3) poi cerca lavoro come "chef"... Santo Iddio, ma lo si capisce o no che lo chef non é il cuoco ma il capo della cucina, come dire il capitano della squadra... I cuochi non sono automaticamente tutti chef... Se tutti comandano, nessuno comanda...
  • 4) se tuo figlio ha fatto il porta piatti 4 mesi, non é automaticamente il genio della ristorazione e poter saltare in cucina dietro ai fornelli
  • 5) se c'è un lavoro, dove se non sei super motivato e ben preparato, non duri un ca**o, é proprio il cuoco.
  • Grazie Masterchef (e compagnia danzante)... Grazie per aver fatto di sto lavoro una burletta...