Battle Chef Brigade by Trinket Studios

Play as a magical chef! Hunt monsters and cook them into exquisite dishes to wow the judges and crush your opponents!

Action game focused on great food. You’ll hunt monsters and cook with magic in a competition like no other!

  • Unique Style - Chefs have their own hunting abilities and upgrades. Control Mina’s whirling knives, Thrash’s blood-hungry sword, and Kirin’s mechanical traps!
  • Wild Monsters - Ingredients aren’t just sitting on the shelf in Battle Chef Brigade! Each monster can drop different cuts of meat but only the most precise chefs get the best ones.
  • Ecology - The monsters are part of an ecosystem that you can influence and upset. You can feed the birds to get more eggs, but letting the other monsters snack on them might be very dangerous.

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Tactical Chef Apron

  • Real MOLLE system for holding everything a Grill Master needs
  • 2 large pouches and 3 smaller pouches; Front and back removable Velcro patch
  • Perfect for storing condiments, grilling utensils, salt / pepper… and your phone
  • Adjustable side strap for the perfect fit
  • Materials: 100% Cotton



I think something that most people don’t understand about FRIENDS is that each of them has their own story about life and how it impacted them. Each of them pursued their dreams and made them (for the most part) come true, but it was not without resistance.

• There is the musician who struggles to assert herself and earn a living.

• And the chef who battles her own insecurities, as well as the opinions of others.

• Not to mention the actor who fights to be his own person despite the conforming disposition of his line of work.

• There is the fashionista who strives to make a picture-perfect scene out of an unfortunate atmosphere.

• Then we have the archaeologist who wants to help the scientific community, but too often finds himself getting cheated out of the glory he deserves.

• And behind it all is the average man who hates his job and only wishes to find love and friendships that will last.

These people were inspiring in the fact that they made their dreams a R-E-A-L-I-T-Y, and they had fun doing it.

I really regret all the cheap shots I took at Guy Fieri. Like, he’s cheesy (literally and figuratively- “It’s not a party without Havarti!”) but he’s relatively nice and his show does a lot for small businesses, right?

But more importantly, I feel like I should’ve been making fun of Bobby Flay this entire time. Evidence: A.) On his show he attempts to embarrass small-time cooks in their own hometown under the guise that their signature dishes are getting their own feature on Food Network. B.) He cheated on the best SVU ADA with his assistant half his age, and many more. C.) His face is arguably as red, or more red, than Guy Fieri’s. D.) He disrespected Chef Masaharu Morimoto during their Iron Chef America battle, not once, but twice.

In conclusion, let’s start making fun of Bobby Flay.

We started again to review portfolios and to search new artists. After another round of reviews, we increased the roster up to 52 AWESOME ARTISTS!

And now, behold the ARTIST ROSTER:

3D ROD // Starr Mazer
Abigail de la Cruz // ???
Adrian Bloch // Hyper Light Drifter
Aitor Burillo // ???
Aludhi // The Stanley Parable
Anaïs Maamar // Crypt of the Necrodancer
Arthur Tien // Ittle Dew
Bonnie Mier // Awesomenauts
Boris Maita // Guacamelee!
Caro Waro // ???
Charles Lemor // Lethal League
Christian Villacañas // Spelunky
Claudie Scott // Battle Chef Brigade
Colin Brown // ???
Cyanatar // Curses ‘n Chaos
Dani Kruse // They Bleed Pixels
David Kozma // NOT A HERO
Del Perez // ???
Elijah Mazur // Super Time Force Ultra
Emmet Rose // Night in the Woods
Eva Vihelmiina Eskelinen // Chickensword
Guillaume Singelin // ???
Guille Garcia // Crawl
Igor Canova // FTL
Indiana Jonas // ???
Janet Sung // Omori
Jason B // ???
Jay Epperson // ???
Jorby Alano // ???
Koi Carreon // Transistor
Lauren Ashizawa // ???
Marion Bordeyne // ???
Mike Lambert // The Iconoclasts
Menno Stas // ???
Momo // ???
Oskar Vega // ???
Paper Beat Scissors! // Hotline Miami
Pixel Boy // ???
Queenie Chan // ???
Rock Bomber // ???
Rolling Rabit // Rivals of Aether
Rozenn // ???
Sachin Teng // Shovel Knight
Sara Kipin // ???
Scrotumnose // Nuclear Throne
Sunny Bones // Elliot Quest
Tristan Yuvienco // ???
Ture Ekroos // ???
Vicki Tsai // Skullgirls
Victoria Joh // ???
Vusc // Death’s Gambit
Zinkase // Gigantic

(note that there can be last minute changes!)

((the image we’ve shared is some WIP by the mega-talented  Oskar Vega))

if it was up to me, cooking would be its own skill tree and you would have to unlock tiered recipes, there would be cooking-related spells and benifits to being a fighter cook, a thief cook, or a mage cook or all three, benifits from having alchemy experience and perks in alchemy that are enhanced by being a good cook. and there would be whole cooking related quests and adventures and you could become a famous chef and bring joy and delicious things to a cold and barren war torn land. what is better than a battle chef? nothing



holy shit battle chef brigade looks really good? its a combination brawler/match-3 game themed around a fantasy iron chef competition
Battle Chef Brigade captures the pace and feel of cooking shows
Two years ago, a Kickstarter campaign for a cooking competition game set in a fantasy world and called Battle Chef Brigade raised just over $100,000. With the game, which Trinket Studios developer Tom Eastman calls, "one part combo-based action hunting and one part puzzle-based action cooking," tentatively scheduled to release early next year, we've talked to Eastman about how it came to be.

i played this at PAX, looking forward to getting a copy for myself!