aka the year everything I drew had to be kept a secret

I think 2016 has possibly been one of the best years of my life! I was never really confident in myself as an artist before but this year I started doing professional work and it’s been an incredible experience!
My first gig was to do a bit of freelance character design work for Warner Bros on their recently announced BABYMETAL show. Right as that started, more opportunities suddenly came up by coincidence! While I was working with WB, I had to take two tests, one for Studio Trinket (Battle Chef Brigade) and the other for Marvel (Marvel’s Spider-man). And I was also about to leave for Hawaii for Kawaii kon so I had to prepare for that too…. wow April was an intense month…. But anyways haha I got through it and passed for Studio Trinket and did some freelance character work with them! Battle Chef Brigade is such a beautiful and fun game you guys have to check it out!
For Marvel, I actually didn’t get the job at first and that really hit me hard. But later my friend at Cartoon Network offered me to be a freelance storyboard revisionist on The Powerpuff Girls and my confidence was lifted! I was planning on staying there for a while but after a few weeks I received an email from Marvel saying that an extra position opened up and they were offering it to me. I remember screaming and running out to the living room to tell my roommates haha! I started in the beginning of June and it’s been amazing working with such a talented and friendly crew and I’m just so thankful for this opportunity to learn from them.

I’ve got a great job, the best friends and coworkers, a comfortable apartment, cute cats, and a supportive family! Life has finally been good lately! Goodbye 2016 and hello 2017!!


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if it was up to me, cooking would be its own skill tree and you would have to unlock tiered recipes, there would be cooking-related spells and benifits to being a fighter cook, a thief cook, or a mage cook or all three, benifits from having alchemy experience and perks in alchemy that are enhanced by being a good cook. and there would be whole cooking related quests and adventures and you could become a famous chef and bring joy and delicious things to a cold and barren war torn land. what is better than a battle chef? nothing