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"......I killed all my chefs again, can I borrow one from you?"

A thin brow raised in reaction towards his younger brother’s statement and inquiry, a small annoyed sigh escaping him afterwards. “No, you may not. I will not subject the lives of my own chefs for your snack time.” He stated, propping a hand to his hip to express his annoyance. 

“Perhaps if you worked on that temper of your’s and stopped overreacting you wouldn’t have this problem, Katakuri.” 


I’m a firm believer in dieting doesn’t have to be boring, and chances are if your into fitness and health you probably eat a lot of eggs. Try Gordon Ramsays recipe for eggs every once in a while to keep things interesting, perfect for a high fat/low carb day..

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Hello~ Could I ask what are RFA + V&Saeran's favorite romantic movies? And how they like to watch it with MC? At the movies? At home, cuddling? Thank you so much for creating this awesome blog! You guys are amazing! ❤️

This one is soooo cute:) Thank you~ Hope you like them.


  • The Sound of Music
  • He loves the classic sound of all the music, but also the fact that the main characters found love through music and overcoming the past
  • He’ll invite you over when he’s feeling especially cuddly
  • He has extra pillows and blankets on hand
  • He turns all the lights off except for the TV
  • You two find a comfortable position, which usually ends up with him spooning you
  • He’s usually really quiet and into the movie until the songs come in
  • And then he’s belting it out
  • Sometimes you join him, sometimes you don’t
  • By the end of the movie, his cheek is gently resting on the top of your head and he’s humming the last chorus softly while he’s slowly drifting off


  • The Princess’ Bride
  • It’s classic. It’s funny. It’s romantic. And he grew up with it.
  • He sets up a little blanket fort with his softest blankets and pillows
  • Inside, his computer is set up and ready to go
  • He brings lots of snacks and food and drinks inside
  • You crawl in with him and you two are legitimately watching the movie
  • You both quote the lines throughout and being silly about it
  • Yoosung tries his best impressions of the characters
  • Every time there’s a kiss scene, Yoosung is just like, “Oh, we should re-enact that…like now.”
  • You’re pretty strong until the credits roll, then you just let yourselves fall asleep


  • I Give My First Love to You (Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu)
  • You are watching this at home because you will need the tissues and the chocolate
  • You guys give your own commentary on what’s going on
  • Which usually ends up in you two laughing at inappropriate laughing
  • The guy is dying, why are you two rolling on the floor?
  • You both will make your headcanons about what happened after the movie or in between some scenes
  • There is so much food, and you two consume all of it
  • By the end of the movie, you have a food coma and you get into the sugar high faze where everything is funny
  • Overall, it’s a stress free night full of so many emotions


  • Pride and Prejudice
  • It’s a classic, and he likes the character depth
  • He has his own theatre, so of course you’ll watch it there
  • He has the chef make whatever snacks you want
  • You secretly always wanted Jumin to say the famous Darcy line (You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.)
  • He knew this, but held back on purpose…until that night
  • When Darcy said it to Elizabeth, he leans over and says the same in your ear in a low, husky voice that sent a shiver down your back
  • Let’s just say you two were too preoccupied and missed the next few scenes
  • For the most part, you rested your head on his shoulder comfortably and his arm was around your shoulder


  • The Space Between Us
  • It’s about a boy from space and a girl from earth. It’s self explanatory why he liked it.
  • He takes you to a drive in theatre in one of his babies
  • You two sit in the open trunk with blankets and pillows
  • He lied to you about the weather so you would end up being chilly which resulted in you snuggling
  • His little kisses end up becoming a make out session, but he’ll randomly pull back and stare wide eyed at the screen, “Wait, wait…this is my favorite part.”
  • When you ask for a snack, he pulls them out of these random pockets in his jacket 
  • “You know they allow food here, right?” 
  • “I know. I just wanted the feeling of sneaking them in.”
  • Dork


  • Kimi Ni Todoke
  • He related to everyone being scared of Sawako and judging her based on her frightening appearance…not that he’d ever admit that
  • He built a projector where you two can watch it outside of the bunker
  • He sets up a blanket on the ground with some pillows
  • You start out sitting far apart, but somewhere along the way you end up tangled together
  • He’ll give you absentminded kisses at random times of the movie
  • He always falls asleep near the end, but you never want to wake him up
  • If it’s warm out, you’ll just pull the blanket over you both and sleep outside


  • Wuthering Heights in black and white
  • He likes the dynamic between Heathcliff and Catherine, and how they loved each other even with their individual destructive states
  • He takes you to a classic theatre where they’re showing it
  • He gets really shy all of a sudden
  • He hesitantly puts his arm around you or takes your hand gently
  • He gets blushy when your hands brush as you both reach for popcorn
  • You put your head on his shoulder and he starts to relax 

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Grand Marnier slush and Grey Goose slush from Les Vins des Chefs de France located in Epcot’s France Pavilion.

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So, when Branch gets his color back, what is Bark's reaction? Is it Poppy or Bark who helps him gain his colors? Does Bark come along on the journey or is he kidnapped by Chef with the snack pack? What is Bark's relationship with Creek?

Let’s start near more at the beginning yeah?

So, Bark is close friends with Poppy and is of course, a member of the Snack Pack crew. His relationship with Creek is…Not that great and I wouldn’t say they are friends. They’re friendly enough with each other when they’re with the group, but Bark honestly didn’t entirely like Creek all that much since the purple troll tended to be very condescending to his brother – Which is something he does not appreciate. Bark can be quite protective of his twin and he gets very upset when Branch is talked about negatively or teased by Creek or by any other trolls in general.

In fact, Bark has a temper just like Branch and there had been times when a troll talked smack about Branch and Bark ended up chasing them around the village, threatening to smack them back to see how they liked it pfftt Point is, don’t ever talk badly about Branch in front of Bark cause he will fight you hahaha The villagers at least know to keep their Branch comments quiet around him.

In the film, Bark is actually one of the trolls that gets kidnapped. Prior to the party, Bark and Branch actually have a rather nasty fight about Branch’s behaviour towards Poppy earlier (the scene where he crushes the invite under his foot) and saying how he never goes out to parties and Bark expressed how he was sick of missing out on them (Bark sometimes didn’t go to parties because he didn’t want to leave Branch alone). Basically, it gets really intense during the fight and they both end up saying things that they didn’t mean but it still hurt the other very much emotionally. By the end of the fight Bark storms out and goes to the party anyway, leaving Branch alone. When Bark gets kidnapped, he ends up feeling really terrible about the fight he had with his brother and deeply regretted, that it was possibly their last ever interaction. He never even expected Branch to come out of his Bunker after Chef invaded. When Branch and Bark are reunited, though, both of them forgive each other over their fight in their own way and their relationship is mended.

Poppy is still the one to bring back Branch’s colours. Like the rest of the trolls he fades to grey when they lost hope and thought they were going to get eaten. But the moment Bark saw his brother’s colours return, his own colours were quick to return as well. To say the least, Bark was over the moon because for years he had tried so hard to try and cheer his brother up and try to bring back his colours. But everything he did never worked or made things worse. And even though Bark was never able to get his brother to regain his colours and happiness again, he’s just happy that there was someone else that could. And Bark always felt like, if anyone could change Branch, the princess surely would. He was glad he was right about that at least.


So, at last it happens! Simon has finally cleaned up the FAQ! At last, the dringling indolent has pulled himself from the rafters to organize!

No…I’m afraid not.

I paid someone to do it. So if you wanted to enjoy the information in the asks and how well they are filed…Please thank @youcantseebutimmakingaface, who spent almost seven hours accomplishing it.

I vow here and now to keep it up.

The entire @monstrousfaq blog is now organized by the following tags:  Fashion, History, Biology, Biography, Politics, Humor, Recipes, Music, Recommendations, Food, Movies/TV, Books, Advice, Monster, Toys, Hobbies, Games, Friendship, Cousins, Religion, Travel, Technology, Linguistics, Theatre, Pets/Animals, Gentle Readers, Relationships, Drifters, Mythology, Creature’s Cookbook, Simon’s Snacks, Writing, Chef, Psychology, Paranormal, Experiments, Fanfiction, Fanart

This blog will have none of the consistency, though because I reblog most of the asks I receive here to that blog, look to it for sense. My real life has none of it.


The Challenge is Picnic Snacks
  • Chef #1: I know its a little too traditional but I immediately grab the foie gras
  • Chef #2: I begin dressing my entire roast chicken so I can get it in the oven and start working on my vegetable root salad
  • Chef #3: I love going on picnics with my family :) I plan on making a potato salad so i grab my mushrooms, cilantro, sour cream, cornflake cereal and canadian potatoes :) My kids love it :)
  • Chef #4: I'm making club sandwiches... so i grab my veal and my belgian mountain goat meat... then I see they don't have imported amaranth from Asia so i'm forced to settle...with quinoa...
PowerPuff Pet Shop Info

What is PowerPuff Pet Shop?

PowerPuff Pet Shop is currently a work in progress. It will either be a Store Envy or Etsy shop that caters to Pet Regressors. It may get it’s own website created once I regain my laptop, but I’m not sure yet. It will sell a variety of things, from “socially acceptable” things, such as charms to hang on bags or keychains, to play things that can be kept at home to play with, such as rope toys and squeaky toys.

What is the aim of PowerPuff Pet Shop?

The aim of PowerPuff Pet Shop is towards pet regressors. Since I’ve been in the community all I’ve found are tails, leashes, collars, etc. The basics. Though amazing and great quality, I’d still like to be able to find toys and snacks aimed towards pet regressors, and not just puppies, kittens, and foxes (nothing against them, I regress as them too, it’s just that they’re a vast majority of the merchandise). PowerPuff Pet Shop is being created for all that fit under the umbrella as pets (and it will cater to Littles as well!).

What if you don’t sell stuff for what I regress as?

It’s simple! If you go to buy a product and cannot find your pet in the product type, simply send me an email or message me on here explaining what product you’d like to purchase and what type of pet you are. I’ll add the pet to the store and figure out a custom set up aimed at your pet, I will then message you saying it’s been added to the store and is now available.

How do you cater to the different types of Pets?

When going to buy a product, there should be a drop down menu (usually where you pick your size and which design you want). I’ll have listed multiple things:
• type of pet (cat, dog, fox, dragon, ferret, snake, horse, bat, panda, etc)
• food type (this is to make sure I don’t send you something you don’t want. Listed here will be Omnivore, Carnivore, and Herbivore. Please select Herbivore if you are vegan. That insures I will not send you any dried meats)
• gender (masculine, feminine, nonbinary. This will not be mandatory. I have this added in case you specifically want it color themed. Masculine is Blue and Green, Feminine is Pink and Purple, nonbinary will be any colors)
• allergies (Please email me when going to buy something you have the potential of receiving something you’re allergic to! If you’re allergic to nuts, for example, email me about buying the Snack Time Bundle. I’ll make sure to avoid adding anything with nuts to your bundle and I’ll make a completely new and separate batch of snacks so no nuts were around during making, and so everything has been cleaned and sterilized. Also do this if you are gluten free, or have any other dietary restrictions. I do care about you and your safety. I do not want to send you anything potentially harmful or that you can’t use or eat.

When will PowerPuff Pet Shop be open?

I’m currently enrolling in school and moving into a new house. I also have an open GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to start making the orders. I plan on setting up the Shop and opening it once I’m settled down into my new house. Once I get a few orders, I’ll start making them and shipping them out to you. The store should be open once I get enough funds and settled, so maybe a month tops.

The donation link is
Any donations are greatly appreciated!

Will you ship world wide?

I plan on trying to ship worldwide! I don’t know the costs for shipping something such as a Bundle, and I don’t want to charge anyone too much on shipping. It feels unfair. If shipping is too much, or I’m unavailable to ship to your country, send me an email and we’ll try to figure out something to get your order to you!

What are you planning on selling at PowerPuff Pet Shop?

I plan on selling a variety of things.
For sale will be:
• custom day-time, public appropriate collars (custom elaborate collars as well, just more expensive)
• custom food and water bowls (hand painted and decorated to what you like)
• felt food toys (sold in bundles of 10 and 20. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. Vegetarian, omnivorous, and carnivore)
• felt squeaky toys
• soft rope toys
• feather toys
Accessories/miscellaneous/socially acceptable:
• stress toys (glitter jars, stress balls)
• bag charms
• bag plushes
• (maybe) clay figurines (I’ve not tried clay as a medium yet)
• Meal Time Bundle
▪will include a plastic plate, children/animal themed fork and spoon, or a water and food bowl, 2 felt food meals, an apron and chefs hat, and a snack
• Play Time Bundle
will include:
▪ 4 pet specific toys
▪2 bag plushes/toys/charms
▪bubbles, and a surprise toy
• Sleepy Time Bundle
will include:
▪1 - 2 story books
▪1 - 3 plushies
▪2 pacis
▪1 bottle or sippy cup
(if pacis are not wanted, you may switch them for 2 chew toys. If bottle or sippy is not wanted, you may switch them for a snack)
• Bath Time Bundle
will include:
▪1 body wash
▪1 2-n-1 shampoo and conditioner
▪1 bubble bath
▪3 bath toys
▪1 washcloth or loofah
▪(maybe) 1-2 bath bombs
• Snack Time Bundle
will include:
▪3-4 homemade snacks (pet specific. It will be something like cookies shaped like a pets favorite food or toy or candied fruits/nuts)
▪ 2 large cookies (Pet specific)
▪2 candies (large lollipops or a handful of smaller candies)
▪2 felt desserts or charms

My email is
Please contact me via tumblr or email if you have questions, concerns, ideas, want to discuss your order, or want to custom order or commission something.


reblogs would be so helpful, please!
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Hireath - CEO!Daddy!Luke (pt2)

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A/n: Hii! Hey! It’s part two! I know it took me quite some time but yeah :3 I hope this is ok, honestly I finished typing it on my phone so please excuse any typos, I’ll go over it tomorrow hopefully. It’s fluffier than the first part, with some cute daddy!luke so yeah, enjoy lovelies!

word count: 3.8 k

plot line: Going through a divorce with ceo!luke is nothing but easy when your son and lingering feelings get in the way.

warning: idk if this counts, but this does discuss divorce, so if that’s triggering for you in any way, please read at your own risk. I just want you safe lovelies!

part 1 here :)


The light shuffles beside Luke stirred him from his sleep, the warmth of the body sleeping next to his replaced with a sudden cold breeze. His arms reached out for the moving body, pulling it back into his embrace.

“Awake already?” he teased, his eyes still closed as he tried to go back to sleep, the familiar warmth sheltering him from the cold air, the soft whispers already lulling him to slumber.

“Yes, so wake up you big koala.” 

Your voice rang through the room, and Luke’s grip tightened around you, his face nuzzling in the crook of your neck. You lifted your hand, tangling your fingers in his blond locks, the action earning a sleepy moan from him. Your fingers danced from the nape of his neck down to his back, tracing over his warm freckled skin, your delicate movements making goosebumps rise to cover his pale skin. Luke loved nothing more than to feel your feather-light touches in the early dawn, your legs still tangled under the sheets, your cold toes slowly nudging his skin.

“mhm so sleepy” he whispered, his voice still hoarse and low. Luke smiled against your skin at the sound of your giggles, his thumb rubbing circles on your skin.

“But I’m not. I want to get up Luke,” You whined, stopping the movement of your hands and attempting to wriggle out of his grasp. Yet, even in his sleepy state, Luke was still able to hold you in place. He nuzzled closer into you, desperately yearning for your loving warm touch. 

“Promise you’ll be here when I wake up,” His words were muffled against your neck, his lips moving against your skin with every spoken word. A content sigh fell from Luke’s lips as your fingers began moving against his skin again, your breath fanning over his forehead as you peppered the patch of skin with small kisses.

“I promise”

But as The alarm clock broke Luke out of his blissful slumber half an hour later, the cold sheets were a painful reminder that once more he was waking up alone.

It wasn’t the first time his mind crafted memories of you in his sleep, the thought of you invading his dreams and reminding him everytime he woke up that none of it was real. 

He sat up, still wrapped up in the sheets, his eyes taking in his surroundings. The vast room still looked the same way it did weeks ago; cold, lifeless, half empty. The memories of you lived in each and every single little thing thrown around in the house, Jace’s touch still lingering in every corner. His hands moved to rub his face as flashbacks of his previous reverie flooded his mind. 

He didn’t know why his mind insisted on turturing him with ephemeral moments he so desperately wished to be true. No doubt in mind, Luke would give up anything to wake up in your loving embrace one more day. But for the moment, he would have to suffise with momentary make-believes his mind set up for him.

Luke shuffled into the bathroom, sweatpants hanging from his hips as he sleepily rubbed his eyes. Jumping into the shower, he hoped it would somehow take his mind off of it. But even the biting freezing water couldn’t wash off the memory of your lingering touch. 

He had to remind himself that none of the promises were truly spoken by you; you didn’t promise him to still be in his arms when he woke up and it wasn’t truly you that lovingly kissed him as he sought shelter in your embrace. Luke felt thankful that it was a Sunday, knowing that he was most likely unable to concentrate on his work the way he should; not when regret kept snaking its way to his heart.

What Luke hadn’t expected however, was to find his phone ringing as he walked out of the shower, your picture flashing on the screen. His stomach dropped the minute he read your name, a thousand thoughts racing in his mind. Why would you be calling him? With shaky hands, Luke answered his phone, bringing it against his ear as he ran a hand through his still wet hair.

“Hi -Hey!” Your voice shakily rang through his phone speakers, your breath fast and erratic as you waited for a response. 

“h-hey” Luke replied, his heart beating against his ribcage. The mixture of your voice with his previous dreams was making his mind fuzz.

“I’m so sorry for the short notice, but are you free for the day?” Bullshit. You knew he never worked on Sundays. But previously, Sundays had been his family days, and you didn’t want to assume that they were still free. Although you certainly didn’t want to think about the possible things he might’ve filled his day with.

“Y-yeah, what’s wrong?” Luke’s eyebrows furrowed as he noted how your breath was still rigid, as if you were running. He quickly moved around in his room, grabbing his clothes and putting them on as fast as he could muster. He didn’t want to think about the worst scenarios, but there was no stopping his mind.

“I need you to take care of Jace for the day. I have this huge gala, and I can’t find any sitter for Jace. I know it’s a short notice bu-“

“Of course! Come drop him off.” Luke stopped you midsentence, his answer obvious from the first syllable you spoke. 

“Thank god!” you breathed, “Because I’m right outside.”

Luke ran out of the room, his long legs climbing down the stairs rapidly to the front door. Just as you had told him, he found you waiting right outside the house with Jace cuddled up in your arms. 

Luke stared at you in awe for a second too long, before he broke out of his trance to allow you to walk in. You walked into the living room, carefully laying Jace down on the couch and grabbing a blanket to cover him up. You turned around, smiling shyly at Luke. You set down the packed bag you brought.

“He’s still sleeping so he won’t be much of a hassle. I’ve got his snacks and toys and extra clothes in here. I’ll probably be back by lunch, but if you need anything you can just call me.” You nervously explained, your eyes glancing back to the sleeping boy as you tried to remember if you had everything packed right.

“I know that the custody hours aren’t set yet, so I really appreciate-“ You couldn’t finish your sentence as Luke had already stopped you with a shake of his head.

“It’s perfectly fine. Jace’s my boy just as much as he is yours, and I love taking care of him just the same.” 

He couldn’t take you talking about the divorce or any subject surrounding it. He knew that once the papers were fully signed, you would both have shared custody over Jace. Until then, you would normally take turns or agree on some days of the week. Luke often wondered just how long he could postpone the signing he dreaded so much.

“Alright, I’m off then. I’ll call you during the day.” You checked your clock once more, deciding that you needed to get going so as not to be late. Luke walked you back to the door, releasing a breath once you were out of sight. “What the fuck am I doing?” He whispered against the wooden door, his forehead lightly bumping against the hard surface as his eyes closed shut. 

He was truly a goner, and he had no idea how to fix the mess he was stuck in.

No longer than twenty minutes after, loud screams filled the house, following Luke to the kitchen. “Daddy! Daddy!” Jace sang as he hugged his father’s legs tightly, his giggles becoming louder when Luke playfully wiggled his legs. 

“Am I staying with you today, daddy?” Jace asked excitedly, raising his head up to look at his father, his limbs trapping Luke’s legs still. “Yup, so what do you say we have some fun time? Yeah?”

Traditionally, Luke’s and Jace’s fun time consisted of the two boys stripping to their underwear all day, watching ridiculous movies and singing around the house. And so, they immediately jumped into it, Jace already running around as he sang loudly. 

The next few hours passed by quickly; Luke had indeed missed just how fun and bright his days became when his little sunshine tagged along. He hadn’t smiled from the buttom of his heart in quite a while; but as he fondly watched the toddler strike a pose and sing like the little performer he was, he couldn’t fight the huge grin that mirrored the total happiness that filled his heart.

But as lunch time rolled by, and the two boys were at the kitchen trying to wrap up something, Luke felt worried with each passing second that you didn’t call. He had attempted to call you several times, until he had to force himself to stop. He tried to focus on Jace and shut out his anxious thoughts, but he knew that until you called he’d have no rest. 

And when you eventually did, he was swift to pick up his phone, answering it hurriedly. “(y/n)! Are you alright?” He breathed out quickly, not even bothering to mask the concern that filled his voice.

“Hey Luke, I’m so sorry, but I can’t come yet. One of my co-workers didn’t come and I have to cover up for her, do you mind keeping Jace until I get out? It might be quite late.” You rushed out the words as soon as you heard his voice, trying to shout over the buzzing noise.

“Of course, see you then.”  And take care of yourself; Luke wanted to add. But he bit his tongue, the way he did everytime you were around.

Although, Luke was rather ecstatic with the news, Jace loving it just as well. For the rest of their day, the boys agreed on making some snacks to binge on while watching a movie. Of course, no real cooking could ever occur between the –severely talented- chefs, and the snacks turned into quite the messy food fight. And so, they settled on watching Big Hero 6 –Luke’s pick, their clothes still stained with flour and cocoa powder. 

But when Luke caught his little one slowly drifting to sleep, he playfully pinched his chubby cheek to gain his attention. “How about we get you cleaned up, big guy?”

Luke picked up Jace in his arms, ruffling his hair in an attempt to get rid of the flour. And once the bath tub was bubble-filled, Luke sat at the edge as his hand picked up the warm water and draped it on Jace’s shampooed hair. His fingers ran through the curly locks, filling his hand with water and gently rincing the blonde hair. Luke smiled fondly at the little boy who was nearly falling asleep on the spot, the balmy water relaxing him and making him fight against his tired eyes. 

“Are you falling asleep big guy?” Luke teased, his hand pouring the water on Jace’s back to keep his tempature warm. 

“No daddy, ‘m ok” Jace mumbled sleepily, that being the cue for Luke to get him out of the bath. Luke walked into Jace’s room, the little boy wrapped up in his arms in a white towel. 

It reminded Luke of the first time he had held his baby boy, still bundled in the hospital towels and weighing nothing but a few pounds. Staring lovingly at the sleeping boy, Luke never thought it was possible to love that much.

Once Jace was dressed up and put to bed, Luke returned into the kitchen. He needed to clean up the mess as he was sure he’d regret not doing it the morning after. He began thinking about what it would be like if hadn’t messed up the way he did –dangerous subject to think about late at night, he knew. But the possibilities of having every day of his week filled with the joyful feeling that consumed him throughout the day kept him thinking.

Halfway through the cleaning, Luke was stopped by the ringing bell. Knowing that it would be no one other than you, he dried off his hands before he moved to open the door. Despite the smile you shot his way, Luke could immediately notice the fatigue staining your face.

“Hey, sorry I’m late.” You offered, walking in as Luke opened the door further for you. 

“It’s fine” Luke shrugged, “Why don’t you sit down? Jace’s already sleeping and you look really tired,” he carefully added, sighing in relief when you accepted his offer with head nod. 

Only, when Luke came back minutes later, wanting to propose for Jace to just stay the night since it was getting late and he didn’t want to wake him up, he was surprised to find you curled up on the couch. Carefully, Luke sat at the edge of the couch, his hand reaching out to stir you. 

“(Y/n)” he whispered, his thumb tucking the stray hairs from your forehead. The only reaction he got from you was a sleepy groan, your lips pouting as you curled up even more. With a chuckle, Luke reached out for the spare blanket, pulling it over your body and moving to take your shoes off. He truly didn’t have the heart to wake you up; knowing about your eventful day, and quite frankly the thought of having you sleep over was very comforting.

“Daddy?” Jace sleepily mumbled, his feet paddling against the floor as he walked closer. 

“What’s wrong buddy, no sleep?” Luke mumbled, picking up his son and walking towards the kitchen, mindful to keep his voice low to not wake you up.

Luke set Jace up on the counter, the little boy pouting at his lack of sleep. “Tell you what? How about daddy makes you his super special hot chocolate, yeah?” Luke smiled down at Jace, ruffling his hair once the boy agreed. And with that, Luke turned around to start making the beverage.

“Daddy,” Jace suddenly spoke up, Luke humming in response, his back still facing the boy. “Daddy, I really miss you. Do you miss us too?” Jace innocently asked, his feet dangling from the high counter. 

For a four year old, Jace was definitely unaware of the weight of his words; oblivious to how his father’s posture stiffened, and how his heartbeat increased until he thought he’d faint. Carefully turning around, he tried to find the right words to approach the toddler, his teeth anxiously nibbling on his bottom lip.

“Listen to me bud, daddy loves you and mommy so very much, yeah? And I do miss you and mommy a lot, okay? You’re my everything, little man.” Luke sealed his words with a forehead kiss, his hand rubbing Jace’s back. He feared -more than anything- that his baby boy would doubt his love for him, because Luke had no doubt in his mind that he’d move mountains and chase clouds for his son.

The sound of boiling broke the father-son moment, Luke rushing towards the stove but not in time to stop the hot milk from spilling all over. 

“Silly daddy!” Jace giggled at his father’s clumsiness, Luke following him and breaking into laughter. 

“Shh, keep it down lil monkey, mommy’s sleeping.” Luke warned once the sound became loud enough to be heard from the living room, Jace putting his little finger on his lips and mirroring his father’s movements.

“There you go, bug.” Luke smiled proudly as he handed Jace his mug filled with his famous hot choco. Yet, even before he took a sip, Jace frowned at his father.

 “It’s hot, daddy, I need a straw.” He mumbled as if it were the most obvious thing on earth. Shaking his head, Luke reached out for the drawer in which he kept all the ‘fun stuff’ as Jace liked to call it. Picking up a purple one, Luke put in inside the warm mug, Jace smiling satisfyingly as he enjoyed his drink.

“Daddy,” Jace started, Luke turning around to face the boy. Undoubtedly, Jace had called out for him more times than he could count, but he didn’t mind not one bit. If anything, he loved it. 

“What’s up little man?” Luke responded, dropping the cloth he was using the wipe off the messy counter from his hand. 

“Can I sleep with you tonight? I miss sleeping with you.” Jace pouted, his eyes hopeful. Smiling fondly at the toddler, Luke picked him off of the counter, Jace instantly cuddling his chest, “Let’s go sleep then, yeah?”

Once the two boys were settled and ready to sleep, Luke reached out to turn the lamp off, but Jace was quick to stop him. “Can we keep it on? Just for tonight.” Luke responded to his request with an ‘of course’, his arms reaching out to pull the covers over the boy’s body. 

But not even ten minutes later, Jace was already moving around, climbing on Luke’s torso as his head nuzzled into his neck. A content sigh left the toddler’s lips as he finally got comfortable enough to sleep, the warmth provided by his daddy’s body as well as the hummed lullabies he was singing, pulled him into a deep slumber.

It was easily the best sleep Luke had gotten in the longest while, and when the alarm went off he nearly jumped out of the best. And even though he had managed to hit the snooze button in time, Jace was already stirring in his sleep. Once he was well aware of his surroundings, he excitedly jumped on the bed. 

“Morning daddy!” He giggled, jumping into Luke’s open arms. “Morning sunshine,” Luke chuckled, peppering kisses along Jace’s squishy cheeks, adoring how he reacted when his stubble-covered jaw came in contact with his skin.

You stirred around on the couch, smiling at the comfort you felt. You hadn’t had such a good night sleep in quite a while, the makeshift bed you had far from being comfortable, compared to the king size bed you had shared with Luke. Furrowing your brows, you sat up and pushed the covers off of your body, your brows knitting in confusion. 

You couldn’t remember sleeping over at Luke’s, but it wasn’t hard to grasp since you had practically turned into a walking zombie the night before. Getting up from the couch, you made your way towards the all too familiar kitchen, the sound of giggles and off-key singing pulling you in.

Luke was dancing around with Jace taped to his side, the striking resemblance of the two boys undeniable. “I know! I know! We can have eggs and toast! Daddy makes the best eggs in the world!” Jace beamed at Luke, his smile radiating the happiest, warmest vibes. 

“Eggs it is.” Luke concluded with a smile, setting Jace on the counter as he got to work.

You couldn’t help the fond look you wore on your face as you stared at your little family -slightly disfunctional and admittedly facing a rocky road, but a family nonetheless. You knew that a while ago, you had the luxury of waking up to that sight every single morning. Back when everything was still holding together. 

You knew that Luke was trying to dismiss the papers that needed signing, and quite frankly you didn’t really blame him. Maybe you just wanted to believe that there was still some hope; that maybe while the divorce was still not finalized, you could still have a chance to patch up the holes and rebuilt bridges. Although you had to keep in mind that you couldn’t afford being too hopeful, afraid it would do more damage than good.

“Mommy! You’re awake!” Jace sang happily when he noticed you standing in the door way, his words making Luke stop in his tracks. He was painfully aware of the cringe-worthy way he was dancing in, heat rising to his cheeks upon hearing your chuckles. 

“Good morning lil monkey. Good morning Luke.” You greeted your boys, your eyes lingering a little too long on him, shamelessly admiring his morning messy hair and sleepy smile. 

“Morning,” Luke replied in his hoarse -I just woke up- voice, making your breath hitch in your throat, reminding you of how much you had missed all of him. He handed you a mug of hot coffee, familar with your morning habits. You took the beverage with a thankful smile, moving to take a seat on the stool where your plate of breakfast awaited for you.

“Do you like it, momma? Me and daddy made it for you!” Jace jumped closer to you, moving to plant a kiss on your cheek while you took a mouthful of the eggs. 

“Do I like it? I love it!” You smiled warmly at the little boy, your hand caressing his soft cheeks and then moving to bump his nose.

“(Y/n)” Luke called out from the living room, his footsteps approaching until he walked into thd kitchen. He was dressed in his normal attire; one of his many tailored suits, a Rolex watch and his hair smoothed back in contrast to his previously messy locks. It was sadly a Monday, and as much as he would’ve loved to spend the morning with you, he couldn’t dismiss his appointments.

“I have to get going now, lock the door and call me if you need anything, alright?” Luke instructed as he paced around the kitchen, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge. His words were strikingly similar to the ones he used to speak every morning, reminding you of how insistant he was on making you lock the door well, especially when Jace was still very young.

“I’ll see you later big guy,” Luke moved to kiss Jace’s forehead. And before he could even process what he was doing, he moved to kiss your head as well -a habit he was still not letting go of. 

You stood in shock in your place, heat rising to your cheeks, your heart beating loudly in your chest. You knew that Luke hadn’t done it intentionally, but his proximity and the feeling of his soft lips were enough to make your mind race. 

As for Luke, it was only when he was almost out of the vast kitchen that realization hit him, making him stop in his tracks. He turned around with wide eyes, his mouth already trying to form an apology, his cheeks flushed in embarrassment, fearing that his gesture -however unintentional- would’ve made you uncomfortable.

“I’m- I’m sorry-”

“it’s fine, don’t worry about it.” You barely breathed out, cutting him and saving you both from the awkward apology. 

Quite honestly, you didn’t mind it at all. It reminded you just how much you had missed all of him, how you yearned for him warm and attentive touch. 

And if your current situation robbed the two of you of what your heart desired most, then you’d have to suffise with stolen breathless moments if that’s all you could ever have.