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Cooking Shows I’d Want To Watch:
  • Two chefs are given what the average person visiting a food shelf for a family of four might be given. They must make five delicious meals from it, with a little help from the /very/ limited (Flour, salt, black pepper, red pepper, garlic powder, sugar, baking soda), pantry, within the thirty minute time limit.
  • Chefs who don’t normally cook kosher are given a quick lesson in what is kosher. They are then given a basket of theme ingredients, or maybe an Iron Chef style single ingredient, and they must make a delicious meal from it while following the rules of kosher within the thirty minute time limit.
  • The chef is given a judging panel of four people with dietary restrictions, either due to allergies, or religious or moral reasons. They must make a meal that the whole panel can eat and enjoy in the thirty minute time limit.
  • Michelin star rated chefs are pitted against each other, having to cook dishes, 3-7 year old children and their parents, both enjoy. So the parents can’t influence the kids to try stuff, the panels are served separately.
  • Anthony Bourdain, and Gordon Ramsay. Sesame Street. Basically, Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain compete against each other for a panel of judges in a format similar to Iron Chef. The secret ingredient is some kind of vegetable or other food kids don’t eat. The Sesame Street muppets, probably either Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, Elmo, or Cookie Monster, play the role of the floor reporters, Kermit, Bert, and Ernie are the commentators. The panel of judges, a group of young children, decide the winner. Whomever wins gets $10,000 to donate to a children’s related charity of their choice.

Summoning Fighter #3: Yoosung Kim

Dedicated to @nayeonniekim


▹ pairing: Jeongguk x reader
▹ words: 18,102 I’m so sorry 
▹ genre: smut, fluff, light angst, friends to lovers

You and Jeongguk propose at restaurants to get free food, but somewhere along the way you start to fall for him.

You never thought Jeongguk would actually take you up on the whole fake proposals thing. When you had suggested the idea to him, he’d just laughed and said “yeah”, then continued playing Fallout 4. You hadn’t actually meant it; the idea was one of those you vaguely imagine it happening, but not really, which is why when he brought it up weeks later suggesting you try it out, you thought he was kidding. 

He wasn’t, and this is how you end up in one of the city’s nicer restaurants on a fake date with your best friend. 

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there's three types of people on cutthroat kitchen

1. chef who has to make cake and forgets flour eggs and sugar but manages to grab a single jalapeño

2. chef that gets advice from Alton during the challenge and still fucks up so bad that he does the face at them as the judge walks by

3. chef that has to make a sandwich with no sabotages and instead makes a deconstructed rustic soup


Cultural Appropriation is a real, important, and harmful thing, but god damn if it’s not one of the most recklessly abused terms in the social justice lexicon.

Transcription under the cut for accessibility

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Miraculous Ladybug
  • Marinette: I'm a nobody, idk why Adrien would ever talk to me...
  • *Jagged Stone knows her by name and literally asked her in specific to design his cover.*
  • *everybody at school loves her except Chloe and Sabrina.*
  • *uncle is a world famous chef who named his famous soup after her.*
  • *Adrien has called her his friend before.*
  • *Adrien hangs out with her regularly.*
  • Marinette: I'm a nobody!!!!

“There’s a certain undeniable, exciting energy that comes with spring. It reminds me of running around my family’s farm in France and selling vegetables with my father at the local market,” said chef Daniel Boulud, who thinks of the glorious return of vibrant produce and herbs as a symbol of rebirth, creativity, and hope. In honor of the season, we asked some of our favorite chefs from around the country (as spotted at the recent South Beach Wine and Food Festival) to share their most prized spring ingredients.

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Photographed by Arthur Elgort, Vogue, April 1995


I meant to ask… if any of you had food allergies… so I might’ve informed the chef… who certainly would not want anyone to have an allergic reaction… that would force them to leave the restaurant.

Count Olaf is a murderous man who’s only interested in your parents’ money, while Captain Sham has expressed great interest in raising you children without touching a single penny.

We’ll see.

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HARRY STYLES is hurtling towards chart domination in the UK and US this week with his critically acclaimed debut album.

But as he emerges to greet me — dressed head to toe in black — from the back of a trailer parked behind the venue of his first ever solo show in North London, it’s clear he is in a reflective mood.

Security have just ordered us not to move more than two metres from the modest caravan — where his band members are chilling after sound check — to avoid the ­hundreds of fans gathered nearby.

It’s for their own safety, of course. Who knows the reaction if they knew just a fence and four guards stand between them and the new prince of rock ’n’ roll?

The ONE DIRECTION superstar shrugs it off — this level of hysteria has become a commonplace part of his day-to-day life.

My first interview with the band, in the X Factor canteen seven years ago, took place as a number of teenage girls were climbing on the roof.

It was a sign of things to come.

This is the first time I have seen Harry since 1D went on an ­indefinite break at the end of 2015 and there’s a lot to talk about.

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Okay so everyone always has Jack proposing with this super elaborate gesture and I totally agree with that, but what if Bitty beats him to it? 

Like, Jack has this whole thing planned out. During a family skate, where Bitty is hanging out with everyone as Jack’s long-term bf, Single Ladies starts playing over the loud speakers and Bitty starts dancing with one of the kids on the ice and the lights dim and suddenly like a disco ball or something pops out and SMH all comes out on the ice and start dancing around Bitty and he’s laughing and when “all the single ladies put your hands up” plays Bitty throws his hand up and the music stops and Jack drops down on one knee in the circle formed by his friends and teammates and says “Bittle, if you’ll have me, this is the last time you’ll be a single lady. Will you marry me?” And Bitty is crying and Jack is grinning his stupid Jack grin and Shitty is bawling and Ransom and Holster are sniffing and holding hands and Bitty says yes and they kiss and the song starts again at “if he liked it he should have put a ring on it” and everything is perfect. 

At least, this is what Jack has planned. He told George and she had tears in her eyes and said that “of course she could make it happen” and the Falcs all think it’s great and all of their SMH friends set the date and plan on being in Providence come hell or high water. And it’s the night before and the thought of the ring in his hockey bag is making Jack want to puke and he and Bitty are curled up on the couch watching Cut Throat Kitchen and eating dinner.

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I'm gonna take a minute and talk about why I love Gordon Ramsay okay

The man learned to cook as a teenager as a way to escape from problems at home. He’s called cooking his “salvation.”

He left his life behind and went to Paris, arguably one of the toughest culinary environments in the world, because he wanted to learn with the best. The man still speaks fluent French and speaks with such awe about the experiences he got to have studying cuisine in the culinary capital of the world.

When he did have a mental breakdown, HE STOPPED. The man had a goddamn nervous breakdown and immediately quit his high-stress job in a kitchen an took a job as a chef on a yacht, until he was better and could go back to the kitchen. When he works with chefs who he can see are working too hard, he stops, and talks them down, and tries to find ways to help take the pressure off them in the kitchen so they don’t break down like he did.

The man has worked his ass off to get to the top of what he does. He has refused to compromise his standards of quality and taste in his food. When American shows just depict him screaming madly at chefs and restaurant owners, they gloss over Ramsay’s commitment to quality and his genuine belief that customers at all levels of restaurant service deserve nothing less than the best. That doesn’t mean he wants every single burger joint to become a gourmet restaurant, but the customers at that burger joint deserve fresh (not frozen), homemade, good quality food prepared with care and attention. More chefs should be like Chef Ramsay in this regard.

And he has failed. Gordon Ramsay has opened restaurants that have been business failures and he’s had to close them down. He’s also learned from all of his failures. One of his happiest days when when he opened a restaurant called Amaryllis in his hometown. While the running the restaurant, he tried too hard, and he lost sight of one of his core principles of simplicity. The customers didn’t like the food anymore, they stopped coming, and he was forced to close the restaurant. And he learned from his mistakes, and uses what he learned to help himself and other chefs. 

Gordon Ramsay loves his fellow chefs - the chefs that are willing to work hard, and are committed to serving quality food to their customers. Not chefs that are content to reheat frozen food and slop it out to their customers - and then refuse to acknowledge that they quality of their food could be better. 

More chefs should be like Gordon Ramsay, okay? More PEOPLE should be like Gordon Ramsay.

TV Show Idea

It’s your usual Cutthroat Kitchen tournament-style episodic cook-off…with a catch: the contestants - pretentious, self-important chefs from around the country - are judged not by top-of-the-line famous cooks, but by normal people. 

And not just normal people, but normal people with everyday limitations that the chefs must adhere to. Each episode is a new competition that challenges the chefs with a new limitation or change based on various people’s food realities. 

Here are some possible episodes: 

  • Create a dessert (pastry/cake in one episode, ice cream-type dessert in another) for Diabetic people 
  • Make a traditionally spicy dish for people with Sensory Processing Disorder 
  • Cook for a kids’ birthday party, bearing in mind that children have very simple tastes and will be put off by “gourmet” ingredients 
  • Again with SPD, make a meal that normally has too many mixed textures for the judges to comfortably eat 
  • Catering for elderly judges who both cannot chew/crunch very well (and are sick of soup/oatmeal) 
  • Catering for elderly judges with a combo of “can’t taste unless the flavors are very strong” and “aging body can’t handle too many spices” 
  • “We surveyed 100 low-income families to see what their most common ingredients/spices/brands are and you may ONLY use those. Now make Thanksgiving dinner.” 
  • Traditionally cheese- or milk-heavy recipes for people who are lactose intolerant 
  • “We surveyed 100 college students and– look, just make really good ramen out of these $0.99 noodles from CVS and some cheap spices.” 
  • Various religious restrictions 

Each of these will be judged by people who are really in the given situation. The low-income competition is judged by people who have those budget limitations every Thanksgiving. Their judges for the SPD episode are all Autistic (or have other SPD-inclusive disorders). The kids probably aren’t actually having a birthday party but they ARE all actually young children giving their honest opinion of what the contestants cook. 

Most chefs, when faced with making, say, a non-spicy hollandaise sauce will panic and say “the dish is ruined!” because all they did was make the sauce minus cayenne. Those chefs would soon be eliminated, leaving only adaptable, accepting contestants who know how to work inside the box to improve a given dish. Add, not just take away. Chefs who are ready to take classic meals in a new direction are the ones who win. 

The ultimate moral of this show is that given dishes can be made many ways, not just the traditional ways. 

Audiences in the mentioned demographics will both love seeing themselves represented on TV and learn new recipes invented under pressure/on the fly that they can copy at home. 

Feel free to add episode ideas to this!! I’m sure I missed a lot of people. 

Prince Keith and his Knight Lance from a verse on my rp blog with @ardent-blaze in which Keith is the only son of the royal family and Lance, the son of one of the royal chefs, who dreams to become a knight one day. They both meet at a very young age, becoming friends almost immediately.

(I decided to re-upload this image here since my activity was driving me crazy on my RP blog and it was messing with my replies, also it has my old signature there but)

If Marvel Studios was a restaurant group that opened various restaurants

and they started opening a bunch of different Asian fusion cuisine/Asian-inspired restaurants.

They’ve seen success in the other restaurants they’ve opened.   Every single restaurant they’ve funded so far has been headed by a white male executive chef.   

(Scuttlebutt has it eventually there will be a Wakandan restaurant opening at some point.   There’s been some black pastry chefs who have been featured in their existing restaurants.  There’s also a famous chef who is a woman who has worked as a sous chef in the two Avengers Restaurants, and the Captain American Restaurant and Iron Man Restaurant, but she hasn’t been given a chance to open her own restaurant as of yet.*)

More recently, they’ve opened restaurants for white chefs who went to Asia and learned how to master making xiaolongbao or omakase and other specialties…with some Asian American cooks and dishwashers in the back.  

And then people pointed out, “You know what, the way they’re funding these restaurants is messed up. When it is an Asian cuisine-inspired restaurant, they only ever seem to to fund them when the chef is white. This new restaurant concept and branding is part of a systemic problem and doesn’t sit well with me. I am critiquing the concept and the branding and their bias for only sponsoring white chefs, even when the cuisine is from Asia.”

And you’re like, “Oh, but you have to wait until the restaurant is open and eat every single dish at the restaurant before you can critique it at all.”

People are critiquing the concept of the restaurant, the branding, and the focus on chef Finn Jones, who by all accounts is not that great of a chef (or great at promoting his restaurant.) Not the food.

*She wasn’t having any luck getting Marvel Restaurant Group to give her her own restaurant, so she went to Dreamworks Restaurant Group and started her own robot-themed sushi restaurant inspired by a restaurant from Japan.  This restaurant will be opening later this month.   When people pointed out that Dreamworks Restaurant Group also only seems to also sponsor white chefs in their chain, will they ever given Asian chefs a chance, etc…. fans defended the decision saying things like “well, yanno, shellfish sushi is racially ambiguous” and “this sushi is made by robots, so it has no ethnicity” and “when I look at photos of the restaurant from Japan I really can’t tell that the sushi was meant to be Japanese.”