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Does Shiro and Keith still flirt when they text each other after years of being married????

[The Voltron FamilyKeith was at work, having his lunch break. He stayed in his office and he took out his packed lunch from his bag. He had Korean bbq chicken and he knew the rest of his family was eating the same thing. Suddenly, his phone vibrated indicating he received a message. He opened it only to see it was Shiro.

Takashi Shirogane 12:05PM
How’s the chicken, my love? ;)

Keith Kogane 12:06PM
I wouldn’t know since I was just about to taste it when SOMEONE texted me.

Takashi Shirogane 12:07PM
Oho! C'mon cmon! Take a bite! And let Chef Takashi know!!

Keith rolled his eyes fondly and actually did as he was told. He chewed and he nodded to himself, very much liking what he was eating.

Keith Kogane 12:09PM
Not bad, Chef Takashi. Master Chef Keith is very much pleased. Very good! A+++++ Hotels can now hire you for luncheons and all that.

Takashi Shirogane 12:10PM
Awww, stop it you. I’m blushing.  (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)っ

Keith Kogane 12:12PM
Awww, baby boy using a kaomoji.

Takashi Shirogane 12:14PM
No, Keith. YOU’RE the baby boy!! So cute so handsome so squishy so adorable so soft like a baby boy. Have you seen how kissable your cheeks are?! Baby boy Keith.

Keith laughed so hard as turned his swivel chair around. Shiro was being an idiot and so was he. Good god, they were married for 10 years now and they were still flirting thru texts like a bunch of college students.

Keith Kogane 12:15PM
Am I really?

Takashi Shirogane 12:16PM
Yeah, of course. Send me a dick pic.

Keith Kogane 12:17PM
Ok. Gimme a sec.  

Takashi Shirogane 12:18PM

Keith Kogane 12:21PM
Yeah, hang on. I’m sending it now. Make sure you’re alone though, baby.

Takashi Shirogane 12:22PM
I am.  

Keith Kogane 12:23PM

Takashi Shirogane 12:24PM
Hmmmmmm that is one fine Dick. I’d let this man carry me bridal style.

Keith Kogane 12:26PM
You feel me bro. YOU FEEL ME.

Takashi Shirogane 12:28PM
I always feel you Keith! HOW DARE YOU! jhdfskjfhksjdf I cannot believe you sent me this offensive photo! YOU ARE SUCH A NERD!

Keith Kogane 12:29PM
HAHAHA! You love me anyway. ;)  

Takashi Shirogane 12:30PM
I do. Very much so. And I miss you, babe. :(

Keith Kogane 12:31PM
Awwww, I miss you, too.  (ꈍヮꈍ)˘ε˘ C)

Takashi Shirogane 12:32PM
B A B Y  B O Y.   ಥ╭╮ಥ
I’m screenshotting this because you used a kaomoji to kiss me.

Keith laughed so hard as he took another bite and he didn’t know that his assistants outside heard him laugh so loud.

Assistant #1: *peeks inside* *chuckles* He’s doing it again.
Assistant #2: *is newly hired* What? *peeks too*
Assistant #1: Sometimes you’d hear Mr. Shirogane laugh so hard during lunch while holding his phone. He’s basically texting his husband.
Assistant #2: *blinks* A husband? Our boss is married to a guy?
Assistant #1: *smiles* Yeah! He’s a neurosurgeon. Oh right, you prolly haven’t met him yet. He sometimes visits the office to take out Mr. Shirogane on a lunch date. They’re such a beautiful married couple. *excited* I should show you a photo! There’s one on Facebook!  *opens incognito*
Assistant #2: *sees the photo* Holy shit. He’s gorgeous. I mean, so is our boss. Like I legit had to stutter during my interview but like… *whistles* I can understand why this guy married our boss and vice versa.
Assistant #1: *grins* I know! Perhaps if you’re lucky you can see him in person tomorrow around lunch. Doctor Shirogane is such a nice man. Their kids might visit sometimes too so I need to orient you on what they look like so you don’t ignore them when they request for their Daddy.
Assistant #2: How many kids do they have?
Assistant #1: Three! Hunk, Lance and Pidge. Energetic adorable kids. *coos* *shows photos* You might see one of them in their club clothes since they will most likely come from practice. You need to make sure Mr. Shirogane’s schedule is free whenever any of his kids have a game—
Assistant #2: *stops listening as he sees Keith come out of the office to go somewhere*
Keith: *on the phone* I’ll pick up Pidge after her soccer practice. *chuckles* I love you, too, Takashi. Now will you please hung up, my daughter is on the other line. *changes line* Hey, sweetheart. Your Daddy Shiro can’t pick you up later so I will. How about we have a father-daughter date?
Assistant #2: *smiles so widely*

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Hc's for paladins and first kiss with their S/O


It would be after a long mission after he realised how much he would regret never having confessed his feelings if he were to get into a fatal situation. Right after their return Shiro would grab them and press his lips against theirs forcefully as if his life depended on it. His face would be flushing the brightest of reds, but S/O is absolutely thrilled by his gesture which leads to their happily ever after.


Keith was in total denial about his feelings toward his (now ) S/O before owning up to it. He started hinting about his crush for them by paying more attention and being extra chatty with them. After some time he outright asked them out after getting all fidgety and nervous- but the date turned out to be very successful! The kiss only came a few dates later, after they warmed up to each other- it was during a sleepless night for the both of them by the control room where they stargazed- so romantic~


It was S/O who made the first move, actually! Playing the “player”, they got especially flirty and dared Lance that he couldn’t ever set up a romantic date- he won the bet by taking S/O on a ride in Blue, during which he got to show off his paladin skills, and snacked on whatever delicious imaginable- S/O kissed Lance as a thank you for a great time- and they’ve been kissing ever since!


They have been stuck together in the engineering room for three days straight, trying to program a new device that would locate Galra bases more accurately. The circumstances pretty much forced the two of them to talk to each other and get to know each other better- which ended up in them developing feelings for each other. It was only a month after the project that Pidge got the guts to confess her feelings to S/O (after much prompting from Hunk and Allura)- the first kiss wasn’t traditional, per se- it was rather awkward but resulted in much laughter, which only made the two realise how incredibly compatible they were if they could endure this kind of sticky situation.


This was a classic Hunk move- he wooed S/O with culinary delicacies on a romantic dinner date he asked them out on. He made sure their time wasn’t ruined by the other paladins and co by having Yellow guard the hall they were enjoying their bonding time in. What can I say- as a gentleman and amazing cook, who wouldn’t want to kiss the chef?

Autre Kyo Ya, NYC

I make no secret of the fact that my favorite restaurant in New York City is Kyo Ya, a Michelin-starred Japanese “speakeasy” in the the East Village. So I was thrilled when the chef there, Sono-san, told me that a couple of the sous chefs from his kitchen would be branching out and opening a sister restaurant a few blocks away… Autre Kyo Ya!

They’re just wrapping up their soft opening phase, working out the last of the kinks, but I’ve been down for a few visits now and think it’s about time to show off some of the wonderful Japanese-French influenced dishes that Chefs Shuji and Takashi are now cooking up. Here’s a look…

Pate Campagne made with pork neck & belly, chicken liver and pistachios, served with house made Japanese pickles…

Foie Gras Croquettes…

Panko-fried potato ball stuffed with foie gras, served with this umami rich peppercorn infused soy sauce…

Their Autre Salad, made with seasonal greens, that will change regularly based on what’s available at the farmer’s market…

The Quinoa Bouillabaisse Risotto…

Made with yakishimo-style fish and asari clams…

My favorite of their dishes, the House-Smoked Octopus…

Lightly grilled over charcoal making it so tender and flavorful, served with celery root puree, peas and smoked soy sauce…

Jidori Takekawa, which is organic jidori chicken cooked in a bamboo leaf…

With grilled potatoes, hearts of palm, kikurage mushrooms and shishito peppers…

Deux Washu-Gyu, or Japanese beef prepared two ways…

Fond de veau nikomi, braised and formed into a rillette…

And straight up grilled, with sweet potato puree, shishitos and seasonal carrots…

And the final course, the perfect closer, anago salt water eel and porcini mushrooms over garlic & shallot rice, which has been simmered in a kinoko mushroom dashi in a Kamadaki pot, which it is also served in…

Autre Kyo Ya also has a full bar and an inspired cocktail list, like this one, the Blind Willow, with Hendrick’s gin, plum wine, hopped grapefruit bitters and mint…

I cannot wait to see what these guys do in the coming months as they get used to their kitchen, to cooking together, and to creating more amazing Japanese dishes with fine French touches…


10 Stuyvesant St.

NY, NY 10003


The Chewing the Fat “Ramen” episode is finally here. Find out how to tell a great ramen restaurant from Takashi Yagahashi. Peter Meehan tells us the death of ramen has been greatly exaggerated. Monica finds out if it makes sense to take kids to midnight ramen in Milwaukee. And will we eat a Ramenritto??