chef summer

childhood colors

red: swingset, winnie the pooh, fruit roll-ups, heart stickers, cough syrup

blue: car seat, childhood bedroom, blue’s clues, pool water, freezer pops

yellow: sunshine, happy meals, construction paper, nightlights, chicken noodle soup

brown: teddy bears, basement, toy chest, cookie jar, staircase

orange: fevers, nickelodeon, chef boyardee, summer sunsets, hi-c juice box

white: baby blanket, milk, carpet, screen door, 2001 calendar

pink: lost baby tooth, calamine lotion, barbie jeep, lip smackers, bubble gum tape

green: backyard, crayola, nickelodeon slime, chalkboard, playground slide

(Slapping some test colours on one of ~17 panels, which are about half roughed out as of tonight! …Not including the backgrounds, which are just sketched in…)

Thanks for sticking around during a period of silence on my end, friends! I had a busy couple of weeks, between finishing up my part of the job for an upcoming project launch at one office, grading a huge stack of papers at the other, and submitting a conference paper, and it left me with approximately enough energy to walk my dog and eat meals for a while there! If you ever want to chat with me and I’m not around on here, feel free to hit me up for my Discord details. 

Anyway, I’m still hoping to do a White Day comic–the one I promised last year, haha–in good time before I launch into some kind of multi-page project in the spring, but man! Time’s really zipping by. @_@

Best zucchini ever!!!

So I was messing around in the kitchen, trying to make a side to go with the steak Jon was grilling. I knew I have two zucchini a but no eggs or bread crumbs (I usually make baked zucchini fries). So I seasoned them with Italian seasoning and tolled them on the grill with the steaks.

No surprise them smelled like pizza so Jon said lets sprinkle cheese on them right off the grill.

AMAZING. We hardly used any cheese and happened to have a Mexican blend of shredded cheese (not my favorite). They literally came out like little pizzas!!!!

Jon doesn’t even like zucchini but he ate as much as I did. I have never seen him eat veggies before steak but he couldn’t stop. So I had to share this.

🔹Zucchini sliced to about half an inch
🔹seasoned with Italian spices (come in a jar labeled as such lol nothing fancy
🔹grilled or baked to your preferences
🔹sprinkle with shredded cheese as soon as they come off of the grill or out of the over

This isn’t something I even would have thought of. I usually put mozz on zucchini if anything but the Italian seasoning really kicked it up to a pizza level 😍


Summer is the perfect time for fresh guacamole. And nothing goes better with guacamole than delicious pork tacos! Both are so easy to make and can be a great meal during the week or a relaxing weekend night.


Blend together ripe avocados, cilantro, an onion, a tomato, a jalapeno pepper, garlic, lime juice and salt to taste. Easy peasy lime squeezy. Alternatively if you prefer a chunkier guacamole just mash the ingredients together by hand.

Pork Marinade:

Anything can go into a marinade which is what makes this meal so simple.

In my marinade I combined cumin, garlic, cilantro, paprika, oil, brown sugar, red pepper flakes and salt and pepper. I marinated thinly sliced pork and when I was ready for dinner just quickly cooked it up in a cast iron. You can make the marinade the night before for a quick weekday meal.

The pico de gallo and guacamole made earlier in the week make perfect additions to light and fresh pork tacos.


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My chef-on-retainer does breakfast, though he wants 36 hours’ warning. I didn’t give him enough notice this time, but I apologized and paid some extra, and I’m taking him to a mostly-rich-purples cocktail bar I know, to compensate for the annoyance.

Also I’m going to try to sound him out for switching from retainer to part-time and how much I’d have to self-censor with experiment girl when he was around. It’s worth it with two people on different schedules living together, and, well. :-D