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please fire me: a poem.

no, you are not an animal because you don’t know what the charcuterie plate even is.

no, you are not a monster when you order five courses, but can’t finish a single one.

and no, you are especially not a savage when you order our best steak extra well done, or even when you cover it with ketchup.

what makes you despicable is that you leave no tip because you felt you spent too much already.  THAT is what makes you inhuman.

A Gift (Kihyun x Reader)

Admin: Candi
“Can I get a dom!Kihyun smut with riding where Kihyun is super needy, vocal, rough, and desperate but while 100% in control – anon”
Fandom: Monsta X
Member/reader: Kihyun x Reader
Genre/warning(s): smut, toys, spanking, slight language,
Words: 3.3k
Authors note: I went to a sex shop few days ago and I got inspired lmao. Also, we’re very sorry we haven’t been active, this week has been busy for the both of us!

Gif is not mine, Kihqun owns the gif.

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Church Lady Deviled Eggs from Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming located in Disney Springs.


Kitchen Plate - A sampling of three different house-made sides: Iron skillet sweet potatoes, cheddar cheese drop biscuits & Momma’s mac and cheese from Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming located in Disney Springs.

The Guest of Honor

Summary: Sam is catering an event at the president of his college’s home, a birthday party for the president’s granddaughter.  He meets a young woman who is assisting with the setup for the party and they hit it off only for him to learn that he’s developed a crush on the guest of honor.  

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2368

Warnings: AU - SPN stuff doesn’t exist, drinking of alcoholic beverages, a little bit of insecure Sam but, really, just lots of fluff.

A/N: So, I actually catered my way through school and it was AWESOME.  I made some amazing friends working for the catering service and, while the main plot line of this story didn’t happen to me, I often found myself in the president’s home serving drinks or the school’s reception hall serving a pre-lecture dinner to a guest speaker and faculty from the department that invited them and some of the side stories did, in fact, occur.  The president of my school literally only ever drank sparkling water or Beefeater Gin, which is why/how that liquor inspired this fic for @winchester-writes Birthday Challenge, along with the prompt “Come on! I wanna dance!”.  I knew it was a Birthday Challenge when I signed up to write but I didn’t know it was a 21st Birthday until after I had finished writing, I swear!

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Please fire me. Tongs that are used to handle customers’ food are dropped on the floor every 5 seconds and when I go to wash them, my coworkers tell me, “Don’t worry man, it’s McDonald’s, not some five-star restaurant.”

They Propose (BTS)

Jimin: Jimin would gather all his pictures he took of you (which was a lot). He would send you out for a little bit under the pretense of doing chores. Jimin would glue the pictures in the living room and buy some flowers. 

“Ah, one more picture.”

When you came home, you would gasp at the sight of pictures hanging on the walls. Your first date, you holding hands, the both of you were grins on your face, Jimin preforming aegyo, Jimin giving you gifts, and so much more. It would take an hour to sort through all of them.

“Jagi, do you like what I’ve done?”

After you were done looking at the photos, Jimin would kneel, holding out a ring. 

“Jagi, these are all the memories we’ve made. If you marry me, we can make more. Will you marry me?”

Jungkook: Jungkook would just blurt it out, hating the nervousness and anticipation. He would make an effort to get you flowers. Jungkook would hide his nervousness, but you could tell by the trembling of his voice and his mussed hair from the running of his hands through it. He’d ask you before shoving the flowers in your direction. 

“Jagi, marry me, please?”

Jungkook would give you the flowers, accompanied by an awkward smile. He would fidget with his hands as he waited for your answer, dreading your answer by each passing second. 

You would reassure him by saying, “Yes.”

V: Taehyung would put the ring on when you were sleeping. When you woke up, there would be a cooked meal with flowers, waiting for you. When you asked Taehyung about the ring, he would smile and say, “Oh, silly; it was always there!”

You would badger him for more information until he caved at the end of the day. 

“I want you to marry me, Y/N.”

“Don’t you see that I’ve agreed?” you said, wiggling your fingers where a ring sat, sparkling in the sunlight.

Jin: Jin would be romantic and caring. He would make your favourite meal (and dessert), buy a dozen red roses, and jewelry; maybe a necklace or bracelet. He would also dress up in a tux and wait for you when you came home. You would gasp and nearly drop your bags when you see Jin sitting a table, smiling at you, holding a bouquet of flowers. 

“Hi, jagi.”

You would sit down, conscious of your tired look, wrinkled clothing, and messy hair, but Jin would think that you were the most beautiful/handsome person he’d ever seen before. 

“I made your favourite meal.”

Over dinner, Jin would turn up his charm and make you laugh. At the end of the meal, he would be smooth, telling you all his favourite things about you before finishing off. 

“Will you marry me?”

Rap Monster: Namjoon would take you to the symphony, where they would be playing your favourite piece. After that, they would play Here Comes The Bride, which gave you an indication of what was going to happen. After the symphony, Namjoon would whisper his intentions in your ear, giving you plenty of time to decide. 

“Marry me, Y/N?”

You would stroll around town, lost in thought when Namjoon steered you to a new restaurant. It was supposedly one of the finest restaurants in town with the best chefs, good service, and comfortable seating. Namjoon would order for both of you, looking calm for someone who had just proposed. But he knew you needed time. When dessert came, Namjoon would ask you again.

This time, you would answer, “I would love to.”

Suga: Yoongi would make you a song, just like when he asked you out, bringing back waves of memories. He would work for days on it, but only when you didn’t suspect anything. His song would be about his favourite features of you. It would also be about the life he wanted with you and maybe a kid or two. Yoongi would pour his blood, sweat, and tears in this song. The last line would be: Will you marry me?

When Yoongi showed you this song, he would be nervous but tried to appear calm. 

But he didn’t need to worry when you shouted, a grin on your face, “Yes! I would love to marry you!”

J-Hope: Hoseok would plan a picnic in the park with all your favourite foods and your favourite flowers. When you guys took a walk, Hoseok would hold your hand, talking more than usual, but a grin still on his face. You would enjoy the picnic before your hand brushed something in the basket. It was a box. 

“Go on. Open it, jagi.”

You could see that Hoseok was nervous. When you opened the box, there was a glittering ring with a note that read: Will you marry me, Y/N?

@mariehooper said: Congratulations!!

Here’s a fluffy suggestion: Sherlock and Molly as students in a cooking school (inspired by the japanese manga Kitchen Princess)

Thanks for the prompt, darling! I’m still working on your other one.

I haven’t read Kitchen Princess, but I do watch far too many cooking shows of the angry chef variety. So this is less shoujo fluff and a lot more swearing and a few Gordon Ramsay-esque insults (but not nearly enough; I’m a little sad about that).

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A Little Mistake Messenger

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8  Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11

Summary:  MC has exciting news to tell Zen and the other RFA members. That is until the MC gets a shock from Zen. MC finds comfort in a close friend, Jumin Han.

Rating: M (language and adult themes)

Tags: Mystic Messenger, Jumin x MC, Zen x MC

Authors Note: Thank You for waiting! I have been struggling with balancing school and sleep and being a healthy young adult. Not only that I just needed to take a step back to become inspired to see where the next chapters are going. Don’t worry I have already written the next chapter and are currently editing that so it wont be 3 weeks of you guys waiting patiently for another chapter. I appreciate you guys so much and hope you keep reading the next chapters I have in store are going to be good.\ This chapter was such a fight meh sorry it sucks I might re-write this later on… 

I could not think of a way to connect the story in the direction in which I wanted it to go.  

I will be better at posting chapters I just need to somehow move on from this train wreck of a chapter before i get into fluffiness. 

Grammar is not my strongest application so please do not rip me a new one. I’m desperately just trying to get this done before exhaustion hits. 


“What about your new assistant she isn’t the same plain one you had earlier. Her file from HR is very vague on her job qualifications and experience level.”

“My assistant Ms. Kang is on vacation. MC is my new assistant to fill in her place. I thought hiring a new assistant will allow me flexibility for my hard working staff.” Jumin said with a blank expression.

“How generous of Jumin. I enjoy a kind man.” Sarah said and then glaring at me from across the table.

“Jumin is quite kind for taking me in.” I said taking a sip of water.

“So you are living with Jumin?” Mr. Han asked curiously and kindly.

“Currently yes. Until I get back on my feet.”

“How improper!” Glam stated and I looked down at my hands.

“Why in the world would he let you live at his apartment?” I took another sip of water trying to avoid answering the numerous questions. That’s when Jumin spoke up.

“Actually, MC is my lover.” I slammed the cup down on the table and started choking on water. I pounded my chest hard to cough up the water I just inhaled. I shot him a wide eyed look and quickly looked at the horrified faces of Glam Choi and Sarah. Mr. Han eyebrows were raised in surprise. What the hell did Jumin just do?

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Please fire me. I work in a restaurant and the kitchen staff complained to the manager that it was 113 degrees in the kitchen and it was unbearable to work in. His response? “Some people pay good money to go somewhere for that hot.”